Trying Ethnic Wear from Indian Brands *NEW SERIES* | Aashna Hegde
*NEW SERIES ALERT* 💃💗 I have been wanting to do this for so long and I'm so excited the First Episode from this new series is finally out! I would love to hear feedback from you guys & I hope this video kind of sets you up for your festive/wedding season shopping 🛍 . Love you guys and thankyou for watching!!
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Here's all the Outfit Links!!!
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Please leave all your series name suggestions here, it’ll be easier for me to find! Really need your help🤞🏻 love you all so much♥️

    • Shuchita Jaisingh
      Shuchita Jaisingh

      Siya fashion website also has amazing collection of typical ethnic u can check it out di😊❤️


      ETHNICANA (ETHNIC AashNA) ❤️❤️❤️😌💁‍♀️

    • Ayushi singhaniya
      Ayushi singhaniya

      #aashnahauls Or #haulswithaashna

    • Tisha Shah
      Tisha Shah

      Reviews of clothes from INDIAN BRAND

    • Manasi Patil
      Manasi Patil

      Aashnas Rare Finds

  • Surbhi Jhawar
    Surbhi Jhawar

    Hey, your video is really helpfull, thanks for your efforts and yes, you can go for gulabi dori as well.

  • Stuthi

    Nice concept of series Aashna di.. loved it!!

  • AYUSHI Tiwari
    AYUSHI Tiwari

    I have recently bought jutti from SHEOWNS. They are on Instagram. I ordered gota patti jutti from them and it goes perfect with every traditional outfit .I couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality. Instagram is best place for shopping. Especially you get to support local business. Their Instagram account- ( Sheownsofficial )

  • Aalapi Tambat
    Aalapi Tambat


  • Triveni Thorat
    Triveni Thorat

    Want a video of jwellery both ethnic and western

  • Sameeksha Hegde
    Sameeksha Hegde

    The black kurti looks 😍 so damn good on you...

  • Apoorva Varvadekar
    Apoorva Varvadekar

    You can try brands like Aadya Originals for silver jewelry and Tejadnya or Colorchaap for clothes they have amazing collections.

  • Khatti Mitthi
    Khatti Mitthi

    EOA -“Ethnic On Aashna “

  • Bilkis Anwar
    Bilkis Anwar

    'TOS' series T-Trying O-On S-Stuffs Hit like if you want aashna to see this comment .......,🤗

  • Pramila D'Souza
    Pramila D'Souza

    I just love your thin necklaces😍 where do u buy them from?

  • mayuri sonawane
    mayuri sonawane

    Why you are not telling about bunaai return policy...... although it is mentioned....but their size recommendation sucks I ordered S size and it was like XS

  • mayuri sonawane
    mayuri sonawane

    16:02 its me me meee also😂😂

  • illusions

    I think the series name can be-: 1. Aashna × trying out 2. Branching trends 3. Brand hunt with aashna

  • Mruthula

    College wearrrrr

  • Anjali Singhal
    Anjali Singhal

    I like the Rrange Rush dress prices because they are more reasonable from my side otherwise all the dresses are awesome!! ❤❤

  • Afrina Rashid
    Afrina Rashid

    Why are you so pretty 😍😭

  • Vijay Nagpal
    Vijay Nagpal

    Panner 😂😂

  • dhanashree gawade
    dhanashree gawade

    Aap badbad thoda kam karo bohot boring ho jata h video

  • Mohini Singh
    Mohini Singh

    Made in India could be a good name

  • Deekshita Thota
    Deekshita Thota

    You could also try surachi parah from Instagram

  • Bhanvi Arora
    Bhanvi Arora

    Do prank on sanket

  • Kodukula roja
    Kodukula roja

    Hey try saaki it's a new brand


    Plsss make more hual videos u r soooo relatable

  • Aishwarya Anand
    Aishwarya Anand

    Try on's...

