Do We Know Each Other's Styles? 👟 ft. Sanket Mehta | Aashna Hegde
This was one of the most requested videos and a lot of fun filming it too!! I hope you guys enjoy it, follow Sanket on his socials 💓
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Finally a video with my Sankuuu!!♥️♥️ hope you guys enjoy! And let us know what video you’d like to see on Sanket’s channel 🕺🏻

    • Mukti Gupta
      Mukti Gupta

      U look like priyanka chopra 😘😘

    • Ritu Sidhu
      Ritu Sidhu

      Why sanku is not unloading a yt video with u....plz unko bolo😭❤❤ #aasan #damnfam

    • Cook With Rashi
      Cook With Rashi

      Aasan is best ❤️🌏

    • Shilpa Gupta
      Shilpa Gupta

      Prank video

    • Kartik gaming
      Kartik gaming


  • Prasoon Meena
    Prasoon Meena

    please prank on damnfam members that u and sanket are in relationship

  • Haiqa Noor
    Haiqa Noor

    Yrr Sanket is calling you apne😍❤

  • fans question
    fans question


  • Uravashi Parekh
    Uravashi Parekh

    Plz do prank to damnfam that we are dating

  • Manya Bhatia
    Manya Bhatia

    Need a video with Sanku ❤️❤️❤️ plz do it again;

  • Vedant Rajke
    Vedant Rajke

    Sanket bro one video is needed on your channel also of #aasan you choose content i was not getting it

  • Tanisha Islam
    Tanisha Islam

    I like them....😍😍😍

  • Hafsa Moghal
    Hafsa Moghal

    plzzzzz..plzzz...a dating for 24hrs..challange..on any of ur channelss..plzz guyssss !!! or anyother challangee..but olzz a videoooo !!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤

  • devanshi jiten
    devanshi jiten

    Trust I'm watching this video everyday❤😘. #aasan forever 🤞🏻❤😘

  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha Anand


  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha Anand

    i didnt want this video to change

  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha Anand

    sankets lensesssss 😍

  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha Anand

    sanket is so cute ooooooof

  • Tazeen Sheikh
    Tazeen Sheikh

    Okay let's keep everything aside and take a look at sanket... So cute 💜🥺😭

  • Sanjana Sinha
    Sanjana Sinha

    Are you guys shooting at murunu and anirudh's house?

  • Nishtha Talmale
    Nishtha Talmale


  • Arshia jain
    Arshia jain

    Shirt bohot...he looks so good in shirts💫⚡

  • Arshia jain
    Arshia jain

    99% of people in the comments-prank the whole damnfam that you and sanket are together. Pls do it. We really need it.❤🙂 We want some #AaSan content.😖💕

  • Ibrahim Rupawala
    Ibrahim Rupawala

    Sanket knows her so well

  • Sumaiya Siddika
    Sumaiya Siddika

    You both look so cute together 🥺🥺. I love you all 😍 watching your every videos. 😊 Can I get a heart 🥺?

  • the alisa vlogs
    the alisa vlogs

    matching tattoos

  • the alisa vlogs
    the alisa vlogs

    You are making tattoo is bast friendship 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rekha Negi
    Rekha Negi

    When you will make *YT* vídeo with sanket🤧

  • Sangeeta Sharma
    Sangeeta Sharma


  • Mehakjit Kaur
    Mehakjit Kaur

    You both look so perfect ❤️ together..........and you are so beautiful and he is so hot 🥵 and sweet

  • Haniya Amir
    Haniya Amir


  • Haniya Amir
    Haniya Amir


  • Haniya Amir
    Haniya Amir


  • Haniya Amir
    Haniya Amir


  • Haniya Amir
    Haniya Amir


  • Haniya Amir
    Haniya Amir

    Sankuuuuuu aashhh😍😍😍😍

  • Sona Panda
    Sona Panda

    You both!😍🥰💜

  • COLORS of Life
    COLORS of Life

    Sanket k sath ek or video banao

  • A A.
    A A.

    #assan the best

  • krupa Patil
    krupa Patil

    Prank on sanket..... . ................. Plzzzzzz

  • Ramla Faisal
    Ramla Faisal

    Watching this for I don’t even know which time!😂💯😎

  • Vikram Sidhu
    Vikram Sidhu

    Sanket is soo polite he always say ap,apne to asha ,by the way love you both 🔥❤

  • Ishavpreet Kaur
    Ishavpreet Kaur

    I noticed that aashna di has the same makeup in every video !!😁😂

  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha Anand

    the way he says AAPNE to everyone ahahaha

  • hannan qazal world
    hannan qazal world

    Please doing this challenge with ashi khanna please its your fan request.

  • good viber19
    good viber19

    Sanket notices her too much😭💘♥️

  • Aakruti Joshi
    Aakruti Joshi

    U both look so cute together and I hope u stay like this only 🧿🧿

  • kalai arasan
    kalai arasan

    Pls do the 'I get ready in my zodiac sign video'. Love you didi.❤🥰😍😘

  • Anupa sah
    Anupa sah

    This is totally a different content..I have ever seen ...#Aasan is the best ..lots of love ❤️ keep posting

  • Rajkumar Patni
    Rajkumar Patni

    Please do a prank video with anyone from damnfam

  • diy drawing
    diy drawing

    Ys we want to see

  • diy drawing
    diy drawing

    You both are very cute 😘

  • Khushi manwani
    Khushi manwani

    Please do a prank to damnfam that uh both are dating!!!🤩

  • Nandakishor dhawangale Dhawangale
    Nandakishor dhawangale Dhawangale

    Please prank on damfam , that you are dating

  • Misheal Robert
    Misheal Robert


  • Jaina Jain
    Jaina Jain

    Done subscribe

  • aashi agrawal
    aashi agrawal

    You can make a video that how well my bff knows me as you and ashi did. Done. I just love your videos like 👍

