My mom always cooks for us, So we thought we should cook and she should be the judge! Hahaha, we had so much fun in this video!
#AashnasVlogs #CookingCompetition
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~Video Suggestion by Azad
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Which team's food would you want to taste?? (No partiality, be honest) 😂💓

    • Harshika Bhalla
      Harshika Bhalla

      Hegde sisters always



    • Pravin Vala
      Pravin Vala

      Hegde sister

    • Ruchika Pal
      Ruchika Pal

      You di

    • Aiza Rehman
      Aiza Rehman

      Your cousin in black top i dont know her name looks exactly like a pakistani model zara abid she unfortunately passed away in the recent plan crash in karachii so as i was looking at your cousin i really missed zara 😔❤️🇵🇰

  • Gayathri Nair
    Gayathri Nair

    Aree make up dikhane de yaarr😂😂

  • Yatika Mittal
    Yatika Mittal

    I laughed so hard when Esha was unable to light the gas stove😂😂

  • Stella Yamin
    Stella Yamin

    Why the comments section is full of no one Literally no one:...........🤔😂

  • Anum Khan
    Anum Khan

    We won't make for you'll loved that line

  • Huzaifa Quazi
    Huzaifa Quazi

    I am literally binge watching all of your videos like crazy

  • Srushti Karlag
    Srushti Karlag

    Plzzzz di make part 2 of this video❤️❤️

  • Ameya Hegde
    Ameya Hegde

    Sense of humour is damnn

  • Mubayana Matin Bubly
    Mubayana Matin Bubly

    Aaaareeeee kanta Ben is from kal ho na ho, right?

  • praveena

    can you pls do a part 2 of this video its so fun

  • Twin Birds
    Twin Birds

    i would like to suggest a prank on your sister to see her reaction!!!

  • Samaera TV
    Samaera TV

    Khushi looks like Ananya Pandey na?

  • Aditi Singh
    Aditi Singh

    Wait they are 4 sisters?

    • Nandana Pillai
      Nandana Pillai

      No,khushi and ashna are real sisters and esha and sholka are their cousins

  • Ronit N
    Ronit N

    Aashna you are sooooo...ooooo cute yaar You guys are just crazy, amazing,awesome, mind-blowing, super cool and so many things i just can't express... You guys are the best



  • Suguna Shetty
    Suguna Shetty

    U are south Indian?

  • Kanishka Agrawal
    Kanishka Agrawal

    i will eat food of team shetty

  • Fatima Qureshi
    Fatima Qureshi


  • Nandini Juneja
    Nandini Juneja

    Do next session jaldi

  • Riddhi Ratika
    Riddhi Ratika

    12:37 omg both pushed there hair behind theirs ears at the same time

  • Arish (26AMCO08P41A04)
    Arish (26AMCO08P41A04)

    Khusi is so nice

  • Jhanvi Pandey
    Jhanvi Pandey

    3:24 Aashna di- are makeup dikhane de na yaar😜

  • jagtap vansh
    jagtap vansh

    I have subscribed to your channel👍

  • Ishana Bihani
    Ishana Bihani

    Aashna di, You look like Hina Khan...

  • Minal Egewar
    Minal Egewar

    3:11😂😂, khushi :- ( telling something imp ) Ashna :- eh I am showing my make up na 😅😂😂😂

  • Pankaj Thakuria
    Pankaj Thakuria

    Khushi blinked in the exact beat in which you crushed the oreo!!!!! I can't stop laughing. (14:16)

  • Jasreet Kaur Gill
    Jasreet Kaur Gill

    Did someone notice they have a cctv in their kitchen!!!

  • Om Moradiya
    Om Moradiya

    Want part 2

  • Daranappa Shetty
    Daranappa Shetty

    Hoo i am also shetty

  • Inayat Khan
    Inayat Khan

    Me When I see Khushi Di And Aashna Di, Esha Di And Shloka Di: Yeh dona alag alag hote hai kya


    Do you know kannada👍

  • Kavitha Jain
    Kavitha Jain

    I observe and want to know what does asshna drink


    Ur sister name is also khushi and my name is also khushi

  • Samiksha Angadi
    Samiksha Angadi

    Are you from Karnataka?

  • Sheetal Bhagat
    Sheetal Bhagat

    Just subscribed because of your mom's look😂😍😍 she is very Adorable ❤️

  • Parul Maheta
    Parul Maheta

    I love your video

  • Noora Abdullah
    Noora Abdullah

    Are y’all sisters and she is ur mom ? Sorry I’m new.

