Fashion Nova Haul 💃 (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) | Aashna Hegde
I am so happy I tried outfits from Fashion Nova, you can check the video out to see how I liked the outfits! You can also get all my outfits here:
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Let me know in the comments if I’ve converted you into a more “dressy” type of person 😂♥️

    • Saily Jadhav
      Saily Jadhav

      Aashna, yes you did a successful job of pulling me in this puffy sleeves zone😌

    • Antra Tripura
      Antra Tripura

      What is the name those dresses

    • Pooja Pal
      Pooja Pal

      Put link of first dress! I can’t find plzzz

    • Komal Modi
      Komal Modi

      Please ashna di provide the links of all the dresses we are just in love with them but hard to find them on site plzzz

    • 130 Raksha Patil
      130 Raksha Patil

      pls mention the links

  • Damnfam Forever
    Damnfam Forever


  • Aditi Chakraborty
    Aditi Chakraborty

    Can I just tell that you look so adorable in this videooo🤩❤ like you look good normally bhi but in this videoo😭❤❤

  • LifeStyle Lemonade
    LifeStyle Lemonade

    Good Collection 👍

  • Mansi Yadav
    Mansi Yadav

    Where can I get the fairylights like them?

  • Manushri Saikia
    Manushri Saikia

    Aashna please tell us how to change our currency and shop from the Fashion Nova app. I have been fuckin' mad because I'm not able to change d currency😩.

  • Suvangi Biswas
    Suvangi Biswas

    I also don't wear these types of dresses much😕

  • Sudhiksha P
    Sudhiksha P

    Hey aashna! Plz keep all the outfit details in the description plz😕

  • Truly Beauty
    Truly Beauty

    love it ✨✨✨

  • Rushmita Kataria
    Rushmita Kataria

    Pleaseee Pleasee Share the links of all the dresses and specially the black top you are wearing❤️

  • Khushi chauhan
    Khushi chauhan

    Uh r looking so Gorgeous❤❤ All dress r soo beautiful😍😍 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th "white top", that sandy color top with a fluffy selves, & that purple net wala dress, black bossy outfit & the baby blue crop top😍😍😍

  • Subrata Mahapatra
    Subrata Mahapatra

    Please make a video about the ordering process of fashionova

  • Belle Toujours Croire
    Belle Toujours Croire

    Please share the links

  • Samprity Singha
    Samprity Singha

    Where is the top from ? The one you’re wearing throughout the video

  • Alka Bhukhre
    Alka Bhukhre


  • Sona Panda
    Sona Panda

    Wowwwwww🥵 M dead after looking at all of your outfits 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎


    Omg i want it all.... Bdw u are toooooo beautiful aashna....

  • sonia jain
    sonia jain

    You should mention price quality and durability as well!and why you did not showe'd full shot

  • Meow Kittens
    Meow Kittens

    how can i change currency from dollar to INR in fashion nova??

  • Gracy Swu
    Gracy Swu

    Is dis indian online apps? And da dress which ur wearing is size?


    Aashna plzzz plzzz share the link of your white top plzzz that seeing the lovely top plzzzz its a humble request plzzzz aashna

  • New Life
    New Life

    4:19 carbon copy of priyanka chopra

  • hrishika thapa
    hrishika thapa

    I have

  • Deena Muthappa
    Deena Muthappa

    Aashna please put up with a link to all of them ♥️

  • Anushka N.
    Anushka N.

    You are literally TOO cute!!! ❤️ and the way you explain yourself gets me UwU 😍 Btw, how much shipping did you have to pay? And did you pay any customs separately?

  • Nancy inamdar
    Nancy inamdar

    I loved purple one 💜

  • Soffy mary Tmung
    Soffy mary Tmung

    Plz give the link of the cloth you buy

  • ishika dhabhai
    ishika dhabhai

    Can u plss put the links of the product


    Hi.. Looking for collaboration If interested revert

  • Lisha Mehta
    Lisha Mehta

    We need a prank were u prank rishab that u have feelings for him ❤️😂😂😂

  • Isha Sahu
    Isha Sahu

    Brown top ka link dona

  • Shivani Kathait
    Shivani Kathait

    Would have been better if you shared links...pleaseeeee kindly share links to all of them

  • Raima Paul
    Raima Paul

    Blair walnut!!!

