How I Organise My Jewellery ✨ | Aashna Hegde
Surprisingly I had so many requests to do a Jewellery Organisation video, so here it is! Let me know if you guys liked it 💖
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Let me know if you enjoyed this video💜


      Why do I sense Army? 💜

    • Nandini Tewari
      Nandini Tewari

      Please makeup a video of my makeup collection and makeup organised

    • Tanishka Priyadarshini
      Tanishka Priyadarshini

      It's obvious!!❤️ YESSSS🥺❤️

    • Mahlaqa Malik
      Mahlaqa Malik

      Plzzzzz make a house tour

    • Sufiya Fathima
      Sufiya Fathima

      Closet tour


    Teacher:what is your dream I: to meet aashna She's my life 🥺🥺😚😚😚😚

  • Mohammed Zainab
    Mohammed Zainab

    So pretth

  • Royal Cabz
    Royal Cabz

    I just lovee your videoss! I keepp watching your videoss for likee 1000 timess in a dayy!❤️❤️ You aree just fantastic and amazingg!❣️ Will always support youu!😇😍❤️

  • Harpreet Kapoor
    Harpreet Kapoor

    Where did u bought those organe hoops and pink Star hoops from. Please tell 😭 @aashna hegde

  • Sapna Manicant
    Sapna Manicant

    Hi!can you do a house tour video.plz

  • rita maheshwari
    rita maheshwari

    From where you buy your earings

  • Sidratul Muntaha
    Sidratul Muntaha


  • Ruby Rathi
    Ruby Rathi

    More than 1/3 rd of the video consist of ad

  • Mousomi Sarkar
    Mousomi Sarkar

    This video gave me the inspiration to organize my jewelry as well 👀

  • Sona Panda
    Sona Panda

    Woahhh🥰 Damnnnnnnn💙

  • Shreya Patil
    Shreya Patil

    Seriously loved it❤surely gonna try this 🤭lots of love 💋💋

  • Anystice

    400 bucks?!

  • Priya Wadhwa
    Priya Wadhwa

    next video is on home tour❤️📹📹

  • Antorika Baruah Krikha
    Antorika Baruah Krikha

    Omgg😍😍So beautiful😍😍💗

  • Mubaraka Latiwala
    Mubaraka Latiwala

    video starts a 5:33 after promotion

  • Asritha Kotamraju
    Asritha Kotamraju

    I loved ur jewellery collection. Try doing a makeup collection video also. We would love to see it

  • Vaidehi Sharma
    Vaidehi Sharma

    Aaj ka channel bohot teekha tha😂😂😂😂

  • Sara Petkar
    Sara Petkar

    Your videos are amazing❤❤

  • Ayushi Patel
    Ayushi Patel

    Actual video started at 6:00!! You thanks me later!!😅

  • Tasmia Ghumman 29
    Tasmia Ghumman 29

    The video started at 8:21 thank me later

  • Sharayu Kamble
    Sharayu Kamble

    Please do a room tour!!!


    Just love you di❤️ Really inspiration for all❤️

  • Rameesha Rehman
    Rameesha Rehman

    Loved the way of keeping necklaces

  • Bimla Pradhan
    Bimla Pradhan

    It was all about your skincare...!!!

  • Farhat Jabee
    Farhat Jabee

    Please give us a earring haul video

  • MakeupbySundus

    Omg loving it!! Love from Pakistan🇵🇰❤️❤️

  • Sarah Faatin
    Sarah Faatin


  • ls Ruth
    ls Ruth

    Did anyone notice the nailpaint in the beginning of the video?

  • Nayanika Gupta
    Nayanika Gupta

    Aashna di... Just watched your webinar TEDXAIIMS.. It made my day.. So true, so pure💓 motivating! You are very strong..don't get emotional please! 💓

  • Arti Gupta
    Arti Gupta

    The video starts at 5:40 that we cane to see 😂😂

  • Punam Kumari
    Punam Kumari

    Plz plz plz make a video on your makeup collection plzzzzzzz💓💓💓

  • Daniel Dimonte
    Daniel Dimonte

    Hi There! My name is Daniel, and I'm a Content Partnerships Representative with BroadBandTV. I'm reaching out because I'm a big fan of your content, and would love to discuss a potential partnership. Let me know if you're interested!

  • Mittal Hakani
    Mittal Hakani

    Pls do a house tour

  • Mariyam Shahid
    Mariyam Shahid

    House tour😆we need

  • Pratha Mehta
    Pratha Mehta

    House tour please!!! It's a very requested video

  • Princess Noora
    Princess Noora

    We want to see ur perfume collections❤️❤️❤️

  • Pragya Pandey
    Pragya Pandey

    The video starts at 5:40

  • Meera Singh
    Meera Singh

    A home tour please ma'am

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta

    your jewellery is awesome Awesome AWESOMEEEEE❤️

  • Anny

    Very beautiful

  • jatan Samdani
    jatan Samdani

    Make m video of your chains necklace haul please

  • Dania Khan
    Dania Khan

    Shout out 😅I saw your video and just subscribed it ....loved everything ❤️❤️

  • Kajal Gosavi
    Kajal Gosavi

    Plss do a video "scrunchies decide what should I wear for a week" BTW luvv your videosssssss!!!!!!❤️❤️

  • Santosh Chakor
    Santosh Chakor

    Pls Aashna di give a house tour

  • sneha diamond
    sneha diamond

    love u damnfam yaaar seriously

  • new video's ishita
    new video's ishita

    Hey ashna I am having one challenge for u that u have to talk with complete hindi in any type of vlogs 😁

