I mean... this is the first time I'm making a video like this! I really love watching people organise their closets/houses & room makeovers. So I really wanted to try something similar for my channel! I would love it if you guys comment and tell me if you like these type of videos from me
Love you guys 💖
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Hey Guys, tried something different for this video! Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it! & let me know if you didn’t too, so that i can make videos that you want to see 💖 loveyouu!!!

    • vishal dusad
      vishal dusad

      Plss do a house tour and anddddd I loved this and jewellery videos some more videos relating to thisss

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      Arshia Shah

      I loved it and it also motivated me and I organized my wardrobe

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      Priya Solanke

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      Aman Sidhu

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      Ranabha Gadhvi

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    Poorvi Jain

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    Poorvi Jain

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    Poorvi Jain

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    Vinod Sharma

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    Vinod Dave

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    Tanisha Sehgal

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    Tanisha Sakariya

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    Sarika Chowdary

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    Shafiya Banu

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  • Rayyana Deraiya
    Rayyana Deraiya

    Your video motivated me too!!😍 I followed all your 6 steps and it workeddddd.🥳..I really appreciate your work n I thank you very much for giving me an idea how to be organized!! I love you....❤️😘💜

    • Aashna Hegde
      Aashna Hegde

      Aw! Yay🕺🏻

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    Srinivasarao Kankipati

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    Tanishq Verma

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    Amina Khan

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    Art Book

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    Nidhi Mobile

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    Vaishnavi 245

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    Neha Naik

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    Iftekhar Gaming

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    Vriddhi Bagri

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    Rajveer singh

    You Know that people will say you ki tum show off kr rahi ho so aapne Kam se Kam 10 baar bola hai ki Bhai plz don't judge mee

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    Madhu Ahuja

    I am motivated from this alot . And i will make sure that tommoraw i am going to clean me closit. I am so lasy anyways Besties forever love u 😘😘😘😘

  • Arti Sable
    Arti Sable

    Are you a maharashtrian

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    Prisha Padwal

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    Seema Gupta

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    05 B Chandaliya Riddhi

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    Anisha Gupta

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    shiuli mital

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    Shital Deshmukh

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    Deepshikha Chaturvedi

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    Shilpa Achu issac

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    Anushka bisht

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    Aashna Gupta

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    Pavitraba Gohil

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    Savya Jindal

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    Mandakranta Talukdar

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    asha bansal

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    Jimani paree Kashyap

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    Ziaul Mustafa

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    Shtakshi Kulkarni

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    Samriti Sharma

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