BRO! This Turned Out Bomb Though 💥 | Aashna Hegde
I really tried to maximise all the knowledge I've acquired from watching thousands of make up videos! Tried bringing the beauty guru energy lol but it didn’t really go as planned 😂 BUT HEY, we pulled it together and I loved how it turned out! If you enjoyed this video, please let me know in the comments 💓 Love you guys!!!
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Guys, if there's anything you need to learn from this video, bus yahi hai "Hum Honge Kamyaab" 😂 Hahaha, I love you guys 💓 let me know if you enjoyed this video!

    • Charvi Bisht
      Charvi Bisht

      Ohhh my god ♥️♥️♥️i loveu so freakin much...u and sanket are my inspiration

    • Tisha Wala
      Tisha Wala

      From where uh got this white beauty blender?

    • Kausar Pathan
      Kausar Pathan

      Wad is yur shAde in tArte shape tape

    • Jigisha Gangan
      Jigisha Gangan

      Ur videos are the best especially the cooking ones love them

    • Ravindra Negi
      Ravindra Negi

      Isme koi shaq nhi hai diiii ki aapki video mei enjoyment na ho 😄😄

  • Azi Patel
    Azi Patel


  • Anjali Singhal
    Anjali Singhal

    I love this video bcoz I love how you did your makeup.. and how u did ur cut crease.. u almost used all the colors from ur eyeshadow palette...🤣🤣 Love u❤❤

  • Anu radha
    Anu radha

    Aashna Di I am your biggest Fan.......🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


    Di you look amazing 🔥🤭❤️

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta


  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta


  • Sukanya Panigrahi
    Sukanya Panigrahi

    Yehh bestttt video haiiii!!!

  • Madhurima Thawait
    Madhurima Thawait


  • Anita Singh
    Anita Singh

    You look so good without makeup dude❤❤

  • Sunita Chaudhary
    Sunita Chaudhary

    Who noticed that the makeup she did she did it for damnfam fashion week video and also for her own channel.

  • Kiran Dhoundiyal
    Kiran Dhoundiyal

    Wow di I am 4 class girl and I seeing your video because and your video is amazing

  • Hamna Anwar
    Hamna Anwar

    Salam ashna di I saw your every vlog but I comment first time I love your vlogs Im from Pakistan and Im 13 years old And my wish is to get a heart and reply from you If you reply me I will be very happy ❤️

  • Bilques Fatma
    Bilques Fatma


  • Bilques Fatma
    Bilques Fatma

    This girl is BLESSINGGG

  • Kiran Dhoundiyal
    Kiran Dhoundiyal

    Wow, oussam and superb

    • Kiran Dhoundiyal
      Kiran Dhoundiyal

      This is also 4th class girl reply

  • Abdul Saleem
    Abdul Saleem

    Please do house tour

  • Sifmehr

    hiii , i’m a small youtuber. i just wanted to ask what software or app do you use for the split screen editing? love you aashna ❤️

  • Dolby's Tips
    Dolby's Tips

    Apply concealer and then blend your eyeshadow this trick works as a smudge proff thing for your eye shadow

  • Damnfamn Love
    Damnfamn Love

    No one Me -binge watching all damn fam members videos

  • Dechen Wangmo
    Dechen Wangmo

    OMG Aashna have til in her face

  • First Impression
    First Impression

    Yrr itna makeup acha nhi lgta

  • Tasfia Topa
    Tasfia Topa

    love u di

  • Rehma Parveen
    Rehma Parveen

    You're not a pro, but you did it so well. You look beautiful 😍

  • Adrita Rahman
    Adrita Rahman

    Danmmmm Your Makeup Is Looking So Beautiful❤ Love It And Love You Cutie❤

  • Manju Sikaria
    Manju Sikaria

    U were wearing the ring which Ashi di gave u on ur birthday.... am i right?

  • Shrestha Ghosh
    Shrestha Ghosh

    Cool look😍💙


    while you did the eye shadow you overlapped the green color on top on the darker shade. so maybe because of this the green started appearing really weird.

  • savani shahane
    savani shahane

    Please do a video on your eyeshadow palette collection

  • saifali Jariwala
    saifali Jariwala

    Plz ashna di doesn't make make up vedio because it is boring....... 😵 Ashna di make vedio fun one because it's good ......👍👍

  • Tanya Popli
    Tanya Popli

    Plz make a video of "products that u regret after buying "

  • Shahnaz Bano
    Shahnaz Bano

    Which shade you use in mayebelline foundation?

