Two (Very Easy) Festive MakeUp Looks | Aashna Hegde
I wanted to make a Diwali related video for you guys ✨& since I'm not a professional MakeUp Artist, I thought it would be fun to show you my Lazy Hacks to look put-together for the festive season!! 😁 Please let me know if you guys like such videos, I'll make sure to make more of these for you then 🥰Wishing you guys a very Happy Diwali in advance! Love you guys!! 💓
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  • Anagha Manjunath
    Anagha Manjunath

    Please tell us where u bought both the outfit please

  • Anagha Manjunath
    Anagha Manjunath

    From where did u get ur first festival outfit in this video?

    • Anagha Manjunath
      Anagha Manjunath

      Please reply

    • Anagha Manjunath
      Anagha Manjunath

      Also the second outifit.its so beautiful

  • Anwar Iqbal
    Anwar Iqbal

    Plz make a video that how do u do curlssss.....

  • Vanshika Meena
    Vanshika Meena

    I Have the same top like u

  • Kumrã Sisters
    Kumrã Sisters

    Why you said that you don't know that much makeup? You're such a good makeup artist❤

  • Bhavna Nankani
    Bhavna Nankani


  • Sanika Kulkarni
    Sanika Kulkarni

    Which moisturizer do u use Plzz tell❤️❤️

  • Shrutika Darekar
    Shrutika Darekar


  • Tejaswini Sharma
    Tejaswini Sharma

    U look lyk pc in scnd luk

  • Tejaswini Sharma
    Tejaswini Sharma

    Second one 💥

  • Tanisha sharma
    Tanisha sharma


  • Nagraj 100 days pakka Raj
    Nagraj 100 days pakka Raj

    I subscribed your channel so give me a Kiss 😂😂

  • Krisha solanki
    Krisha solanki

    Aashna di please do a rakhi day makeup also!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Dhriti Sapra
    Dhriti Sapra

    u look good in everything

  • Deepanshi Gupta
    Deepanshi Gupta

    I have to your channel 😍😍😍😍

  • Sania Zahra
    Sania Zahra

    I chosse 2 nd look

  • Kamlesh Mehta
    Kamlesh Mehta

    Wow didi

  • Riya Dhakan
    Riya Dhakan

    Hii Ma'am I just loved your makeup 😍😍both looks were so amazing ❤

  • Jona Baruah
    Jona Baruah

    I'm also a lazy person so thanks to give this idea aashna I also like your videos 🔥🔥🔥🔥💖

  • Jona Baruah
    Jona Baruah

    I love your makeup aashna Di because you are very very beautiful🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • sonal murarka
    sonal murarka

    Make mlre makeup videos

  • Dr. Bhoomi Makwana
    Dr. Bhoomi Makwana

    Make vedio of your hairstyle and Which product You using for hair Cz its really look great 💆

  • Meena Chaurasiya
    Meena Chaurasiya

    honey is using honey primer ..... greattttt

  • Sneha Panwar
    Sneha Panwar

    Can u do ur skincare routine

  • Sweekriti Mathur
    Sweekriti Mathur

    Tell uss that how pinkk lipss without lipstick

  • gayatri thakar
    gayatri thakar

    okay so saw your skin glowing so please make a skin care routine because as you said in your qandA video that you suffered acne then how is your skin so good now so please share a skin care routin it will be very helpful this video omg you looked sooooo prettyyyyyyyy also aashna uses one sponge for her full makeup

  • Mohammed Asif
    Mohammed Asif

    Your best part your nose is so hot.

  • Shainaz kardi
    Shainaz kardi

    Ur haircut in this video??

  • Palak Behl
    Palak Behl

    What’s your shade in maybelline fit me foundation?

  • Sarcastic Humans
    Sarcastic Humans

    3:50 & 8:30 was the best part of this video..... Btw Ur makeup was flawless diii😍🥰😘

  • soeaiba kalidien
    soeaiba kalidien

    Lofff your make up 😍😍 Such a beauty !!!

  • Keyur Shah
    Keyur Shah

    Which shade of foundation do u have in fitme and ya..... You are my favorite ❤

    • Keyur Shah
      Keyur Shah

      Ok thanks

    • Shraddha munjal
      Shraddha munjal

      She has Sun beige 310

  • K L Lahari
    K L Lahari

    If possible do a video on how you edit your videos

  • K L Lahari
    K L Lahari

    Aashna could you please tell what camera do you use to shoot your INlabel makeup and vlog videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ please reply

  • Anita Kantharia
    Anita Kantharia

    Nice attempt but plz make videos on challenge cuz I personally think that makeup video is not your cup of tea


    You so honest with whatever you are doing.. Omg LOVE You Aashna🌎❤️😘

  • _Dokal Shin _
    _Dokal Shin _

    I love the 1st look 😍😍 and I subscribed to your channel. I would love to try the 1st look and I definitely will tag you in instagram 😘.keep inspiring us love you from LADAKH.