  • Meenakshi Prem Sundar
    Meenakshi Prem Sundar

    Try Polago it's very good

  • Meenakshi Prem Sundar
    Meenakshi Prem Sundar

    Great concept Aashna♥

  • Sona Panda
    Sona Panda


  • lyf123

    You look good in everything

  • 221 Krisha Shah
    221 Krisha Shah

    Series name can also be 'Trying on Indian brands' as Khushi suggested to title the video with trying on.

  • 221 Krisha Shah
    221 Krisha Shah

    Series name can be ' Indian brands hunt'

  • 221 Krisha Shah
    221 Krisha Shah

    mavastram is a brand on instagram. You can try it. It seems to have a pretty good collection.

  • sowmya shetty
    sowmya shetty

    yenna fav black

  • Drishti Shah
    Drishti Shah

    @Shivani_Hiral on instagram

  • Diya Arora
    Diya Arora

    Me asking God during the video :- did she get the most beauty??? Likeee howwwwwwwwww cannn someonee be so so so so so Shooooooooooo beautifulllll??? Howw damnnnnnnn Howw?? I just love her dudee!!! Isn't she Justttt amaaazzzinnggg. Okay I love her 👉👈

  • Radhika Patel
    Radhika Patel

    I have that rustorange black outfit.. All outfits r lovely looking on you

  • Disha Jayesh
    Disha Jayesh

    These neighbours are soooo irritating 🤬,I just hate my neighbours😤

  • Rose Cookie
    Rose Cookie

    She looks so so good in ethnic

  • Jiya Sagar
    Jiya Sagar

    You can call this series “Brand hunt with aashna ” as you said that you are trying new Indian brands !! Hope you like it 🤩🤩❤️❤️lots of love 💕 p.s.- I copied this from someone so that she can notice.. everyone please re-comment this so that she can notice..

    • Sayali Gawand
      Sayali Gawand

      Brand Hunting with Aashnaaaaaaaaaa on her channnneeeellllll

    • 01 Anushka
      01 Anushka

      Damnnn meko same idea aaya tha uk!!!

  • Mannat

    omg same I ordered the same outfit which you have ordered first from bunai just bcoz it looked super cool on the model 🌼

  • raghu nath
    raghu nath

    ((एक like Jo श्री हनुमान जी को))))) समस्या है तो समाधान भी है 101% Satisfaction Result --------------------------------------------- अब न हो परेशान अपने जीवन में आने वाली हर समस्या का सामाधान मात्र 24 घंटो में Helpline Number +91 9592178107 Get Your All Life Problem Solution With In 24 Hours That Is 100% Guaranteed 1 =LOVE PROBLEM SOLUTIOn 2=HUSBAND WIFE RELATIONSHIP PROBLEM SOLUTION3=BUSINESS IN LOSS 4=DIVORCE PROBLEM SOLUTION5=LOVE MARRIAGE PROBLEM SOLUTION 5=get your love back 6= vasikaran 7= black magic 8 childless women 9, visa & pr problem {{{जय श्री राम का अर्थ है "भगवान राम की जय हो"}}

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    #TryOnWithAashna ❤️

  • Prachi Pal
    Prachi Pal

    "Unkut aashna" 🤪🥰loved the lilac one thooo

  • hrishika thapa
    hrishika thapa

    I have

  • Kashiben Dhameliya
    Kashiben Dhameliya

    this is not a hate comment, it's a suggestion that while showing the dresses and trying it on you should stand still only the camera should move from down to up. it was not looking good and also personally I was not able to see the dress properly.

  • Priyanka Gupta
    Priyanka Gupta

    Pls make a meesho haul

  • Priyanka Gupta
    Priyanka Gupta

    You should try organza saree from meesho becoz they have variety plus they are inexpensive 🔥💯

  • Pratik Tandel
    Pratik Tandel

    Aashna the explorer.

