Saying YES to my Sisters | Aashna Hegde
These people took full advantage of this challenge 😂but even I had lots of fun doing everything they asked!! Hope you enjoy this video! Love you all 💓

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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    If your sibling had to say yes to you, what would you make them do? Also, super close to 400K on INlabel!! Thankyou so much for all the love!!! 💖

    • Aam Taring
      Aam Taring

      Is isha older than you?

    • khaliq Aslam
      khaliq Aslam

      I have subscribed

    • Saanchi Gohil
      Saanchi Gohil


    • Aqueel Khan
      Aqueel Khan

      Now close to 600K

    • Pushpita Sanyal
      Pushpita Sanyal


  • Your Music Guy
    Your Music Guy

    Esha's photo looked like Tara sutari 😀❤️

  • Your Music Guy
    Your Music Guy

    Esha's photo looked like Tara sutari 😀❤️

  • Ripneet kaur
    Ripneet kaur

    Who wants to know what aashna drinks in his every video?? Hit like i really want to know 😂😂❤

  • Pushpa Patel
    Pushpa Patel

    I did it🖒

  • Divya Kanodia
    Divya Kanodia

    I can understand your pain when having SAFI....." my sister also takes it every night."

  • Amina Khan
    Amina Khan

    I have subscribed

  • Nikhil Bainiwal
    Nikhil Bainiwal

    You should definitely do a house tour

  • Irfan Lakdawala
    Irfan Lakdawala

    They are your real sisters

  • Fatima Atif
    Fatima Atif

    You and khushi are twins ❤️💕👍😊💖♥️😗

  • niveditha kundu
    niveditha kundu

    well v all englesal a WE

  • Hitesh Mav
    Hitesh Mav

    Leo is soo cute 😍

  • Maryam Malik
    Maryam Malik

    Beautyyyyyyyy ashnaaaa dii❤😘😘😘😘


    House tour please?



  • Rupa Singh
    Rupa Singh

    Photoshoot was a good one🔥

  • Sahil Arora
    Sahil Arora

    i want khushii mannn

  • Khansha khan
    Khansha khan

    Ye aap ki real sisters hai

  • Khushi Jha
    Khushi Jha

    Isha look like tara sutaria

    • Ripneet kaur
      Ripneet kaur

      That's Esha not Isha

  • Jash Patel
    Jash Patel

    Pls make part 2 of this I have done for mine shoutout ✅

  • Riddhi Uttamchandani
    Riddhi Uttamchandani

    I have a question are all of these aashna's biological sister s

  • Munavar Khan
    Munavar Khan

    Please do home tour

  • farha ali
    farha ali

    I have subscribed i love you ashna stay blessed n happy ❤❤💫 want who said it part 2❤


    finallyyyy someone believes that safi tastes like mehndi !!!!!!

  • Ritu Sharma
    Ritu Sharma

    u all are real sisters please tell please reply Aashna di

  • Diksha Sharma
    Diksha Sharma

    Ur lipstick shade??? PLZZ do reply I'm loving it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Monu Bishnoi
    Monu Bishnoi

    Are you real sisters lekin sabse jyada khusi di ki sakal aapse milti h

  • Nancy Jangde
    Nancy Jangde

    You have 3 sisters

  • Ankur Wadhwa
    Ankur Wadhwa

    Hi guys welcome back to my channel amazing person l have seen good intro

  • Pranali Choudhary
    Pranali Choudhary

    wardrobe tour

  • Seema Gupta
    Seema Gupta

    Plz do a home tour tour!!!!!!!!

  • Seema Gupta
    Seema Gupta

    Plz do a home tour tour!!!!!!!!

  • Bharti Jain
    Bharti Jain


  • Jagruti Patel
    Jagruti Patel

    Are you all four real sisters??

  • Maryam Haider
    Maryam Haider

    Mashallah 😍 I feel like me and my dida having vibes together by watch you and khushi 💕

  • Tanvi Rane
    Tanvi Rane

    Hey !! I am one of your oldest susbcribers. I have commented on many of your videos but i have never got any shout out . soo please please mujhe shout out dedo iss barr plzz !! i love your videos sooo much :)

  • Aarya Gandhi
    Aarya Gandhi


  • Samrudhi Kapse
    Samrudhi Kapse

    u are love ❤

  • Maureen Goundar
    Maureen Goundar

    Does your sisters/ cousins live with you too? You and your sister are sooo pretty!l love your videos. First time I saw your mom on video thought she was your elder sister! 🤷‍♀️🌸💕

  • Umme Hani Khumri
    Umme Hani Khumri

    Do urll hav lipfillers or are these your natural lips?

  • Hirvi Shah
    Hirvi Shah

    I have subscribed Hirvi shah❤️

  • Saride Hariprasad
    Saride Hariprasad


  • Sara Kirnapure
    Sara Kirnapure

    I really love Ur mom....and one more thing Ki Mai aapke video Mai jyadatar aapke mumma ko dekhna chahti hu😀😀😀😀😀😀😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘Love U

  • Anandi Parmar
    Anandi Parmar

    I want see your house please do house tour🙏🙏

  • Laxman Kushwaha
    Laxman Kushwaha

    I am seeing ur videos because of khushi

  • Jainy Naik
    Jainy Naik


  • Smitha Nair
    Smitha Nair

    aashna di i have subscribed

  • Devanshi Dodiya
    Devanshi Dodiya

    Hey aashna !!! Just Try once to make the pancake mix with milk instead of water !!! By using milk in the mix it will definitely come out as the pancake we eat in restaurants !!! Bcs with water the pancakes in the pan spreads out with all sides but with milk it 'll comeout so round and fluffy and I'm sure you're gonna love it !!! Ly❤️

