I DID NOT EXPECT THIS RESULT AT ALLL!! All I'm gonna say is that this result doesn’t count 😂, so many of you wanted to see a video with Leo & I had mentioned I'll do one with him a few weeks back 💓hope you enjoy! Love you all 🥰
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    tell the dog you are so cute

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    Jaswant shah

    Is Leo a labrador or golden retriever

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    Gargi Lingwal

    You should cut Leo's nails..... They are very long... Must be bothering him

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    Saanvi Patel

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    Leo so cute ❤️😍🐾🐕

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    Suditi Pandya

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    Aastha Parab

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    Shyamoli Pathak

    We spell words like 'W-A-L-K' and 'F-O-O-D' in front of my dog too or else he gets really excited and gets dauraas 😂

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    Heyy u can make leo, benny and princess meet each other and see how they react

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    N-1718-12 ZOYA S AGRAWAL

    1:13 leos blue eyes did anyone notuced???

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    Chaahat Patel

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