I wanted to do this for so long! It was alot of fun doing this challenge, we got to play around and be creative! Comment below telling me what your favourite location was :)
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  • Sowmya U
    Sowmya U


  • Khatti Mitthi
    Khatti Mitthi

    You look soo much like Priyanka Chopra ☺️

  • Zumi Patankar
    Zumi Patankar

    My favourite location was THE PETROL PUMP

  • samragi dutta
    samragi dutta

    Garden isn't an ugly location

  • Sulochana Arya
    Sulochana Arya

    Same mug dii

  • Preeti Kapoor
    Preeti Kapoor

    Who is her in nov 2020

  • Jasreet Kaur Gill
    Jasreet Kaur Gill

    The basement pics are damn great 👍🏻




    The glass u drink coffee or juice blue color with white dots. I have the same

  • SNEHA paul
    SNEHA paul

    Woowowoowowoow so pretty

  • Aksharaa Chandak
    Aksharaa Chandak

    Wow really nice pics love you aashna di.......... Locations were very different socha nhi tha ki itne acchi photos aa sakti h love ypu💕💕💗💗💗💗

  • Bhavika Kalani
    Bhavika Kalani

    I loved the basement ones🖤🍕

  • Chirom Girl
    Chirom Girl


  • FAMBAM!!

    Woww... I just lovee you💞✨

  • chandra prakash Pachlangia
    chandra prakash Pachlangia

    Super markat pic is so good👍

  • Salsabeel Afza
    Salsabeel Afza

    The pictures are all cool and all but they werent necesserily "UGLY" locations. Ngl seemed a lil click-baity tho.

  • DREAM_BOY_RAHUL Bhowmick
    DREAM_BOY_RAHUL Bhowmick


  • Anjum Banu
    Anjum Banu

    I Love it so much


    Petrol ⛽️ pump Hard each bhai ⚡️⚡️

  • Chinchu Ganesh
    Chinchu Ganesh

    Which song????

  • Aayushi Nagvekar
    Aayushi Nagvekar


  • Shrutika Darekar
    Shrutika Darekar


  • Seema Jain
    Seema Jain

    Your just amazing and awesome youtuber ♥keep doing more challenges video

  • Sanaz Fabrics
    Sanaz Fabrics

    Who came here after oraginaz jewlle😂😂🤣🤣

  • Manu Chamoli
    Manu Chamoli

    The petrol pump and basement pictures were the best .

  • Ibnar Basha
    Ibnar Basha

    Supermarket ❤️

  • Snehal Jaiswal
    Snehal Jaiswal

    Petrol pump and super market

  • Sabitri Ray
    Sabitri Ray

    Main jab bhi mall jati hoon tabhi ek phto toh khichti hi hoon 😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Janhavi Maheshkar
    Janhavi Maheshkar

    Aashna di you are perfect at clicking pics and editing too. Appreciate your Hard work..

  • sg fun world
    sg fun world

    Who is seeing this in july

    • sg fun world
      sg fun world

      Plzz subacribe my channel plzz help me

  • Monica Rakesh
    Monica Rakesh

    u are the best

  • Prerana praveen
    Prerana praveen

    Best photoshoot 😍❤️😍👌😍

  • Manya Gupta
    Manya Gupta

    Petrol pump is the best

  • Roshan karale
    Roshan karale

    Pictures mast click Kiya he 💖💖💖💖💖💖💯my favourite location was super market ✌️✌️✌️✌️and leo video me nahi aya to video complete nahi hota 😊😊🙈🙈💯💯

  • Krisha Jain
    Krisha Jain

    The last one was too good !!!!👍👍

  • Priya Kapoor
    Priya Kapoor

    None of the location is ugly dear

  • Anmisha Ghosh
    Anmisha Ghosh

    Locations were so aesthetic ❤ I just loved d supermarket's location 😍 And YOU are a superstar 😘 so nothing can go wrong! Love You SO Much 💕 Loads of love from Kolkata 🔥💕