  • Anees Fathima
    Anees Fathima

    Di apke makeup par ek video banado I mean ap konse products use krte aur kiya kiya use krte ho make up ke liye 😭 please request Love u Ashu di 😘

  • Sujata Shyam
    Sujata Shyam

    How to order and to process the payments and everything related to this, please make a video of it 🙂 and how many days/months it takes to deliver. Everything. Loved all the outfit , they're super cute 💗

  • Rushmita Kataria
    Rushmita Kataria

    Hi Aashna❤️ Can you pls plss plss share the link of the black top u r wearing in the video🙏🏻

  • non living human being
    non living human being

    I don't think that you haven't got hate comments till today

  • Rajjata Sharma
    Rajjata Sharma

    Please share the links for these dresses

  • Sonal Khandeka
    Sonal Khandeka

    I can’t get outfits in fashion nova, dear ma’am can you please post the link for each outfits?

  • Tisha Mendiratta
    Tisha Mendiratta

    Omg aashna your such a pretty soul, all the outfits look sooo good 😍 Love you lots ❤️💗

  • Vaishnavi D
    Vaishnavi D

    You looked gorgeous in each of these dresses....I also loved all of your dresses n the way you carry it....lots of love ♥️

  • Manisha Mundhra
    Manisha Mundhra

    Houseee tourrrr pleaseeee!🌻🌼💖

  • Malika Dholakia
    Malika Dholakia

    Can u provide links

  • Malika Dholakia
    Malika Dholakia

    How to place order

  • Amisha Singh
    Amisha Singh

    All dresses are super cute 😍😍

  • Tanishq Kureel
    Tanishq Kureel

    just show worn dresses in an angle where the complete dress is visible in one shot..i could barely see you top to toe in any of the dresses🥵😩

  • Suhana K.I
    Suhana K.I

    Your hauls must have an orange or yellow, dont you think guys🤔

  • Harsheeta Gupta
    Harsheeta Gupta

    I wish if you could have mentioned the link of the dresses in the description but nevermind.

  • Mani Aulakh
    Mani Aulakh

    I'm your big fan ... I always watch your all videos but you are soo talkative 😁😁

  • Food stories bangla
    Food stories bangla

    Please do more hauls

  • Isha Malhotra
    Isha Malhotra

    Where is this black top from? 😍😍 it's so pretty 😭

  • Anushka Alliya
    Anushka Alliya

    They have such nice collection but don't have an India shipping option so how to order it😔😟

  • Neelu's kitchen
    Neelu's kitchen

    Mein philips me kaam karti hoon

  • Rakesh Tripathi
    Rakesh Tripathi

    All dresses even the west dresses will look like a fairy because I sure u are the deepest heart soul on this earth and when I am going to temples my first wish I don't wanna meet uu but I wanna live with uuuu , my love , my soul😘🍦😘😘😘

  • Sultana Morzina
    Sultana Morzina

    Loved the outfits......U r doing well.Ur most Talented, Gorgeous, beutiful girl I've ever seen.Go ahead and make damnfam feel proud of u..... ❤ u a lot..

  • Afreen

    I wanna know about the outfit that you're wearing 🙄❤️

  • 01- A.N Nidhishree
    01- A.N Nidhishree

    How to buy clothes from fashion nova ? The currency is different

  • Wanderlust 2r
    Wanderlust 2r

    I am that person who gives thumbsup on every single video of every damnfam member before watching the full video


    Want her home tour or room tour 😄

  • Nayanika Gupta
    Nayanika Gupta

    Aashna di... Just watched your webinar TEDXAIIMS.. It made my day.. So true, so pure💓 motivating! You are very strong..don't get emotional please!

  • Sakthi devi
    Sakthi devi

    love all the outfits can't bare the fact that your the prettiest and funniest ever 🦋😂 and your gonna my addiction forever 💛💛 lots of love !!!💜

  • Manjari Mistry
    Manjari Mistry

    Can you please add the link of all these dresses

  • Pemadolma Lhazin
    Pemadolma Lhazin

    I am in love 😍 you are a pleasure to watch #girlcrush

  • Maryam Jurgees
    Maryam Jurgees

    I have subscribed

  • Asmita Bagale
    Asmita Bagale

    Can we get links for that particular dresss can't find them exactly on their website

  • Jamuna Rani Marpu
    Jamuna Rani Marpu

    Product links pleasee

  • mansi k
    mansi k

    need a makeup tutorial

  • Maitri Shah
    Maitri Shah

    Hey!! Aashna i really like your videos..😍 Your fashionable style is awesome.. Love you💛

  • flancy fiona
    flancy fiona

    Hey , Could you please make a video on the fashion nova website - process of how you ordered from India ( SCR currency format ) Above 1900 SCR it's free shipping ie: 7000 INR What about the custom's ?