  • Jahangir Mistry
    Jahangir Mistry

    Wow killed it👏👏❤💥💣

  • Jahangir Mistry
    Jahangir Mistry

    Did anyone notice that sanket is wearing billie eilish written t-shirt

  • Bhavika Kalani
    Bhavika Kalani

    I would love to see the vlog of aashna surprising Sanket by flying to punjab😭 and same with #UNNAV💕

  • Harsh Lad
    Harsh Lad

    I got 3 ad in a video.. Paisa he paisa hoga 😂🔥

  • Nishka Agarwal
    Nishka Agarwal


  • Mostly Shy
    Mostly Shy

    Her eyes are really pretty

    • Mostly Shy
      Mostly Shy

      Tysm for giving me a heart

  • Agam Agarwal
    Agam Agarwal


  • Šilenť Soułł
    Šilenť Soułł


  • Sameera Mahaddalkar
    Sameera Mahaddalkar

    This is such a cute video🥺🥺🥺 Omg he knows everything about you aashna di and thats so sweet♥This is the cutest video everr 🥰💘Iloveyouu both sm🥺♥

  • Emily rose
    Emily rose

    Love thus so so much di💖 thankful to you for always putting in maximum efforts to stay consistent and entertain us and trust me its working 💖💖💖💖 LOVE THIS ONE TOO MUCH SANKU AND AASSHHHHHHHH #AaSan❤


    Lens doesn't suits on u ..sanket

  • Malavika Saha
    Malavika Saha

    Sanket ke channel pe themed photoshoot please

  • Najmunnisa Shaikh
    Najmunnisa Shaikh

    Next video with Sanket should be how well do we know each other

  • Sanjana Sanjaba
    Sanjana Sanjaba

    We need moreeeee Aasan videos ❤🥰😍

  • Abeer Masroor
    Abeer Masroor

    Aasan my janns❤️🥺

  • Tejesh Singh
    Tejesh Singh

    Prank on damnfam that u guys are dating

  • Vismaya Vinu
    Vismaya Vinu

    omggg this one was soo goodd... i enjoyed it a lot ! i couldn't stop smiling throughout the video !

  • Shruti !
    Shruti !

    Sanket in the both round is wearing Billie ellish t shirts..💚

  • Dr.Pinky Ruhit
    Dr.Pinky Ruhit

    Prank on damnfam that u guys are dating in sanket's channel

  • Rachita Devi
    Rachita Devi

    loved this videoo!!!

  • Navishta Beemanna
    Navishta Beemanna

    More video with sanket

  • Tanisha Sharma
    Tanisha Sharma

    Lots of love Fr u all, bhut pyare ho sare, u r doing great, and meine bhut pehle subscribe Kr diya tha sbko including u, love u all again, stay safe and healthy 😊😊😊😊

  • Jyoti Kapoor
    Jyoti Kapoor

    Want this video to soon reach 1 million💕

  • Suhana Suha
    Suhana Suha

    I love you both ❤️❤️

  • Seema Srivastava
    Seema Srivastava

    Plsss do a compatibility test you both pleaseeeeee

  • Nibedita Borah
    Nibedita Borah

    Cutest ♥💞

  • Ritu Sidhu
    Ritu Sidhu

    Prank damnfam that u nd sanku r in relationship😊❤🔥for sanket's channel

  • Jasmin Fernandes
    Jasmin Fernandes

    Your efforts are just so amazing 🙂 keep doing better

  • Kunal Manglani
    Kunal Manglani

    Mein philips me kaam karti hoon

  • Neelu's kitchen
    Neelu's kitchen

    Mein philips me kaam karti hoon

  • Kulsum Riyaz
    Kulsum Riyaz


  • vanshika trikha
    vanshika trikha


  • Chinmay Hegde
    Chinmay Hegde

    Are u from Karnataka

  • Rakesh Tripathi
    Rakesh Tripathi

    Everyone says it's really difficult to get a reply from uu and I am not telling what others are but replying in every vedio to get a reply from uu uuuu ur friendship is. Cuteee and u re myy loveee❤️❤️

  • komal badade
    komal badade

    Watching it 8th time👀

  • Shazia Nawaz
    Shazia Nawaz

    Do a prank on damnfam that u guys are dating on sanket's channel❤🥺

  • Mini Shibu
    Mini Shibu

    He just know your choice So cute

  • Nayanika Gupta
    Nayanika Gupta

    Aashna di... Just watched your webinar TEDXAIIMS.. It made my day.. So true, so pure💓 motivating! You are very strong..don't get emotional please!

  • Aahan Sharma
    Aahan Sharma

    You look so cute together 😊

  • Vineet Raturi
    Vineet Raturi

    Kitna natak hai bc.... real log hi mar gaye is duniya main...

  • Tasnuba Jannat
    Tasnuba Jannat

    They love each others........ It’s showss

  • Safiya Sayed
    Safiya Sayed

    Winner Winner Chicken dinner 🍗🍗😍😍

  • Kavisha Ranka
    Kavisha Ranka

    I should make one video on sanket channel pls

  • the black daughter
    the black daughter

    Prank video with sanket that you have feeling for him please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  • Gargee Deshmukh
    Gargee Deshmukh

    #Aasan is lifeee....❤❤



  • Anjali Singhal
    Anjali Singhal

    Subscribed shoutout by all damnfam guys...❤❤❤

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