  • Vinayak Shinde
    Vinayak Shinde

    The thumbnail seems pretty exchanged between surname and you all🙂but still u are amazing

  • Sudha Chauhan
    Sudha Chauhan

    Can u tell the recipe of masala onion that looked soo great n yummy plsss reply the recipe 🥺

  • Rania riyazz
    Rania riyazz

    aashna's mom suddenly transformed into master chef's judge 😁😁

  • 6B-07-Dhruva Swara
    6B-07-Dhruva Swara

    Your of course........ love you di

  • Rukkaiya Aziz
    Rukkaiya Aziz

    Kushi bday is 12 oct khuch dino k bad

  • Waseem Khan
    Waseem Khan

    Accept khushi they both are ur real sister or cousins

  • jitendra bharti
    jitendra bharti

    Have you fight with your sister

  • Ananya Manja
    Ananya Manja

    Ive subscribed your channel

  • Ananya Manja
    Ananya Manja

    Please do the pizza challenge

  • Bilkis Islam Nipu
    Bilkis Islam Nipu

    They sisters fight soo much but then dint show cuz today I saw khushi was e shut up haan and her behaviour was soo bad

    • Bilkis Islam Nipu
      Bilkis Islam Nipu


  • Rushika Nayak
    Rushika Nayak

    Your mom is very cute

  • Vij Sisters
    Vij Sisters

    Please, please do the part 2 I love this challenge❣️😍

  • Aniket Malekar
    Aniket Malekar

    At 3:28 Khushi: ye dekh na Aashna : are makeup dikhane de yar 🤣🤣 lol

  • Raksha Parakh
    Raksha Parakh

    I have subscribed you ❤️❤️❤️ just bcoz of your hardwork I really appreciate..lots of love ❣️❣️❣️

  • Lavanath Shetty
    Lavanath Shetty

    I am also shrety

  • Kiran Gaggar
    Kiran Gaggar

    ur mummy is very very funny

  • Ripneet kaur
    Ripneet kaur

    From my opinion Aashna and Khushi are winner🎊 because it looks so yummy 😋😙

  • Ak fakruddin Ahmed
    Ak fakruddin Ahmed

    Khushi is such a beautiful girl 😍😍fall in love with khushi d

  • Patel Bhavisha
    Patel Bhavisha

    Do this challenge again!!

  • Be Creative with me Heena Philip
    Be Creative with me Heena Philip

    Really liked your this vlog, and so I have subscribed to your channel...

  • Yashasvini Shah
    Yashasvini Shah

    3:17 aashna didi are makeup dikhane de yrrr🤣🤣🤣

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta

    love yahhhhhhhh

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta

    want grand finaleee😂❤️

  • Vedangee Thakur
    Vedangee Thakur

    Yaa i have

  • Sarth_07 Gotarne
    Sarth_07 Gotarne

    I knew your mom is gonna tie the game lol

  • Meghi Sipani
    Meghi Sipani craft video

  • Kamaluddin Sk
    Kamaluddin Sk

    you not have dad

  • Manshi Singh
    Manshi Singh

    who was looking in the mirror when pakhi was tasteing the food 😂😂

  • Nishka Agarwal
    Nishka Agarwal

    3:24 so cute 😂

  • sanad siddiqui
    sanad siddiqui

    My home maid name is also khushi and she nearby look like her too much... 😁😁😁

  • Sanjana Sanan
    Sanjana Sanan

    3:23 ROFL😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣

  • dipali kokate
    dipali kokate

    Yess....ur makeup is just looking awesome...#pro♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Ann Liya Santu
    Ann Liya Santu

    Aashna di please do prank videos

  • Mayur Kataria
    Mayur Kataria

    No one - Litterly no one- Khushi to google -easy recipy at home😂😂

  • Swakanchha Khamparia
    Swakanchha Khamparia

    Aashna mother looks so youngggggg 😍

  • Ritik Singh
    Ritik Singh

    You and your sister so so beautiful😘😘😘

  • Swathi Shettyswa
    Swathi Shettyswa

    Woahooo.. Hegde and shetty💕... Proud😍

  • Anika Anjum
    Anika Anjum

    They all are siblings??

  • Side Walk
    Side Walk

    Hedge team won


    Hey aashna , pls give a house tour plss

  • Arshpreet Kaur
    Arshpreet Kaur

    We all need part 2 !!! Who agree hit like !!

  • Shreya Gupta
    Shreya Gupta

    We need a tie breaker videooo pleaseeee🥺🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Anmol p
    Anmol p

    Kushi was saying "shut up ha" felt rude

  • Yusra Khan
    Yusra Khan

    3:24 aree make up dikhri hu 😂😂😂😂

  • Labdhi Godha
    Labdhi Godha

    Please do twinning Challenge plzzzzzzz

  • Vijay Punjabi
    Vijay Punjabi

    Hiii I am your biggest fan

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    Tisha chaudhary ❤️

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  • Pranjali Shinde
    Pranjali Shinde

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    Ummul Wara

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    sanjay kumar

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    kanika Sharma

    Aashna di explaining Meanwhile khushi in the corner : I hope i dont burn the kitchen 😂😂😂 Aashna di : khushi what are u doing ?? 😂😂

  • Tajaswi Chhetri
    Tajaswi Chhetri

    No one : Literally No one : Aashna : Aree makeup dekhanaa dee yaar 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • QuEen Of AbBa
    QuEen Of AbBa

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    Nikita Patgar

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    Jaanvi Gangwal

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    Hamza Malik

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    Pragya Cute

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    Rakshitha Shetty

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    stutee subharthi

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    art ideas

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