Arriving in Phuket & I Stole His Footage 📸 | Aashna Hegde
Random bits from my trip to Phuket, the most beautiful locations and fun with my friends. hope you enjoy!!
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  • Md Sofi
    Md Sofi

    Where is mrunal

  • Aashritha

    Look How comfortable she is on cameraaaaaaaa! Oh gawddd one of the BEST VLOGGGER EVER.

  • Subhash Naik
    Subhash Naik


  • Yashasvini Shah
    Yashasvini Shah

    Ur smile is just sooo cutee dii❤❤❤😍

  • Supriya Shah
    Supriya Shah

    #Aasan Really love you guys please bring more and more vlogs with Sanku, do some prank video with him Plzzzzz 🙏🙏 The best part was Tom and Jerry Wala part I saw it daily ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍Love you #Aasan bestest in the world ❤

  • J Creation
    J Creation

    Could you please mention the names of both the resorts/ villas ? 🥺

  • Sukaina Merchant
    Sukaina Merchant

    Plz make video on house tour

  • Somani Ghosh
    Somani Ghosh


  • Somani Ghosh
    Somani Ghosh


  • Somani Ghosh
    Somani Ghosh


  • Prisha Jain
    Prisha Jain

    From 8:00 to 8:05 she was just looking like Priyanka Chopra . Like ditto copy. 🤭🤭

  • Syeda Yusra Hussain
    Syeda Yusra Hussain

    Love you all❤#postnotificationdamnfambiggestfan❤

  • Pushpa Bengani
    Pushpa Bengani

    di you are so beautiful

  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh

    #Avneet kaur also go in Phuket ❤️

  • bhoomi singla
    bhoomi singla

    Watching this video after one year and no hope of getting heart from you but let it be overall this was the best vlog i have ever seen 😍😍😍😍 so beautiful keep posting videos as you are posting always pls dont stop posting because this is the only channel whose videos i love to watch 😍😍😍💜💜💜💙💙💚💚💛🧡♥️♥️❤️❤️🖤🖤

  • Jayesh Patel
    Jayesh Patel

    Hi aashna hegede I am kavya even I am like your age only

  • Ravi Choudhary
    Ravi Choudhary

    How love aashna and sanket ♥️♥️♥️ 😘😘Hit like 😘😘

  • Shalu Jaiswall
    Shalu Jaiswall


  • Meena Muthu
    Meena Muthu

    700th comment ❤️

  • Deeksha Khare
    Deeksha Khare

    this is 10th tym i am watching the same blog can't get over it🤪❤

  • Deeksha Khare
    Deeksha Khare

    you know what waiting to see you , ashi , unnati , sanket back for trips♥️👀

  • Simran Suman
    Simran Suman

    I just want to know that where they stayed. Please answer if anyone knows the hotel or resort

  • We Rock!!
    We Rock!!

    Where were u staying plz tell coz I’m also going to visit Phuket n I love this would be really helpful if someone’s else can also u so much though.

    • We Rock!!
      We Rock!!

      Plz tell guys

  • mangla rawat
    mangla rawat

    The way she said sankey at 8 : 18 💕💕

  • Shilpi Jain
    Shilpi Jain

    Hi! Di! Is Sanket your bf?

  • Chirom Girl
    Chirom Girl

    Tom n jerry so cute ❤️❤️😍sanket n ashna

  • S Sujata
    S Sujata

    U r so overreacting girl 😏 sanket loved u !!!!🤐

  • Insiya Aziz
    Insiya Aziz

    rahul and anjili ka love hello app kitne comeadyer ho ashana jab mera mood of hota toh mai apka volg dhekti love u aassna

  • Sangeeta Sharma
    Sangeeta Sharma

    AaSan ❤️❤️

  • dipali kokate
    dipali kokate

    I am seeing ur all videos again nd again cuz super duper obsessed of u so muchhhhhh♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️nd yess I loves my Tom nd Jerry...😘😘😘

  • siddiq khan
    siddiq khan

    U both ashna and sankeit r tom and Jerry 😼🐭 ....

  • S S
    S S

    5:51 to 6:19 I have watched more then 100 times😍😍😍 They both look so cute ❤❤❤

  • Reeti Bhandari
    Reeti Bhandari

    Do a house tour

  • Kanishka Neve
    Kanishka Neve

    05:11...loved the way sanket kept his glasses..