  • Creative Tutorials by Riddhi Jajoo
    Creative Tutorials by Riddhi Jajoo

    Kushi is fabulous 💅 Beauty Queen ❤️

  • Deep Prabha
    Deep Prabha

    Subscribed your channel and congrats for 700 k

  • Samapti Rout
    Samapti Rout

    We remove people's teeth omg...i laughed like hell🤣🤣🤣

  • Ravinder singh
    Ravinder singh

    Who think tht khushi hegde shouldd open aa yt channel

  • Ravinder singh
    Ravinder singh

    Nobody literary nobody Me thinking wht to writee in comments Btww urr intro iss soo awesomee ndd kon kon yahaa comment phle krtaa hai vdo dekhnee se phle...😅

  • ajaib singh
    ajaib singh

    please do your house tour

  • RIDHIMA kanwar
    RIDHIMA kanwar

    Aashna di make 2 part of it pls it is so exciting😀

  • Infinite Oof
    Infinite Oof

    Hahahaha the besttt , we remove people’s teeth 😂💖🤏🏻

  • Olivie Ghosh
    Olivie Ghosh

    I have subscribe to ur channel ❤

  • Suruchi Garg
    Suruchi Garg

    I love yourer videosss

  • Shambhavi Singh
    Shambhavi Singh

    Aashna di can you please tell me that what you drink everytime and for what purpose? Please it's a request

  • Kaur Simran
    Kaur Simran

    I love ur videos❤️ and love for leo.. 🤗 😘

  • Glitter Reins
    Glitter Reins

    You are so pretty aashna

  • Omais Baloch
    Omais Baloch


  • Punam Jha
    Punam Jha

    I have subscribed to your channel

  • Sabnam Khatun
    Sabnam Khatun

    Aashna u do so much of makeup 😂

  • Tanisha Pradhan
    Tanisha Pradhan

    I have subscribed your channel Tanisha Pradhan



  • Asha Sharma
    Asha Sharma

    (Hey I wanted to ask something please reply) Is leo trained dog??

  • Komal Bhilwar
    Komal Bhilwar

    I see ur all vdo in just one day...... 🥰🥰

  • Niharicca nikki
    Niharicca nikki

    Only kushi is best❤️😚

  • Taiyaba Qureshi
    Taiyaba Qureshi

    She looks like Parineetichopra ❤

  • Nikita Dubey
    Nikita Dubey

    Plzz make a room tour

  • Roshan karale
    Roshan karale

    Wowiieeeeeeee last task safi 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈😂😂😂😂😂💯💯

  • Roshan karale
    Roshan karale

    Full on massage to khushi 🙈🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯

  • Jahnavi Shrivastava
    Jahnavi Shrivastava

    Who else thinks that the pancake mix is in every damnfam members house🤣🤣🤣😁😁 Love uuuu❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

  • weird jungkook
    weird jungkook

    What's the lipstick you are wore in this video Aashna di??.. it's so beautiful ❤️

  • Dimuthu Athapaththu
    Dimuthu Athapaththu

    Does Kushi also has a INlabel channel????????

  • Dimuthu Athapaththu
    Dimuthu Athapaththu

    Kushi is sooooooo beautiful.... (girl in green tshirt)

  • Rex Mothis
    Rex Mothis

    I have subcribed

  • Atishya Anand
    Atishya Anand

    Yesss aashna home tour

  • Janvi Janvi
    Janvi Janvi

    Hello Didi ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • shubhanshi badone
    shubhanshi badone


  • Pratikshya Kafle
    Pratikshya Kafle

    At 12:50 the girls were posing for thumbnail lol

  • Pratham Trivedi
    Pratham Trivedi

    Ashna plzz do a house tour plzz

  • Rohan Lehri
    Rohan Lehri

    You are so cute Aashna

  • Drushti Doke
    Drushti Doke


  • Laksh Kapoor
    Laksh Kapoor

    I hve subscribed ur channel

  • Vaishali Rawal
    Vaishali Rawal

    I subscribed your channel for 7months but no reply or shoutout at all plzzz aashna hegde give me shoutout HARSHITA RAWAL

  • Vaishali Rawal
    Vaishali Rawal

    I don't have any shoutout

  • Shilpa Gupta
    Shilpa Gupta

    House tour Ka one video plz aashna 🙁😅👍

  • Ayushi Vijay
    Ayushi Vijay

    Subscribed!!.....loads of loveeeeeee.....

  • Tanishka Kashyap
    Tanishka Kashyap

    Your sister is so preety 😍😍😍😍


    Just one request !! Plz stop using so much excent

  • Harleen Kaur
    Harleen Kaur

    Hlo di u r superb

  • Moni Ahmed
    Moni Ahmed

    Best part : Aashna:she ghutoned me on my back. 😂😂😂😂😂😂I loved that part,seriously.

  • Qwerty Uiop
    Qwerty Uiop

    Would u do a house tour

  • vibhuti Arote
    vibhuti Arote

    I want a shout out ashana

  • Mranali Poojary
    Mranali Poojary

    Mam I have done subscribing your channel you are video makes mere everyday happy thank you so much mam ❤️🥰

  • Baani Khosa
    Baani Khosa

    but safi is really very good for health

  • Chitakshi Aggarwal
    Chitakshi Aggarwal

    Kushi plz open your own channel . We are waiting for it since long . Plz plz

  • alishba dream
    alishba dream

    Yes pls do home tour

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