Your Assumptions About Me | Aashna Hegde
Wanted to do this to see what you guys have to say... I gotta say most of you were so on point!! I don’t know how but you guys really know me well!! That's really cute guys 💓ANDDD y'all made me do some dares too! Hope you enjoyed this video!
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    ps. So many of you know me soooo well!! Most of your assumptions about me were right! LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCHH 💖YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST!!!

    • Aman Singh
      Aman Singh

      Plz make Khushi channel

    • Aman Singh
      Aman Singh

      You're right that never gained weight 😂 bcoz this is very hard actually

    • Sanjin Sanjida
      Sanjin Sanjida

      U look very beautiful with large lip Even I have large lip

    • Sanjana Nair
      Sanjana Nair

      My name too sanjana!

    • Bereem Mayo
      Bereem Mayo

      When I will go to school Teacher asks whats your dream Other students Teacher and doctor I said My dream to get heart from aashna hegde My dream to get reply from aashna hegde My dream to meet aashna hegde My dream to talking aashna hegde

  • Rudransh Harjai
    Rudransh Harjai

    BB merch 😊

  • Elsa Khan
    Elsa Khan

    Aashna:dare karna padega kya ? Khushi:han you have to kya kal karugi

  • Savya Jindal
    Savya Jindal

    i litreally love your lips and your height that is good you don't take care because kuch toh log kahange logon ka kaam hai kehna love ur videos

  • Seher Gandhi
    Seher Gandhi

    Teacher=what is the most difficult thing in the world Me= Getting a like from Aashna di

  • Selina Tamang
    Selina Tamang

    Ap kitna Jada English bolti ho tohra Hindi se bhi boldiya karo


    Pagal sali

  • Usha Gupta
    Usha Gupta

    Ohhh you're wearing BB's merch🔥


    Awww Am I the only one who feels aashna is Indian Addison Rae i don't know why but ya I think so♥️♥️🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️

  • Bhawna Mishra
    Bhawna Mishra

    You are an extremely weird combination of Priyanka Chopra n athiya shetty😂

  • Amina Khan
    Amina Khan

    We love you ASHNA ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Amisha Salunkhe
    Amisha Salunkhe

    That act of urs while saying all that glitters is not gold was so cute and immediately after that was Garnier serum advertising I could not stop laughing now😂😂😂

  • Lilly Sharma
    Lilly Sharma

    10:30 so genuine aashna and that's a rare quality😀😀

  • Diya Gajimwar
    Diya Gajimwar

    Heyyy Di !!! I love watching your videos and I enjoy so much ❤️❤️

  • Khushbu Makwana
    Khushbu Makwana

    Muje to ache lgte lips

  • Super fashion Stylist
    Super fashion Stylist

    At 12:02 your too cute love from andhrapradesh

  • Anshika Thakur
    Anshika Thakur

    Koi mujhe bhi Damn Famm valo k number dedo yaar 😂😂😂❤️

  • Muskan Singh
    Muskan Singh

    Watching video today😅 Just to tell you should not keep a clock which is not working 🤗

  • Anil Kadwadkar
    Anil Kadwadkar


  • Jyoti Kapoor
    Jyoti Kapoor

    Sanket have number of everyone of Ur house I think he is very close to Ur family 😘#aasan

  • Sai Madhireddy
    Sai Madhireddy

    you look really good could i know your heiight pls

  • Lets_Dance_ with_Arohee
    Lets_Dance_ with_Arohee

    Aashna di I am new to your channel....u r so gorgeous! Too beautiful ❤

  • Mamata Sengupta
    Mamata Sengupta

    I have subscribe

  • khushi agarwal
    khushi agarwal

    my friend is priyanshi and me and priyanshi are in 5th class and in this age priyanshi has a height as 5.3

  • Mahee Sahudz
    Mahee Sahudz

    No one Literally no one Me: hey she is wearing BB's merchendise 😍😍😅

    • Aishwarya Pandey
      Aishwarya Pandey


  • # SAISHA
    # SAISHA

    She is wearing bhuvan marchandise shirt

  • Kshitija Bhosale
    Kshitija Bhosale

    I have subscribed your channel❤❤

  • aishwarya jha
    aishwarya jha

    I just wanted to know kushi's age


    Apla part 2 recreation kab aane wala haiiiii😭💜

  • Bollywood

    The best thing is this she is wearing BB s hoodie.....Love you aashna.And BB🤗❤❤❤

  • rasika sonawane
    rasika sonawane

    You should do more pranks 😁😁😁

  • Amina Khan
    Amina Khan

    I love your personality I love how you are I LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Prerna Nayak Roll no 32 X'A'
    Prerna Nayak Roll no 32 X'A'


