We Tried Fluid Painting 🎨 | Aashna Hegde
Hadn’t planned on vlogging but this turned to be fun! Hope you guys enjoy, love you all 💓
If you guys wanna try the workshop, here's their IG page (fyi, not sponsored. I just really enjoyed the whole session)
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Watch till the end and let me know what your guesses are for the next video🕺🏻🥳♥️

    • Akshita Dhamija
      Akshita Dhamija

      Plz do one more video with sankuuuuuuu

    • Gurpreet Kour
      Gurpreet Kour

      How's sanket bhaiya??😂

    • Gurpreet Kour
      Gurpreet Kour

      I love u aashna Di...😘i m just 10....

    • Rozeena Alam
      Rozeena Alam

      Hate u

    • Tanisha Shah
      Tanisha Shah

      "Who said it" part 2 maybe

  • Bhumika Yadav
    Bhumika Yadav

    What is the name of the shoes you gifted unati?

  • Anhar k
    Anhar k

    Why do every1 call tanzu cheap?? 😢😡

  • Falak Purswani
    Falak Purswani

    which type of colours did u use??

  • Kanchan Vanigota
    Kanchan Vanigota

    Your painting colours are awesome 😍🎨

  • Ila Mehta
    Ila Mehta


  • Sumedha Bhattacharjee
    Sumedha Bhattacharjee

    Chloe ting challenge video please

  • Sumedha Bhattacharjee
    Sumedha Bhattacharjee

    House tour

  • Sumedha Bhattacharjee
    Sumedha Bhattacharjee

    House tour

  • Kavitha Jain
    Kavitha Jain

    I loved ashna's painting soooo much😍😍😘😘

  • sudha varghese
    sudha varghese

    Omg!!...u look just like Jhanvi Kapoor!!!!😍😍

  • Manish

    What is damnfam?? 🤔🤔

  • 2056 - Avishka pal
    2056 - Avishka pal


  • aleena Inamdar
    aleena Inamdar

    U can’t record while driving!!

  • sowmya shetty
    sowmya shetty

    try speaking in tulu whole day

  • Aekviraa Shetye
    Aekviraa Shetye

    Aashna Di ....this is just an advice.....Workout to tone yourself but for reducing weight limit ur food quantity and dont at sugar fried mehda etc..trust me it will work ....i have reduced 1.5 kg in one week...this is the most helthiest way of reducing weight love Aekviraa FYI i am not trying to say that ur fat... ur fit and a beauty inside and out... Stay Safe LOVE YAAAA

  • Sona Panda
    Sona Panda

    Aashna and Unnati you bother slay together ❤

  • Sona Panda
    Sona Panda

    BFF goals!🥰💓

  • Disha Jayesh
    Disha Jayesh

    The fly😁😁😁😆

  • Nirav Sanghvi
    Nirav Sanghvi

    Ashna it was very nice of yours

  • Sakshi Rajgor
    Sakshi Rajgor

    Hi aashna could you please leave a link from where did you get unnati's gift

  • Om Moradiya
    Om Moradiya

    House tour

  • Vanshika Parmar
    Vanshika Parmar

    Love you ashana ❤❤

  • Diya Gupta
    Diya Gupta

    Plz mke a video of who said it or make videos with unati

  • Someone kaur
    Someone kaur

    House tour 🏠 or prank

  • Palk Bhaskarwar
    Palk Bhaskarwar

    Unnati painting was best bestt

  • Blink Saranghae
    Blink Saranghae

    people who heard square 1 so seriously. are blinks. hello i am 1 blink too

  • Raj Barot
    Raj Barot

    My parents- What are you doing on your phone!! Me-collecting blessings for you😂😂😂

  • mahin syed
    mahin syed

    Home tour Home tour Home tour..... Pleaseeee

  • sarita patidar
    sarita patidar

    House tour pleeeease 🙏🙏

  • Punjab Wedding Event Bhopal
    Punjab Wedding Event Bhopal

    I have subscribed to your channel 💥🖤

  • Navya Aggarwal
    Navya Aggarwal

    Which paints did you use in the fluid art? By the way, your canvas looks so beautiful with all those pastel shades❤️❤️

  • Bhumi Saraswat
    Bhumi Saraswat

    please house tour!!!!!

  • Vrinda Mahawar
    Vrinda Mahawar

    You are speaking a lot Please reduce speaking a lot it's irritating

  • Mugdha Ranawat
    Mugdha Ranawat

    I have subscribed your channel ♥️

  • Kunal Manglani
    Kunal Manglani

    Mein philips me kaam karti hoon

  • Neelu's kitchen
    Neelu's kitchen

    Mein philips me kaam karti hoon

  • Nayanika Gupta
    Nayanika Gupta

    Aashna di... Just watched your webinar TEDXAIIMS.. It made my day.. So true, so pure💓..so motivating! You are very strong..don't get emotional please!

  • Prit Savla
    Prit Savla

    Aashna, you are driving an mercedes i think, wow 🥺

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    Najam Iqbal

    I subscribed 💕

  • Remon

    Closet tour

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    Mizba Hassan

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  • Swastika Gogoi
    Swastika Gogoi

    Where to get this things i also want to try this.. please tell us the details


    Please do the house tour vid.