  • Dechen Wangmo
    Dechen Wangmo

    Aashna you can plz plz 🙏🙏 make a online shopping video plz plz and i love you a lot 💟💟💟💞💞🙏🙏🙏

  • Ishita singha
    Ishita singha

    Aashna didi I love you so much

  • prachi prewa
    prachi prewa

    Plss tell that concealer u used

  • prachi prewa
    prachi prewa

    Can u plss tell that where did u got the Concealer from ?

  • Rangon Singha
    Rangon Singha

    aashna didi i am ishita singha you are my favorite youtuber didi you look more beautiful in mat libstick . can you you please subscribe my cannel name is ishita singha amd pleasure write your name in one of my video so i can understand please .

  • Athul K
    Athul K

    മലയാളിസ് ആരേലും ഉണ്ടോ

  • kusum sharma
    kusum sharma

    We need a makeup collection vid!!

  • lyrical vibes
    lyrical vibes

    whats your maybeline foundation shade?

  • Sirat Masood
    Sirat Masood

    Your ice is looking damn beautiful

  • Binita Marasini
    Binita Marasini

    I literally love all the damnfam member ❤️ Waiting for damnfam together videos 😭❤️when my friends asked who is your crush I always reply Them damnfam members are my crush❤️😭. You guys are the best ❤️ Love from Nepal 🇳🇵 ❤️

  • Sabia Ansari
    Sabia Ansari

    Loved this makeup look❤please do more such videos related to makeup and chit chat❤

  • Umme Alfiya
    Umme Alfiya

    Plzzzzz hindi me baat karu app

  • gungun verma
    gungun verma

    dii love u you are an amazing soul love u to the moon n back

  • Naman Sharma
    Naman Sharma

    Yes , plz make more make up videos 😍❤️ I just love to watch ur videos ❤️

  • vidhi ranawat
    vidhi ranawat

    What is the shade of ur nail polish?

  • Unique TAS.
    Unique TAS.


  • Ayesha Siddiqui
    Ayesha Siddiqui

    Subscribe your channel ❤️

  • Bloomy Hazarika
    Bloomy Hazarika

    Primer lagate hi cheecks pink ho gaya😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Farjana Boby
    Farjana Boby

    Make video w mrunu!!!!!


    Eye makeup looks fabulous 😍😍❤️❤️

  • Tishya Jain
    Tishya Jain


  • Zoha Dharamsey
    Zoha Dharamsey

    Aashna di I have subscribed

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    amisha bhadiyadra

    Pls make instagram controls my day plsss 🙏

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    Jigisha Gangan

    Goshhhh your final look was stunning I just loved it😍😍pls do make such more videos ,they are cool . I subscribed your challenge I would be honoured if u give a shout-out 😀

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    gunisha goyal

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    Kashish Arora

    You look soo pretty😍

  • Ravindra Negi
    Ravindra Negi

    Aashna diiii u r so cute love so so so sooooooo much


    You have cutieeee

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    Prachi Grover

    Hi di i am your big fan plz comment

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    Nidhi Gargade

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    Ayesha Godil

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    Rashmi Goyani

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    voorna khaneja

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    Pawani Gupta

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    Sameena Ara

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    Navya Choudhary

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    Mrs Ikram Naveed

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    tarun gupta

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    Rita Normal lifestyle

    Wow u work too hard for the videos u make

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    kareena Khadka

    I have Love you

  • Raiyaanbeast

    Please do a ROOM TOUR

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    Mallika Agarwal

    Do a home tour video

  • Shruti Sarawagi
    Shruti Sarawagi

    Heyy aashna please make a video on skincare home remedies.... like what u use for your skin

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    Evya Kapoor

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  • Vrushti Patel
    Vrushti Patel

    Just to thank you AASHNA DI for making so funny and amazing content in this lockdown but we glad we are getting to know you and your family entertained us a lot a that makes my day happy 😆🥰💯💃❤️

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    Kaneez Abidi

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  • Sk Dia
    Sk Dia

    Hi . I am a makeup artist . So I will suggest U to use a eyeshadow primer or a full coverage concealer before applying eyeshadow. If u want the perfect pigmentation of the shadow. But your final look was good

  • Deepika Kamble
    Deepika Kamble

    not a makeup artist, but i feel like she should use a pink undertoned foundation. she always uses a yellowish one which makes her look very cakey even though her skin is sooo flawless. idk, her base makeup ends up looking different from her neck and just not her shade.

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    Hii, you should do a video 'I let my sisters do my hair, makeup and outfit!'. Would be really really fun to see! 💕

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    shreya sharma

    Aashna can you make some food challenge video for 24.hours

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    Ayesha Godil

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    Jyoti Madnani

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    FUN with ADITI

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    Leena Dhiman

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