DamnFam Girls Answer your Questions | Aashna Hegde
I hope you guys enjoyed this video, big shoutout to my beautiful girls @Ashi Khanna @Unnati Malharkar @Gujju Unicorn for being a part of this video and I miss you all A LOT!! Love you guys!!!
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  • Aliza Zaheer
    Aliza Zaheer

    who's here after damnfam is broken into 9 ppl ☹️☹️☹️

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    Entertainment be like

    Plz reply me

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  • Rabia Amjad
    Rabia Amjad

    And now mrunu is no More Damnfam member 😢💔I Always give The example of Damnfam friendship but it's okay everything happens for a reason 😭

  • Anhar k
    Anhar k

    Anyone after mrunirudh left damnfam...😢😢

  • Yamini Iyer
    Yamini Iyer

    MUAA... Y'ALL ARE THE BEST ❤️ you FOUR are a great team❤️💗

  • Tarishi Bhageria
    Tarishi Bhageria

    Watching this video again and can’t believe that there are only 3 damnfam girls🥺. Pls don’t leave mrunu and ani💔

    • shreya bhore
      shreya bhore

      U say like these they have spilted not damnfans for us damnfam will be of 11 people

    • Rishika Mahajan
      Rishika Mahajan


  • Bhagyashree Gattani
    Bhagyashree Gattani

    Aashna Di and unnati di are wearing quite same earrings 🤩 I am really your big fan and started watching your videos during lockdown and just loved it😘😘😍

  • Prachi Chauhan
    Prachi Chauhan

    U and unnati are wearing same earring 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻

  • just priya
    just priya

    Amazing lovely talk my life story is kinda same as mrunu.....😯😯😯😐😐😕😇😇😇☺😊

  • Sana 2009
    Sana 2009

    Can u post a video types of boys in periods in ur periods and why u thank to have them . Plsssssss

  • The Little Skittle
    The Little Skittle

    this is so sweet thanks for bringing a smile on our faces u all are the best love youuuu

  • Jasreet Kaur Gill
    Jasreet Kaur Gill

    Wow!! They never wanted to be influencers and they surprisingly became, but others who wanna become they can’t!!

  • Numa Atif
    Numa Atif

    Wow i watched the whole video without noticing UNNATI AND ASHI that they were wearing same earrings than in the end i noticed it!!😂😂

  • Diya Arora
    Diya Arora

    I just each and every confidential and bold answer each one of you gave. I just had fun as if I am between you and you all are just talking to me and m listening to all of you like you advicing for something or the same.. It's just like I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu allllllll... Addddd thatssss itt ...lots of loveeeee❤

  • sakshi aradhye
    sakshi aradhye

    i dont think ki in logo ke bhi haters honge they all are sweethearts ily you alll ashana ,mrunu,unnu ,ashi didi log


    Murnu the first question she answerd I related to it a lot cause Im also gonna be a doctor Im trying for it but dont know what future has for me 👍

  • Aditi Agarwal
    Aditi Agarwal

    Very nice vid...so encouraging....❣️😊 And all the things u said was very motivating ❤️❣️

  • shubhangi naharwal
    shubhangi naharwal

    Who elsenoticed that aashna nd unnati r wearing same earrings 😂♥️

  • Bhavyansha Bansal
    Bhavyansha Bansal

    Love you all a lot ❤

  • Vivek Verma
    Vivek Verma

    Abe aashna itni english kyo bolti hai yrrr hindi hi bol lia kar

    • Vivek Verma
      Vivek Verma

      @Mudrika Baghla abe ohhh angrezo ki donald trump jyada faltu to bol mt jaio kya galat bola be maine use thodi hindi bolne ke lie hi to kaha aai badi pange mt lo beta bina mtlb

    • Mudrika Baghla
      Mudrika Baghla

      Tf, look at the way you speaking!!!! Idiots!!

  • Kayenat Nurain
    Kayenat Nurain

    Thankyou so much❤

  • ashish richawara
    ashish richawara

    You all are so sweet and cute❤

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    halima bai


  • Mahendra Nandiwadekar
    Mahendra Nandiwadekar

    Didi plzz hindi bolo yarr

  • sakshi pingale
    sakshi pingale

  • Israt Amin
    Israt Amin

    Ashna and Unnati di wearing same earrings

  • Anam Asari
    Anam Asari

    Can you make a video on struggles you faced when started INlabel or any other social media.