  • Playar's nation
    Playar's nation

    Can somebody please tell me that what's that glass kind of thing at the entrance of ashna dii's room...pls tell me

  • Deeksha Kamath
    Deeksha Kamath

    Trying on paneer 😂😂😂 ur so cute bro💯

  • Rekha Rani
    Rekha Rani

    U didn't told about ke jo aapne last vdo bnaayi t jisme u shaved ur face to uska kya scene chlra h....😅😅 Skin theek h? Makeup theek hua nd everyyyyttthiiinggggg!😅😅😅😅 If you notice this cooment to plzzz tell!❤️

  • Subhadra Haflongbar
    Subhadra Haflongbar

    I don't really enjoy indian content(influencer) on INlabel and the comments are reaallly very mainstream, just throw some compliments and add didi. I mean it's not bad but there's hardly any genuine comment on the content that's uplaoded. My conclusion is I really really love your content and how you deliver it and everything. Including the comments hehe. Just an appreciation comment 💞

  • Rajat saini
    Rajat saini

    Bina is also nice I think you should give it a try I love love love you so so so soooooooooo much 💞🥰💖😘🥰😍🤩🥳❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜🖤🖤♥️♥️💘💘💝💝💖💖💗💗💓💓💞💞💕💕💌💌💟💟❣️❣️⭐🌟💫💫🌹🌹all to you I am late please check this By the way I am a girl and the id is of my brother and on her name Channnneeeelllllllllllll🤭

    • Rajat saini
      Rajat saini

      Sorry for mistake Not bina it's BiBA

  • Namira Qureshi
    Namira Qureshi

    Pls do more of this kinda videos specially ethnic ones. Literally loved each one of them. Thnx for guiding us loads of love!❤💫

  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar

    Classic is also a indian brand of a youtuber named helived

  • Reetu Gurnani
    Reetu Gurnani

    From where we can install these apps... are they available at play store 🤔plzzzzzzzzz reply

  • K.Manisha Chowdary
    K.Manisha Chowdary

    There is also a new brand called saaki by actress samantha which is also made in india This may be useful for your series 🙂

  • Roshni Akhtar
    Roshni Akhtar

    Bunaai 😍😍

  • Yashika


  • Naina Nova
    Naina Nova


  • Nishtha Thakwani
    Nishtha Thakwani

    Loved the vid


    Indian brands with aashna❣️


    Do check out @theglamourtheory on Instagram ❤

  • Nirmala Jinde
    Nirmala Jinde

  • Drama Queen
    Drama Queen

    You are struggling with speaking English 😂😂 but you are good at this ...♥️♥️♥️

  • Divya shukla
    Divya shukla

    Hi guys i will give you the honest review....I purchase this lavender suit from bunaai and this is my first purchase from bunaai. The suit just got delivered today....the following bad things you should know. Firstly 3000 for this suit is expensive u can buy nice suits at this range like u can get better suits from biba Second the kurta is loose to me but the pants fits perfectly so in short i can't buy one size smaller because then suit pants will be tight and i have to alter the kurta. Third the pant material and kurta material is different the pant are too transparent they use dupattaa febric in pants. Last that really irritate me is the neck lace of kurta it touches your skin and make scratches i have red Rashes all over my neck, the lace on neck is not comfortable at the end i have to remove cot me rupee 100 more for fitting and removing the lace from tailore. The suit is ok but not worth the cost if i will buy in market i will not pay for this suit more than this price range you should prefer biba or other brands u can also find heavy discount on these brands Last but not the least their return policy sucks....and for exchange you yourself have to post the product so it is time consuming and a lot of pain. If your are purchasing the suit remember the neck line gota work seriously it os quite irritating ( lace neck skin pe chubti hai bahut aur hand pe bhi)