  • Anagha Manjunath
    Anagha Manjunath

    U have a very close resemblance to Athiya shetty🤩

    • Raisa Kaunain
      Raisa Kaunain

      And hande from pyaar Larson mein kahan

    • urvi vyas
      urvi vyas

      Diana penty too

  • Sanna Hassan
    Sanna Hassan

    I have subscribed

  • Jheel Bansal
    Jheel Bansal

    She is such a sweetheart. I liked her before also but after this video I am loving her. You go girl 💓

  • Vrini Sha
    Vrini Sha

    Hustle karo ... Am I the only one who noticed this !!😂😋

  • Bishnu Paudel
    Bishnu Paudel

    u othey kt moh

  • Rubaiya Amin
    Rubaiya Amin

    I am rewatching this video, I watched it months ago. it feels like yesterday. how did lockdown passed so fast

  • Eknoor Sawhney
    Eknoor Sawhney

    So cuteee

  • Madhu Ahuja
    Madhu Ahuja

    i love yourintro soooooooo much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖v

  • Sanjana Gudwar
    Sanjana Gudwar

    Wow my name is sanjana Thnku for taking my name 😅🤣

  • Rizwana Usmani
    Rizwana Usmani

    I'm a lil late but btw my cheeks started paining bcz of laughing😂

  • The Charmers
    The Charmers

    Hello Aashna congratulations for 609k subscriber's 😘😘👍🏻

  • My life as Ancita
    My life as Ancita

    Any body noticed that she is wearing youthiya merch ♡

  • Tanya Kaur
    Tanya Kaur

    I have subscribed your channel....

  • Khushi chauhan
    Khushi chauhan

    (Cutie)Rishu's reaction🤣😍

  • Palak Jain
    Palak Jain


  • Sargun Chopra
    Sargun Chopra


  • Ragini Mishra
    Ragini Mishra

    Who else noticed that she is wearing bb ki vines wala merchandise??

  • Anjali Singhal
    Anjali Singhal

    The last part have a lot of fun Aashna... Rishu's reaction!!! Superb

  • Debanjali Sarkar
    Debanjali Sarkar

    She is wearing bb merchandise....

  • Rakshita Kashyap
    Rakshita Kashyap

    She is a human being obviously she will gain weight

  • Ishwarya Betly
    Ishwarya Betly


  • Anjali panwar
    Anjali panwar

    Lots of love to damnfam members❤

  • Rakshita Kashyap
    Rakshita Kashyap

    U are the most beautiful girl I have ever met in my life

  • Shreya Parab
    Shreya Parab

    I feel very relax n good after watching ur video di n always I see something to learn through ur video . I genuinely love u di ur such great person n hope I will get a change to meet one day❤️❤️

  • Vishwarani Patil
    Vishwarani Patil

    I hv

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh

    Omg what a prank on rishuuuuuu❤️😂

  • Tanisha Sharma
    Tanisha Sharma

    I have gone through the same past aashna 🥺❤️ U also stay strong and ur family too❤️

  • Nancy Pinto
    Nancy Pinto

    Hey aashana, ur do cute.... ❤️❤️❤️Are you from karnataka? Do you speak tulu

  • Riya Mishra
    Riya Mishra

    You're so cute.. U look like MONY RAY😶😶😶

  • قیامت شیخ
    قیامت شیخ

    are you from karnataka?