    • flancy fiona
      flancy fiona

      @Nikhil Custom protocols ! They gonna charge 40% of your purchase on FashionNova !

    • Nikhil

      @flancy fiona 40% off of your purchase? How and what?

    • flancy fiona
      flancy fiona

      @Nikhil could the question be more specific !

    • Nikhil

      @flancy fiona what? How?

    • flancy fiona
      flancy fiona

      @Meelima Bhagat Hey 40% of your purchase ! I had to pay 4970 just the custom's !

  • Arbina khan
    Arbina khan

    First thing, I love the collection and second you look amazing in every video but in this video you look stunning ❤️❤️......I inspired by you every single time when I watch your video...... lots of love.... keep making videos...

  • Apeksha Daule
    Apeksha Daule

    Can you write it in the description about the dresses please. Really liked few from them..

  • Vimla Aher
    Vimla Aher

    Ur choice is so different 😍& that tops are damn good♥️💯

  • Hussain Khan
    Hussain Khan


  • anjali kumari
    anjali kumari

    Just subscribed you because you said every girl should feel this way. Liked the video as well. Keep it up.

  • Chinmayi Sankhe
    Chinmayi Sankhe

    The tops are not delivered in India

  • Sana Khan
    Sana Khan

    Can I have the link to the white polka dots dress

  • Srishti Singh
    Srishti Singh

    Can you post link of that white bodysuit?

  • Cook With Rashi
    Cook With Rashi

    Aashna di I'm obsessing over your outfits here! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sanskriti Nagpal
    Sanskriti Nagpal

    Aashna di you just rocked each and every lookkkk😍🥺❤️ Hey, I wanted to ask that does fashionnova take any custom charges at the time of delivery like when they deliver to your house and take some custom charges? Please do reply! I’m planning to order from there, so I just wanted to be aware of everything.

  • Deshna Savla
    Deshna Savla

    It was really awsmm..loved it..❤❤🌻

  • Mehar Joshi
    Mehar Joshi

    i really love them all but i dont think that would look good on my body! 😭 But you look so hot!🔥 Also i loveddd the recent white top pictures that you posted on insta you look amazing in it!❤️

  • Vritee Manchanda
    Vritee Manchanda


  • Mittal Hakani
    Mittal Hakani

    Pls do a house tour

  • sanchita

    how did u order them? theres no inr option? would be a great help if u let me know

    • Nikhil

      @Sudhiksha P it's not Indian rupees da

    • Meelima Bhagat
      Meelima Bhagat

      Same. And what about the customs

    • Sudhiksha P
      Sudhiksha P

      U have the inr option in the top make it to "SCR rs" so tht u will get in Indian currency

    • Shireen Shaikh
      Shireen Shaikh

      Yeppp, this is what I want to know too di!!

    • Omang Panor
      Omang Panor

      How did you order can you let us know please

  • Shrishti Gupta
    Shrishti Gupta

    Such a fabulous collection..💙. Loved it totally.. Pretty dresses and extremely pretty you😍

  • Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar
    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba aushman vavatu

  • Daman Preet
    Daman Preet

    From where did u get the top that you’re wearing in the video. Loved it❤️❤️❤️

  • urja agrawal
    urja agrawal

    Alll the dresses are sooo beautiful 🌻🌻🌻

  • Kanchan Rathi
    Kanchan Rathi

    How can we ship these in india. . this is the problem right here

  • Riya Sharma
    Riya Sharma

    You should be girly girly because they all look sooo good on you 🤩

  • Shweta Chavan
    Shweta Chavan

    I just love ur Vedios

  • Princess Noora
    Princess Noora

    My favorite INlabelr and fashion diva ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bhagyashree Gogoi
    Bhagyashree Gogoi

    I just love everything

  • Yashita Brahma
    Yashita Brahma

    Di please put the link of the dresses 😭

  • Vanshika Bansal
    Vanshika Bansal

    Wish i could get all of them😫❤❤

  • Rashi Agarwal
    Rashi Agarwal

    I do like your channel but in the video *eating whatever the person before us had for 24 hours* it made me upset that the way you reacted while having veg food I mean I am a vegetarian and I love veg momos but after your reaction I felt that I have a bad taste no offense ik you're not even going to read this but just a point of view

  • shree

    How to order it from their app it's really confusing

  • shree

    Make a seperate video on fashion nova please

  • shree

    Please give us the link of the clothes we couldn't find it

  • Likhitha Kagdas
    Likhitha Kagdas

    Cutest and best INlabelr ❤️❤️❤️ I can watch your video's on repeat and never get bored❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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