  • Arpita Koli
    Arpita Koli

    Hit like aasan fans if you want prank on sanket😅

  • Kaashvi Mehtani
    Kaashvi Mehtani

    I’ve subscribed... LOVE UR VIDEOSSS ♥️♥️

  • Anees Fathima
    Anees Fathima

    I just love ur all videos ashna di ur really a very kind and sweet person Mai vishwas nahii krskti hon ke duniya me itni powerful ldki b Hain Apki tarah I just love u so muchh 😘😘 and I ask God to bless you, to guide you, to keep you safe, to give you peace, to give u joy and love all d time. Take Care. As the dawn breaks into a beautiful sunrise, May God shower u his blessings of love and lead u always to d right happy always di 😘😘😘😘

  • Shalu Jaiswall
    Shalu Jaiswall



    I Love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • Anumakonda rishika
    Anumakonda rishika

    Plzz share your kylie lipkit collection and process to order them

  • Nikita Kukade
    Nikita Kukade

    Hey aashna...try gulaabi dori in your next video...I really want some review on it

  • Sahkeel Malik
    Sahkeel Malik

    Style up with aashna

  • Ranveer kanojia vlogs
    Ranveer kanojia vlogs

    Some none Instagram stores

  • Khushi Kriplani
    Khushi Kriplani

    hey listen i suggested you fashchic but dont order it from them i just got to know its fake i hope you havent ordered it

  • Jaee Sawant
    Jaee Sawant

    I hope to see more videos from this this one❤️

  • Food stories bangla
    Food stories bangla

    Brand hunt with aashna

  • Rehaan Shaikh
    Rehaan Shaikh

    Eskape (@eskapeoriginals)

  • Jarnel Singh
    Jarnel Singh

    I love you and your intro

  • Forum Sanchala
    Forum Sanchala

    Wheres todays video pls reply

    • Forum Sanchala
      Forum Sanchala

      @Pavitra Shah ya ik i am waiting for it from when

    • Pavitra Shah
      Pavitra Shah

      Me also thinking was suppose to be uploaded at 5….but still not uploaded

  • Ananya A
    Ananya A

    Aashna just spent 15000 on these clothes!! I mean for 1 video, imagine how much it would be by the end of the series

  • Meenakshi Sharma
    Meenakshi Sharma

    There is a shopping page on Instagram she is my dearest friend.. I used to buy things from her only you all can check out her page... *shopping hub* with a purple icon... Love ❤

    • Light_darkness 707
      Light_darkness 707


  • Khushi Chaudhari
    Khushi Chaudhari

    Waiting for the new video.....😂✌🏻

  • Bushra Malik
    Bushra Malik

    When is the new video coming up

  • Premkala Neupane
    Premkala Neupane

    Prank On Sanket Please Want Some Prank Videos

  • Dance with Krishna Arjun salhotra
    Dance with Krishna Arjun salhotra

    I think di you should try the MEESHO APP ITS AWSM ❤️💕💕🌺...GO AND CHECK IT OUT🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Asmita Salian
    Asmita Salian

    Ajio haul plzzzzzz

  • Naiza

    Omg I loved each and every outfit and this whole video 😍😍😍

  • Priyanshi Borderwala
    Priyanshi Borderwala

    Hey ! Tell me about the pages of western wear

  • Shirin Oza
    Shirin Oza

    Which cricketer do you like??

  • Shivaansh Sahni
    Shivaansh Sahni


  • Nikita Dubey
    Nikita Dubey

    Ajio and koovs

  • Mansi Rajpange
    Mansi Rajpange

    I have subscribed 🤗❤️💞...i like ur chaneeeeel( in that spl tone)😅

  • Suyoga Sharma
    Suyoga Sharma


  • Suyoga Sharma
    Suyoga Sharma

    Why no shout-out in this video?

  • Snow

    Under clothing can make you viral for sure ! sorry ! that's how it works now a days.

  • Sayyed Tanzeem
    Sayyed Tanzeem

    Indian look with ashna ❤️

  • Sayyed Tanzeem
    Sayyed Tanzeem

    Indian wear with ashna ❤️

  • Sayyed Tanzeem
    Sayyed Tanzeem

    Guidelines with ashna❤️

Don't Learn EVERYTHING From YouTube
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Don't Learn EVERYTHING From YouTube
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