  • voorna khaneja
    voorna khaneja

    Who wants aashna hedges house tour👇👇

  • Jagadeesh NV Sneha pharma
    Jagadeesh NV Sneha pharma

    Di can make makeup organizetion video

  • Jiya Gurnani
    Jiya Gurnani

    Di do a prank call video with DamnFam

  • Rashi Goel
    Rashi Goel

    Can u show your full jwellry collection one by one

  • Budhgutta Surendra Babu Abhinand
    Budhgutta Surendra Babu Abhinand

    Make a house tour video

  • Kashish Jain
    Kashish Jain

    We want to see these videos

  • lokesh e
    lokesh e

    please anyone can tell me which background music is used by aashna in this video can u tell me the name because I am so obsessed with that music but I can not find that music anywhere

  • Samapti Rout
    Samapti Rout

    Do a house tour...😍

  • yanish bissonauth
    yanish bissonauth

    Your lips looks like there is an even plumpness, have you had lip filler

    • NoOneIsPerfect 18
      NoOneIsPerfect 18

      No , it's natural

  • Aparna sherekar
    Aparna sherekar

    Tell mrunu we want ani day!!!❤🔥🥦

  • Khushiii Upadhyay
    Khushiii Upadhyay

    does jewellery get rust in those boxes??

  • Akshata Prabhu
    Akshata Prabhu

    I would love to see ur jewellery collection esp ur neck piece I love them 😍 Please share ur collection 💓

  • Three musketeers Azooz Mano dulli
    Three musketeers Azooz Mano dulli

    A house tour please please 🌸

  • Aarti Choudhary
    Aarti Choudhary

    I didn't like the l'oreal essence at all. ..I hv oily skin...It made my skin more oiler...It didn't cause more acne on my skin bt being an expensive product it didn't work on my skin at all.....

  • saina kumar
    saina kumar

    Are you kidding me, she literally did sponsoring for 5 mins!

  • Ananya Singh
    Ananya Singh

    Houses tour

  • Sejal Kumbhar
    Sejal Kumbhar

    this video is just so amazinggg!😍 I love such videos!💜

  • Najma Deraiya
    Najma Deraiya

  • Lakshmi Lakshmi
    Lakshmi Lakshmi

    Home tour please

  • Mahendra Pawar
    Mahendra Pawar

    Plzz do vedio on home tour

  • Mannava Suparna
    Mannava Suparna

    Aashna can u recommend me some best products for acne😔

  • Riya JAIN
    Riya JAIN

    Use face shop's rice water ski. Foam it's really amazing ❤️

  • Rupanshi Pathak
    Rupanshi Pathak

    Video is about jewellery... But first 5.30 mints m srf skin care ka btaya😂 but luv uh... 💞

  • Nancy Patel
    Nancy Patel

    Home tour and makup tour

    • Nancy Patel
      Nancy Patel


  • Blusblus Blus
    Blusblus Blus


  • rajput arpit gaming
    rajput arpit gaming

    Make videos on hauls , clothings nd jewellery

  • Diva The Beagle
    Diva The Beagle


  • sana qureshi
    sana qureshi

    I quite enjoyed this more of such videos ..may b with ur ethnic dresses, or your footwears or bags

  • disha _Mishra
    disha _Mishra

    Ashna plz do video that you are organizing your make up drawer.. Plz dear ☺

  • Mahima Manchhani
    Mahima Manchhani

    Your house tour please❤️

  • Pranali Desai
    Pranali Desai

    Baki sb to thik h ye bat krne ka tone kyu aisa h

  • Kausar Taj
    Kausar Taj

    I have subscribed ur channel .......Awwww u are so cute and so pretty ....luv ya.....😍

  • Raheel Shah
    Raheel Shah

    We want more organization video

  • Sanjana Makhija
    Sanjana Makhija

    We need a house tour Honey please!!!! Also you Damnfam girls look even more prettier without makeup! Such natural beauties!😍✨❤️

  • Mahek Patel
    Mahek Patel

    More of these videos

  • Afshan Begum
    Afshan Begum

    I have subscribed ✌️

  • Saleena Owais
    Saleena Owais

    Darling these are accessories not Jewellery

  • Harshita Binda
    Harshita Binda

    Di u love you and your videos I enjoy watching each and every one of them please take my name in the next video I subscribed to your channel

  • Omaima Tanveer
    Omaima Tanveer

    Cloth organization plz

  • khushi sharma
    khushi sharma

    You are too cute..ashna di we always loving you... But meri ek wish hai ki mere pass notification aye ki your comment got ❤️ from ashna hegde!

  • khushi sharma
    khushi sharma

    Your are my fav. Loveeeeuhhhhhh♥️ashna.

  • Rutu Mehta
    Rutu Mehta

    Yes di we want house tour please

    • Hitesh Mehta
      Hitesh Mehta


  • Sudatta Patra
    Sudatta Patra

    Organise your make up

  • Janak Galiya
    Janak Galiya

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  • Monika Agarwal
    Monika Agarwal

    I love your final results 😊

  • Rohini Rajpal
    Rohini Rajpal

    House tour pls

  • Tanisha Arora
    Tanisha Arora

    I didn’t enjoy this. ;)

  • bala bhutada
    bala bhutada

    House tour want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Parth Panara
    Parth Panara

    Hi dii please tell me what is your haircut name please answer diiii

  • Jiya Pasi
    Jiya Pasi

    A house tour video not a tour of ur room but tour of the whole house plzzzz


    Do a not touching your hair challenge 👩🏻‍🦰

  • Chandni Jain
    Chandni Jain

    Aashna didi I am your big fan. I love your videos. So I want a chance to meet you and damnfam team.❤❤😍😍

  • Sandhya Shambharkar
    Sandhya Shambharkar

    I subscribe your chanelllll di ❤️

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