  • Shreejal Patel
    Shreejal Patel

    Do u love ur Pearl hoops?😂✨❤️

  • Soumili Das
    Soumili Das

    Aashna nd Unnati wearing the same earings😂♥️

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    Alexxxa Wild

    nice video

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    Aiman Reza

    Aashna and Unnati wore the same earings/ pearl hoops

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  • zoya aleem
    zoya aleem

    Please do a girl talk episode and let all of them to answer your questions okk plsss all four of them okk

  • Sophia Tamang
    Sophia Tamang

    Unnati red lipstick is on top🥵😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

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    Kanika Kansal


  • karan Behl 1484
    karan Behl 1484

    Humee kab milenge yr ese friends 💓💓💓

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan


  • Nez 1212
    Nez 1212

    14:46 I've never seen anyone taking constructive criticism like Mrunu does. She always tries to listen to the suggestions and the improvements people ask her for that anyone else would've taken as a negative comment/spreading hatred. And the fact that she always goes through the comment section of her insta/youtube and tries to like them all. I think the fame and success she has got a lot to do with the way she takes constructive criticism.

  • nidhi pundir
    nidhi pundir

    Favvvviesss!!!❤💞 Keep going girlsss!👍

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  • Kanishka Soni
    Kanishka Soni

    Omg aashna di you are the cutestt❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you so muchhh❤️

  • Smita Natekar
    Smita Natekar

    I feel so happy that you guys have such amazing bond, the guys and girls!❤️ Damnfam is the most clean real and filtered Friendship. Y'all never give us fake content and ALWAYS be true to yourself whenever y'all post videos❤️ I'm lucky to be a part of this fandom😘

  • Shariff Shariff
    Shariff Shariff

    Just threee word omg 🎶🎶

  • Shariff Shariff
    Shariff Shariff


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    Anisha Dias

    You all are the bestttttt🥺♥️🤍#damnfamforever❤️💯

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    muhammad ali

    this motivates me alot

  • Iqbal Shaikh
    Iqbal Shaikh

    Just loved the way unnati talked

  • purvi shetty
    purvi shetty

    This has literally helped me a lot ; Thank you ❤😭 I literally cried till the end because I think quarantine has just made me emotional & sensitive but this just make's me realize I will get better in terms of alot of things :))))

  • Gungun Agarwal
    Gungun Agarwal

    I am so glad for this video ❤️ it feels so good to know the answer to some questions it really helped me with my thoughts and thank you so much for always knowing the right words ❤️❤️❤️ 💯 Love you all✨🥰 keep smiling


    Who would not be in a good mood after seeing you ❤️😍🌸


    Huppp chal

    • Mudrika Baghla
      Mudrika Baghla


  • Aaima Mohsin
    Aaima Mohsin

    Unnati's and aashna's earrings are same😰👍🏻

  • Vanya Bhasin
    Vanya Bhasin

    I have subscirbed to your channel nd your videos are the only one who completly makes my mood so well if i am in a sad mood. Iloveyou so much aashnaa. Lot of love from my side❤️❤️ be happy always nd make us happy tooo❤️

  • reet kaur
    reet kaur

    Did someone notice unnati and aashna were wearing same earrings??🤔🤔🧐🧐

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    Preethi Patel

    Thank you for existing and making my life much more better! Honestly speaking you deserve more and more happiness and succes! ❤️❤️

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    Nicely explained ☺☺☺

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    Did anyone noticed in the whole video ?? That aashna and unnati wore same earings😂 Btw luv u all♥️♥️♥️

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    If I m not. Wrong then unnati and ashna earing are same ....right?

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    Aashnaa di can you please make a video.. like one on one girl talk!! I hope you are getting me!! I'm talk about periods or something related to us girls maybe!!❤️ Lot's of love 💕 Take care 😘 I hope you meet all damnfam members soon!!❤️🌍✨

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    Nikita Kumari

    bro istg this video is making me a fan of you all nd especially aashnas on ANOTHERRRRRR LEVEL !!!!! how tf can you guys be so perfect !!! and aashna im personally soo excited for ur ted talk!! u guys deserve nothing but happiness and love all ur way !! soo good !!

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    The DamnFam

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