    Aashna- it was..........IDK 😂🤣

  • Shravani Virape
    Shravani Virape

    The paintings of you both are very pretty.

  • Anjali Rawat
    Anjali Rawat

    Heyy!! Aashna I loved ur vedio & subscribed ur channel tooo♥️

  • Shani Jha
    Shani Jha

    Chloe tinggggg damnnnn she surely knows how to kick our butts

  • Shaivi Pathak
    Shaivi Pathak

    We are so proud of damdam i am following it from 5 years

  • Pooja Bisht
    Pooja Bisht

    plz cloth haul or makeup haul plzzzzzzz di 😘😘😘😘😘

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    Tanya Gaikwad

    House tour!!!

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    Nirjaraa Surana

    Subscribed ❤️

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    vanshika tahalwani

    At 8:52 u are uploading your snap story n😃😃

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    Manya Patel

    Heyy i have subcribed since 1 yearr plzz take my name in shoutoutt plss🤩🤩🤩😍❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘

  • Alsheen Meezan
    Alsheen Meezan

    Unnati is looking damnn cute💞

  • 8th,59,Parth shinde
    8th,59,Parth shinde

    You are so cute didi keep amiling be happy stay safe stay healthy

  • Rakesh Jain
    Rakesh Jain

    i have seen this video .........you are amazing didi plz give a shout out to me .........

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    Rajesh Gupta

    Love u aashna love u always

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    Palak Patel

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    Sakshi Patel

    My name is Also sakshi ❤️ but btw I love your all videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Shanzay Rizwan

    i havee

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    Nnavya Goel

    You can write something with black pen

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    Mittal Hakani

    Pls do a house tour

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    Himanshu Kesharwani


  • Shamim Mallick
    Shamim Mallick

    Wowwieeee .plz take me in ur next shout out

  • Shaikh zaada
    Shaikh zaada

    Can you please tell me that what colours did ashna painting have?

  • Stella Martin
    Stella Martin

    which car model is this ?

  • Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar
    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba aushman vavatu

  • ZHK Blockbusters
    ZHK Blockbusters


  • Cookie_Playz

    I want Mrunal to quit Damnfam Or I'll quit prank on Unatti😜😅

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    hiral chudasama

    Woww😍😘 i watch all your videos❤ u r sweetheart ❤

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    Mahadev Dongare

    Which app do u use for editing ur videos...pls answer

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    Sumaiya Siddika

    Cooking videos

  • Urvi Mishra
    Urvi Mishra

    Didi we love you so so much and proud of you 💓💓💓

  • Madhurima Thawait
    Madhurima Thawait

    Truly overacting..

  • Akanksha Chauhan
    Akanksha Chauhan

    housee tourrrrr🙊🥺

  • Suhani Bubna
    Suhani Bubna

    I sow best panting ever

  • Suhani Bubna
    Suhani Bubna

    I loved the panting Aashna

  • nidhi sharma
    nidhi sharma

    Hi aashna....u r such a beautifull person.....i watch u from 2 years but never commented on ur channel....and i love the whole damnfam.....so much.......u guys are awesome😘😘😘

  • Yamini Iyer
    Yamini Iyer

    #AU for lifeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️ Aashna+Unnati forever 😭💜

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    Khushi Raj

    I've tagged you in my reel which was in befikar song but you haven't seen 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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    Bhavya Aggarwal

    Subscribed to you channel ❤️❤️. Loving ur vlogs already 😻😻⚡⚡

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    Chandrakala Doshi

    Anyone noticed when she spoke I don't tripod In my car at that time tripod was in frame 😄😄😄

    • Jyoti Kapoor
      Jyoti Kapoor

      She didn't have small tripod to adjust the camera in car that was big tripod

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    Kanika 123

    House tour!!!!!!


    which shoes were theseee???????

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    Punjabi Unicorn

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    Dhwani Bhatt

    I am doing Chloe Ting workout challenge.....N itss really intense..... And M on my 7th day....Do try Aashna.... For me it's actly tough but still not giving up...n I want you to try too.... N loads n loads of love..... Please do try❤️😘

  • Anchal Garg
    Anchal Garg

    Enjoyed so much especially when you both were listening to her your expressions😂💗 cutiess💋❤ surely gonna try this fluid art soon🤞

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    Sukhmani Sharma

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    Rashi Agarwal

    I do like your channel but in the video *eating whatever the person before us had for 24 hours* it made me upset that the way you reacted while having veg food I mean I am a vegetarian and I love veg momos but after your reaction I felt that I have a bad taste no offense ik you're not even going to read this but just a point of view

  • Swikrati Singhvi
    Swikrati Singhvi

    Aashna's colors Unnati's perfection 👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍👌🏻😍


    I also want to buy this kit so from were we can buy this

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    Kenisha Kapoor

    Sometimes I think you are like the Indian version of kassie (gloom)

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    Sangeeta Gandhi

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    house tour plzz


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