  • Fouzan Kazi
    Fouzan Kazi

    In Second one you look very nice

  • Mohammad Imran
    Mohammad Imran

    I love your videos 😘

  • Karyati Vadhar
    Karyati Vadhar

    I subscribed!

  • Nishika Maha
    Nishika Maha

    Which highlighter do you use ?

  • Husaina 6 A Jetpurwala
    Husaina 6 A Jetpurwala

    it would have been better if you mention the products used in this video love you😘😍

  • Mahek patel
    Mahek patel

    Aashna di I want to tell you something first of all can I call you di, secondly I really want to meet you and your friends and lastly, you look gorgeous in this looks and also your other looks and I love you and your friends so much and one more thing i have subscribed your channel from long

  • Shraddha munjal
    Shraddha munjal

    I have subscribed ♥️♥️♥️.... Love you aashna

  • Sabita Murmu
    Sabita Murmu

    But aashna di i love ur daily makeup very much plz do makeup tutorial ❣

  • Tuba Chauhan
    Tuba Chauhan

    Did you take lip fillers?

  • Pooja Singh
    Pooja Singh

    Plz make ur home tour vlog..

  • Pooja Singh
    Pooja Singh

    Hello...I really lv ur ur mammma also....

  • Areeba Siddiqui
    Areeba Siddiqui

    Please make a vlog on your nails how you get ready your nails I want to see from where you get ready your nails

  • Lilian Fernandes
    Lilian Fernandes


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    The Canny Rani

    I SUBSCRIBED ~Ojasvi Shrivastava ♠

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    Niyati Dave

    Heya Aashna...Just Subscribed Ur channel n Girl u r amazing keep it up....luv u lotttt !!

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    Nazish Afzal


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    Steffy Viegas

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    shukria Ahmadi

    Hei Aashna you look really beautiful mashallah, can you take my name to the next video plzz. I have subscribe your channel now

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    Sudha Mishra

    You are so natural You are not like other youtubers I love to watch your videos 😘😘

  • Kirti

    Wanna watch more makeup videos from you

  • Kirti

    Hey aashna , your makeup is always fabulous. But I think if you can put all makeup products details that you have used will be better.

  • Umna Khan
    Umna Khan

    Honeyyy you’re a pro❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰

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    Hemakshi Waghela

    I had subscribed your channel and your videos are dam cute 😇and nice

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    zareni aier

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    Aditya Thanvi

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  • XxACE_DarkGODxX op
    XxACE_DarkGODxX op

    I liked both but my fav is the second heavy look

  • Sania Fathima
    Sania Fathima

    Same thing happens with me after everything eyeliner goes wrong 😒😒😒

  • Sania Fathima
    Sania Fathima

    Your makeup is awesome

  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar

    U r actually a makeup artist 😍

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    Kiara Elizabeth

    I did it

  • Mahii

    You look so pretty 😍🥰

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    Priyanka Bhalla

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    Songmiloni Chakma

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    Akanksha Thakur

    Love u😊❤️😘


    Hey.. From where did u get this Morphe pallete in India ? Please let me know

  • Arzoo Shaikh
    Arzoo Shaikh

    I have subscribed. I love you💓💓

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    Aashi Gautam

    You r so cute and your dialoges are soo funnny love u😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘😘

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    Dinesh Shah

    Beautiful lady💫❤️💞

  • Priyanka Baral
    Priyanka Baral

    Hello ashna di😘😘😘 I already liked the video before watching because i know it's gonna be the awesome 😙😙 Lots of love from Nepal❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anmol Shekhar
    Anmol Shekhar

    I love watching your videos 😍 You're so Pretty 💗💗💗

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    Moulik Dhar

    You Definately Look good even without makeup

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    Raniben Patel

    Plz make a video on i went to worst reviewed makeup in my city plzz

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    zoya _k

    hello didi i like u soo much on tiktok but then i see you in the youtube then i fast subscribe ur channel cause ur vidoes are awesome love you♥️♥️

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    Nisha Tellis

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