I'm so happy to be doing a collab video with Sejal, she's so sweet ♡. This was also a very fun video to do together, we got to experiment with our styles as well! We wanted to give you guys alternatives to really expensive clothing items. I hope you guys enjoyed this video!
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Aashna's Look #1:
Black Sling Top:
Fanny Pack:
Leather Trousers:
Vans :
Aashna's Look #2:
Grey Tank :
Nude Heels with Gold Chain Detail:
Aashna's Look #3:
Leather Jacket (Zara) :
Leather Jacket (AJIO) :
Leather Jacket (F21):
Strappy Dress (couldn’t find my dress, linking the most similar one I could find:
Forever 21:
White Trainers (Similar) :
🎶 :
Riviera by Smith The Mister
Smith The Mister
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