ZARA and H&M HAUL 🛍 | Aashna Hegde
You ask and I deliver! Here’s the haul video you guys wanted! BTW there’s a huge sale in these stores right now, so go check them out. I’ve also linked all the outfits in the description, incase you don’t find any of them on the website, chances are that they are sold out!
Things I got from H&M
Jersey Leggings-
NASA T-shirt-
Paper Bag Skirt-
Frill Trimmed Playsuit-
Oversized Denim Jacket-
Mango coloured T-shirt-
Red Tube Top-
White Crop Top-
Snakeskin Patterned Clutch-
Sock Boots-
Things I got from ZARA
Cropped Denim Jacket-
Paperbag Bermuda Shorts-
Mini Sling Bag-
Methacrylate Block Heels-

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  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha Anand



    U r osm girl

  • Sona Karmakar
    Sona Karmakar

    I loved the red boot

  • Bhoomika N Gowda
    Bhoomika N Gowda

    Thanx for mentioning the price 💙💫

  • òhearty fans
    òhearty fans

    Home and room tour.. please we love the place you make videos we will love to know about you...

  • Richa Shah
    Richa Shah


  • Anjali Vijayvergiya
    Anjali Vijayvergiya

    Please bring more and more hauls

  • Anjali Vijayvergiya
    Anjali Vijayvergiya

    Please bring more and more hauls

  • Asma Supariwala
    Asma Supariwala

    Boots are lovely ❤️

  • NaiNa NaaZ
    NaiNa NaaZ

    Maam whenever you want to make videos on haul pllzz Wear it and show us...

  • mannu mannu
    mannu mannu

    20, 000 ki shoping wow💕💕

  • Kanishka Neve
    Kanishka Neve

    Omg!!! Did someone notice her cute earrings!? They are so awesome and sweet❤️❤️

  • Ashna Shaikh
    Ashna Shaikh

    My name is also Ashna your father is not with you and my father is also not with me

  • Deepa Kalappanavar
    Deepa Kalappanavar


  • The Banjara Banjos
    The Banjara Banjos

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta

    pls prank call anyone of damnfam plssssss

  • Anushree Tawal
    Anushree Tawal

    Woww re watching your videos is best thing

  • Mehar Tejwani
    Mehar Tejwani

    Helloooooiii❤️ when I saw these shoes I just went to the website and ordered them obsessed ❤️💎

  • Disha Kankriya
    Disha Kankriya


  • khushi

    The yellow one💜💜

  • Katukuri Vijaya
    Katukuri Vijaya

    The total amount is 20,701 omg 🤣🤣

    • Anita Rani
      Anita Rani

      I can shop for like seriously 5 yrs in that amount 😀

  • Priyanka Kanwa
    Priyanka Kanwa

    20,701 rs.. ki shopping ki he aapne😂😂😂

  • Subtidevi Jain
    Subtidevi Jain

    I loved the red 🔴 one heels 👠

  • Efa Patel
    Efa Patel

    Yellow heel

  • Gayatri Enadle
    Gayatri Enadle

    @ashna hegde u literally spent 20,701 rupees and still u say tht u r not one vdeo... and u say tht it's a small shopping.. uggggh.....

  • Shrutika Darekar
    Shrutika Darekar


  • Arvind Rawat
    Arvind Rawat

    By seeing your haul inspire me to download Zara app♥️

  • shilpa Sahlot
    shilpa Sahlot

    i love the red one..

  • Prabhnoor Kaur
    Prabhnoor Kaur

  • Lifestyle With Angel
    Lifestyle With Angel

    Omg......😨😱😱😱😰 shopped forr rs.20701 🥵😨😱😱

  • Gautam Das
    Gautam Das

    Go to spiltsvilla ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Muskan Febyani
    Muskan Febyani

    Yellow one

  • Roshan karale
    Roshan karale

    Ooo super✌️✌️✌️✌️💯

  • Anshika Singh
    Anshika Singh

    You are really so boring.