  • Abaas S
    Abaas S

    beautiful girl with beautiful picture keep it up god bless u 😇❤️

    • Abaas S
      Abaas S

      yes true

  • Brinda Kharel
    Brinda Kharel

    the one at the petrol pump

  • Seema Thakur
    Seema Thakur


  • Dhriti Sapra
    Dhriti Sapra

    it was cool u rockkkkkkk

  • Sujatha S
    Sujatha S


  • Yess ItsJurpi
    Yess ItsJurpi

    Currently so obsessed with her channel

  • Mahek Dave
    Mahek Dave

    The way sanku said :- Baby uth jao🥺❤

    • K. M. Ariful Islam
      K. M. Ariful Islam

      @Ritu Sidhu when

    • Glamorous Curves
      Glamorous Curves

      Meri bhi video dekh lo ekbar!😇🙏.. or channel ko subscribe kerdo pleasee❤️

    • Ritu Sidhu
      Ritu Sidhu

      @Medha Goenka he said ready..then unhone bola uth nhi bola unhone☺☺💖

  • Chandni Valecha
    Chandni Valecha

    All the pictures were beautiful 😍♥️. I lived it Alot. I saw this video today...😅. And I really really loved it. You are going very nice you are doing so much of hard work. And I just wanted to tell you that if you want to click pictures on Dadar station so go there early morning at that tym the whole lane is full of flowers wala uncle and aunty😂. Kelp doing well. All the best. Luv uh Alot.❣️

  • Poornima Ganesh nayak
    Poornima Ganesh nayak

    6:59 when her doggy enters and her expression 😁😂

    • Glamorous Curves
      Glamorous Curves

      Meri bhi video dekh lo ekbar!😇🙏.. or channel ko subscribe kerdo pleasee❤️

  • Laxmi Bhootra
    Laxmi Bhootra

    All were amazing ashna di but super market was more good who all agrees?

  • Ajay Rawani
    Ajay Rawani

    The last one was not an ugly location but

  • Ajay Rawani
    Ajay Rawani

    Your photos are so gorgeous i can see all your photos, also if it is more than 50 Love frome Pune ❤🤗

  • Faria Basher
    Faria Basher

    All pictures is just amazing..😍😘 And your poses are so amazing..😍😍

  • Meena Shewale
    Meena Shewale

    You are so beautiful 😍😍😍😘😘

  • Nazia Khan
    Nazia Khan

    Supermarket was the amazing location😍😍😍

  • Gunjan Mandekar
    Gunjan Mandekar

    You, khushi and Esha dee look so similar

  • Diya Pahuja
    Diya Pahuja

    5:05 omg how did u managed to walk over there in heels!!??😳😳Btw I love u di❤️🌍

  • Divya Tiwari
    Divya Tiwari

    What is the sleeves called in the last picture . I can't hear quite nicely in the video what she told but I want to buy a shirt like that.

    • Divya Tiwari
      Divya Tiwari

      Please help ☺️

  • Hina Chaudhary
    Hina Chaudhary

    Aashna you were so thin and now

  • Malavika Saha
    Malavika Saha

    My favourite location was the basement🔥🔥 the vibes coming from the basement wala photos were different I mean a sexy negative vibe, irdk how to describe it but yean

  • Uɴɪᴄᴏʀɴ !!
    Uɴɪᴄᴏʀɴ !!

    Wowieeee❤😍 All pictures were just littt❤🔥 Luv u Aashna di your videos are amazing❤

  • Game x pro
    Game x pro

    Very interesting challenge and also the location I liked was the garden and the parking one and the picture of yours I like was the parking black and white one it was very nice keep doing these types of challenges ❤❤

  • Gunjan Jain
    Gunjan Jain

    U r looking super cute

  • Soumya Chittari
    Soumya Chittari

    The smile on u r face gives happiness of the u ashnaa beautiful pictures.....and best location was supermarket be happy and get more successfully in u r u ashna