  • Bushra Tabassum
    Bushra Tabassum

    To be honest ..Khushi looks better than aashna

  • Aishwarya Bandekar
    Aishwarya Bandekar

    I love the way you explain about richness... ❤

  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh

    Your expression are damn hot🔥

  • Seema M
    Seema M


  • Mystical dimples
    Mystical dimples

    Heyyy ashna dii jaani i realllyyy luv all your vlogs and the best part about your vlog is that it is very clear and everything is so understanding

  • Reeti Bhandari
    Reeti Bhandari

    Do a house tour

  • Chhavi Agarwal
    Chhavi Agarwal

    Oh my godd ashna❤️U look drop dead gorgeous gurll💯❤️ I can't stop looking at you🤯💝I want to be like you 😚 And your hair my goodness 🤠❤️love you sm 🤩

  • asthsakhi kosh
    asthsakhi kosh

    you are amazing aashna

  • Aali Johari
    Aali Johari

    is she wearing bb ki merch❤️❤️

  • Satvik Gupta
    Satvik Gupta

    when i listened Aashana's story .. i am heartbroken literally crying .. how her family has suffered from all this but now they have achieved success ( her story is really a true inspiration as if you will do hardwork you will get achieved ) .. Just say wowieee 😘😘😘😘😘 Plss plss don't do any hate comment on this , it is very postive , she shared her story with us which is very brave everyone can't do this... Help her , support her..

  • Amisha Naik
    Amisha Naik

    Where the weight you are ao.cute and fit

  • Anvikshika Karnawat
    Anvikshika Karnawat

    no yr lips are very pretty

  • Shreya akarapu
    Shreya akarapu

    Cutest ever😊

  • Riya Gurnani
    Riya Gurnani

    Omg I Am watching this for the 6-7th time and I noticed now that she's wearing bhuvan's merch😅😂

  • Stanzin Dolker
    Stanzin Dolker

    Can anyone tell???? What is the thing called which is at the back of her with the fairy lights ??? If u know plz tell 🦋🦋♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Deepika Rathore
    Deepika Rathore

    DarinG aashna

  • Aiman Fatima
    Aiman Fatima

    Loved it Thank you so much for making me laugh you guys ❤ Keep it up beautiful 🥰

  • Soniya Yadav
    Soniya Yadav

    Beautiful 🌹

  • Soniya Yadav
    Soniya Yadav

    Damnfam ❤️❤️❤️...I know this is your channel but I love mnv 😍🙆

  • Shreeya Krishnan
    Shreeya Krishnan

    Yrr bb ka merchandise ♥️♥️ wow hustle karo bhasad nehi 😅 comfy

  • Vidhi Vini
    Vidhi Vini

    aashna u the best i really like ur videos a lot it are damn good

  • A 11 Jambhekar Drishti
    A 11 Jambhekar Drishti

    Aashna: for the people who want to know my height it’s 5’6 and Khushi’s is 5’8.🙃 Khushi: 5’8 and a HALF😂😂❤️ Aashna: shut your mouth 😂♥️ Love you guys♥️🌍

  • bhawna Phulara
    bhawna Phulara

    You're genuinely cute ❤️😍


    What about ur dad u never mention him

  • Deepa Kalappanavar
    Deepa Kalappanavar

    Love u mam😍 I watch ur videos every day

  • Chanchal Jain
    Chanchal Jain

    I have watched this video 372936291 times

  • ravi khedwal
    ravi khedwal

    Hey I remember you saying in your previous q&a that you got 45/50 in your next semester of 7th standard, now you say 94/100😂

  • Fatima Doula
    Fatima Doula

    Plzzz do prank call to ashiii

  • Nitesh ncc
    Nitesh ncc

    yes didi i want to see you in saree......

  • Nitesh ncc
    Nitesh ncc

    i am big fan of your all dam-fam member didi ........

  • Khushi Prusty
    Khushi Prusty

    Heyyy I subscribed youu my name is khushi and I'm your biggest fan and i just really love you and the whole damfam you guys are really an inspiration 🥰lots of love from me 💖💖💖

  • Jiya Dodhia
    Jiya Dodhia

    your mom is a super mom love ya ❤❤❤❤

  • Chanchal Jain
    Chanchal Jain

    Idk why but rishu was looking like a mango 🥭

  • Promoda Panigrahi
    Promoda Panigrahi

    Do a prank call to Sanket that u like him🤗🤗😍😍

    • Mc Bothra
      Mc Bothra

      Yes 👆

  • Shatakshi Sana
    Shatakshi Sana

    You are so genuine aashna🙂 and I love it.😊

  • Arpana Soni
    Arpana Soni

    I actually cried laughing so much seeing her spoiling her makeup

  • Yashika Jain
    Yashika Jain

    No one Literally no one Aashna: YOU ARE WRONG 👉🏻 No daree yay😂😂 Love you all ❤️

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