  • Chandrachar 1961
    Chandrachar 1961

    I wish I was as rich as you

  • Tanishka Singh
    Tanishka Singh

    Where did you get that beautiful top from? , that you are wearing🥰

  • Dhriti Sapra
    Dhriti Sapra

    u r so lucky u r elder u can buy clothes for yourself I am still a teenager



  • Avani Parekh
    Avani Parekh

    From where you buy these chains...i also loved your that thunder ⚡chain too...please let me knw..from where you buy that...plzz..plzz..plzz...@ashna

  • Seema Ji
    Seema Ji

    Please make ajio haul

  • Pooja Gupta
    Pooja Gupta

    Hey aashna I love you and love ur channel.. m now addicted with Ur channel episodes. Keep making. We enjoyed ur episode alot.. thanks beautiful girl♥️

  • Mansi Mehta FYBAF
    Mansi Mehta FYBAF

    Make vlog of your shoes collection !!!! I like all your shoes ✨✨✨✨

  • ayaan show anwer
    ayaan show anwer

    Love ur hual videos make more

  • parul bajaj
    parul bajaj

    u r such an overactor

  • Shreya shreya vyas
    Shreya shreya vyas

    Please share your shoe collection with us

  • Unnati Pandey
    Unnati Pandey

    Yellow one

  • Sakshi Sharma
    Sakshi Sharma

    It was a beautiful video. I enjoyed it so much. Can u make more such videos

  • Piyusha Kumawat
    Piyusha Kumawat

    Woahhh both.. The boots and heel... ❤❤❤❤

  • Anquiya mahhin
    Anquiya mahhin

    Share a video of u jewelry collection

  • S

    Do moree of vlogss:)

  • Ishita Sharma
    Ishita Sharma

    why did you removed the shein haul? 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Anshumaan Bajaj
    Anshumaan Bajaj

    My favourite is the yellow one👌😍

  • Harendra Pandey
    Harendra Pandey

    Ye yellow jacket @anishkakhantwal ne bhi kharida tha unhone haul mae dikhaya tha she bought this jacket from sarojini of rupees 50 and you bought this for 2000 it's expensive

  • Ms Imperfectionist
    Ms Imperfectionist

    Ohh I can forget anything 😂

  • Tamanna Kataria
    Tamanna Kataria

    Yellow yellow I am also obsesses with this ❤️

  • ashfiyaamreen ms
    ashfiyaamreen ms

    Wow! Your cloth and shoes collections are amazing.. would get some of them for me.. after seeing this😍

  • Neelam Singh
    Neelam Singh

    I would have buyed same clothes in 2000 all total # tankroad, Sarojini, Janpath,Kamla nagar

  • Shampa Sarkar
    Shampa Sarkar

    The red shoe is love di❤

  • Prakash Trivedi
    Prakash Trivedi

    I love yellow one all things is so much nice 👌 and I love your voice your clothes

  • apsara gouri
    apsara gouri

    Both red and yellow 😍

  • Alisha Darji
    Alisha Darji

    Red one 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤love u dii

  • sushil surve
    sushil surve

    From where do you take your neck jewelleries 😍😍😍

  • Rakesh Singh
    Rakesh Singh

    Red boots I love it..

  • Navya Sai
    Navya Sai


  • Anubhee Tharwan
    Anubhee Tharwan

    You are looking like hina khan in this video

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    Pankaj Pardamwar

    Wow amazing was waiting for this vedio 😍😍

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    Boo La

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  • Website Inquiries
    Website Inquiries

    SHAME ON YOU!!!! Fast Fashion Exploits human beings, ESPECIALLY WOMEN, and DESTROYS our planet for our children. #selfish #babykiller

  • maububu

    I loved both the footwear's😍

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    Tanzeel Hasan

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    Binita Mondal

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    riya rose

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    Jovanpreet Kaur


  • rojia rajkumari
    rojia rajkumari

    love the yellow strappy shoes

  • mehal singh
    mehal singh

    I love the last pair of shoes!!

  • Ipshita Maitra
    Ipshita Maitra

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    aditi kshirsagar

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    Kanishka Samivel

    Do a hair products haul @aashna hegde

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    YUsuf Khan

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  • Deepti Sharma
    Deepti Sharma

    I love the both shoes 😍

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    Shabnam Khan

    We want more and more hauls pls

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    Ayesha Altaf

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    Shivani Dhawan

    Loved all your outfits😊😊🥰 and your so cute dii🥰🥰🥰

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    Kashifa Ali Zakir

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    Aryan Khan

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    Sheetal Patil

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    anuradha dhungana

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    ashveen kaur

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    Juliet Singha

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    Khushii kumariii

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  • Suvarna Salunke
    Suvarna Salunke

    A suggestion.......speak fast and confidently and don't stamner


    Plzz make videos with Sanket u both look cute together

  • creator are winner
    creator are winner

    Yellow block heel from Zara I liked

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    Divyanshi Singhal

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    Aqsa Juneja

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