  • vishakha vishakha
    vishakha vishakha

    aashna you are very cute

  • Sneha Navlakha
    Sneha Navlakha

    All the pictures have turned out really well 😄😅😇

  • sanjay modwell
    sanjay modwell

    The basement one

  • jayan kohli
    jayan kohli

    Wow❤ uh just look amazing❤ the way pictures are clicked and you're a super beautiful model for sure💙 your dresses look amazing and glamorous🤩 amazing just amazinggg!!! Love you a lot ...... and supermarket was awsm😘 this is BHAVYA💙 please say my name in one of ur vids please💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Cheluvi Kadam
    Cheluvi Kadam

    Maam the flower wala comes at night not in afternoon😅😅❤

  • Puspa Dahal
    Puspa Dahal

    Plz uploade this on instagram

  • Jaskirat Singh
    Jaskirat Singh

    Supermarket pics I really lyk😍😍😍


    Di the super markets bottles one was nice 😗

  • Harshika Dissanayake
    Harshika Dissanayake

    You look super cool even in such locations!!BTW...Good job Aashna!Sending loads of love from Sri Lanka♥️

  • anvi Singh. Singh
    anvi Singh. Singh

    I think petrol pump❤❤❤❤❤

  • Xyz abc
    Xyz abc


  • Sapana Kothari
    Sapana Kothari

    Oh I have the same coffee mug!!!!

  • Javeria Zia
    Javeria Zia

    petrol pump pictures😍😍😍😍

  • madhu kanwar sodha
    madhu kanwar sodha

    You and sanku❤❤

  • Rahat Parween
    Rahat Parween

    Title shud b 🤪 crazy location not ugly

  • Trisha Bopardikar
    Trisha Bopardikar

    Me also super market

  • Kumud Jain
    Kumud Jain

    The car was so good

  • Brajesh Shukla
    Brajesh Shukla

    All the pictures turned out soo well ❤❤ But my favorite locations were the supermarket and basement 🤗🤗🤗 Love you cutie💞☺🤗

  • Prajwal Nayak
    Prajwal Nayak

    U were so thin

  • Rajpal Naik
    Rajpal Naik

    The basement was vvvvvvvvvvery amazing 💯👌👌 it took away my heart 😍💘💘the super market in the 💐🌹🥀🌷🌺🌸 one was also too good

  • Nandini Rawat
    Nandini Rawat

    Youre so ugly. Really lucky though.

  • Shivanshi Sehrawat
    Shivanshi Sehrawat

    Love it 😍 😍 😍

  • Vimmi Sharma
    Vimmi Sharma

    Which song she uses probably in her every video at background?? BTW every picture was damnnnn☺

  • Fathima Shabana
    Fathima Shabana

    Supermarket was d best n u r all time cutiepie

  • Akshita Dangwal
    Akshita Dangwal

    Some jugaad over there😂😂

  • Shweta Sharma
    Shweta Sharma

    Mam aap ne straw ulta lagaya hei


    6:22 - She's the cutest human being bruh!😁😭😍😍😘

  • Dipayan Karmakar
    Dipayan Karmakar

    She is little like Mouni Roy....who else think?

  • Megha Saini
    Megha Saini

    Ohhh I have a same glass jar ❣️🥤

  • Kavita Heliya
    Kavita Heliya

    Supermarket pics are amazing💕😍

  • Marzia Mahjabin
    Marzia Mahjabin

    SUPER Market

  • JP laddha
    JP laddha

    This one is wow . I like you diiiiii

  • Navya Bedi
    Navya Bedi

    The parking lot pics were the best

  • ekta nahar
    ekta nahar

    Who did you say thank you to for the car?

  • Shruti Abbot
    Shruti Abbot

    Plzz thodi kam overacting Kia kroo🙃🙃😖but I luv ur videos tooo much🌍❤️

  • Mamta Sethia
    Mamta Sethia

    Garden is not at all an ugly place

  • ravinder singh pahuja
    ravinder singh pahuja

    I have subscribed your channel and love your videos

  • Kirti Rana
    Kirti Rana

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    Nivedita Das

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