  • Gayathri N
    Gayathri N

    I love u di 💘💝💞

  • Chahat Bapna
    Chahat Bapna

    Again in this lockdown😂😂 because im lovingg

  • L&T Naik
    L&T Naik


  • Hasher Rashid
    Hasher Rashid

    #newsubscriber ♥️♥️

  • Sichu Pradhan
    Sichu Pradhan

    This is my fav video in your channeeeeeeeelllllllll......I've seen this video more than 10 times❤❤❤❤

  • Reshma Dawra
    Reshma Dawra


  • We Rock!!
    We Rock!!

    Who else thinks she looks like the girl in Jessica jones at 8:05

  • Shivani Bhammar
    Shivani Bhammar

    1:26-1:32 sanket was being protective to unnati as there were no seats. Such gentle boy ♥

  • Lakhani Ami
    Lakhani Ami

    1:05 pe or hame marna he lol

  • Bitterhoney1315 Bitterhoney
    Bitterhoney1315 Bitterhoney

    Wow your vlog super 😍😍😍 you are so cuteeeee

  • Sudhiksha Aradhyula
    Sudhiksha Aradhyula


  • shrawani_ p
    shrawani_ p

    The bestest part was the tom and Jerry....literally watched so many times....#aasan ❤❤💜💜

  • Charvi Bisht
    Charvi Bisht

    Omg aashna and sanket ❤️❤️❤️❤️i love your pair with him.....the best both of u ....aashna di beautiful ❤️ and sanket bhaiya handsome ....aashna give me a heart...i love u

  • Dream,DiscoverAndDanceWithMoksha

    Which resort is this so we can refer when we travel

  • Anshika Tandon.
    Anshika Tandon.

    Pls do a video on dressing sense . Like what to wear with what pls

  • Purnima Roy
    Purnima Roy

    Aashna & Sanket #aanket ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Swati Suman
    Swati Suman

    U are so cute and beautiful and amazing.... I am out of words

  • Swati Suman
    Swati Suman

    Just love this video... Big fan of URS ....♥️love damnfam ♥️...

  • Mukhtiyar Malek
    Mukhtiyar Malek

    I wacth it so so many times in the lockdown & never boored Its amazing 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Shrutika Darekar
    Shrutika Darekar


  • Ritu Sidhu
    Ritu Sidhu

    Sanket and aashna look soo cite together😻❤ #aasan #damnfam

  • Diya Mulchandani
    Diya Mulchandani

    Shades of perfection and craziness 😍❤️😭! Big fan 🌎❤️

  • Parth Taneja
    Parth Taneja

    In which hotel did you stay?

  • Vishwa Rajpura
    Vishwa Rajpura

    You must do amazon haul because now a days you also cook and in your last video you mentioned that u like organzing stuff it will helpful to you as well

  • Khushpreet Kaur
    Khushpreet Kaur

    Beautiful...soo cuteee

  • Hunjan Neena
    Hunjan Neena

    Your dressing sense so nice i love it ❤😍🤩

  • rina saha
    rina saha


  • Prerana praveen
    Prerana praveen

    Best person 😍 I ever seen

  • Shaili Manania
    Shaili Manania

    Hello Ashna I just watched the movie GOL Keri and saw you in the last song .....actually even Khushi you ...I have subscribed your channel can I pls get a shoutout 🌈❤️❤️❤️🥰

  • khush mehta
    khush mehta

    I want a trip with you can we ?♥️



  • Shailesh More
    Shailesh More

    Hello. Good morning 😘

  • Rajeshwari Yadav
    Rajeshwari Yadav

    How can someone be so cute? ❤

  • 500 Subscriber Without Video Challenge
    500 Subscriber Without Video Challenge

    Sanket vlog is better than urs coz u didn't show much places 😂😂😂

    • Mudrika Baghla
      Mudrika Baghla


  • Saloni Shah
    Saloni Shah

    Want ur honest hair care routine

  • Anushka Tyagi
    Anushka Tyagi

    I am watching this for the 7th time and I never get bored by it:)

  • Roshan karale
    Roshan karale

    Wow super Phuket vlog💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍😍💯💯

  • tanishka banker
    tanishka banker

    what was the location where you guys stayed as it is beautiful

  • Rajeshwari Yadav
    Rajeshwari Yadav

    Watching for 10th time❤.

  • Kehkashan Anjum
    Kehkashan Anjum

    0:55 rahul aur anjali ka jhagda rahul and anjali were best friends but if u remember in the end rahul and anjali are in love with each other and they get married 🤔🤔

  • Krishna Daga
    Krishna Daga

    Why you all ignore unnati??

  • Parkash Andra
    Parkash Andra

    Aare yaar the Tom and Jerry part was so amazing that if I watch it 100 times it is not enough and this is my perfect 50th time i m watching this vlog just luv this one

  • SadiaKabir Sinthia
    SadiaKabir Sinthia

    Ashna is Priyanka Chopra's ditto Carbon Copy😻

  • Nazia Khan
    Nazia Khan

    Ashi is sooo cute😂😂and her hakate😂😂

  • Jiya Vaid
    Jiya Vaid

    At 6:00 he was sooo close to grab aashna but when he saw camera he stoped ................ But 5:51 the tom and jerry part was amazing and i have seen 100 of time #aasan 7:34 they are soo cute And who said unnati is sanket's gf its clear that unnat dont have any problem with aasan #aasan ❤love Make more videos with sanket @aashna

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Arrey yaar unns and sanku are bestfriends 💓 #unnsaforever

    • 44 10A Niti Kayal
      44 10A Niti Kayal

      yess true me too saw it 100 times

    • 44 10A Niti Kayal
      44 10A Niti Kayal

      @Shilpa Kansal no

    • Shilpa Kansal
      Shilpa Kansal

      Is unns sanku's gf ??

  • rashmi dahiya
    rashmi dahiya

    Which hotel did u stay innnn!!!!

  • A A.
    A A.

    Loved to watch #aasan again again

  • jai pal
    jai pal

    5:51 was the best part #asan

  • jiya patel
    jiya patel

    Hi, Aashna di! I have already seen this vlog of your more than 4 times but I always forget to ask you that in which resort or hotel u guys stayed in because after this coronavirus gets over all over the world we are going to go Phuket! And I really liked your guy's hotel rooms my father told to ask u and get the answer. So plz reply kar do!

  • Vandana Dandir
    Vandana Dandir

    Can't decide that the place is more beautiful or you

  • arsh batish
    arsh batish

    Hey cutieeee i love watching you and your videos 😍

  • Saleha Tabassum
    Saleha Tabassum

    Watching ur videos again❤️ as there was no video today

  • Bollywood News
    Bollywood News

    Aashna is super cute 😍 🌹

  • Bollywood News
    Bollywood News

    Hey aashna we just love ur group videos just keep posting 🌹❣️

  • Shaina Pathak
    Shaina Pathak

    Aashna seems to be drunk😂❤️

  • Nancy Agarwal
    Nancy Agarwal

    A house tour please

  • Sukanya Hemmin
    Sukanya Hemmin

    It's call mama it's Thai maggie in Tom Yum Kung flavor.☺ i think i reply late. 😂 but i really your damnfam vlog like all of you😍🤟🏻love from 🇹🇭🤗

  • KanvaMahin Kaur
    KanvaMahin Kaur

    Which hotel di

  • Prakash Bhattarai
    Prakash Bhattarai

    Andheri aat meh mera bal atakgaya seriously♥♥♥

  • S Bhagat
    S Bhagat

    Now I have kinda started believing that #AASAN is a real thing

  • Rajeshwari Yadav
    Rajeshwari Yadav

    I guess this is the only trip were you didn't feel sick😂jk loved all your vlogs❤

  • vaishali dehuliya
    vaishali dehuliya

    Clouds look so amazing

  • rekha jain Jain
    rekha jain Jain

    4:43 was the best..♥️ ye kyaaaaa hiiiiiiiiiiiii haiiiii🥰

  • Hiral Raghuvanshi
    Hiral Raghuvanshi

    I can't tell what is beautiful the place or you

  • Diya Pahuja
    Diya Pahuja

    2:08 The way u said EXCUSE ME😂😍😍My heart literally melted at that point of time❤️❤️❤️

  • Rajeshwari Yadav
    Rajeshwari Yadav

    Watching it in lockdown 🙂


    Hlo guys

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