Just A Little Something for my Sisters 💓| Aashna Hegde
Wanted to surprise them w their fav foods because it's something they've wanted for really long! Hope you guys enjoy! Thank you for always being so supportive!! I Love You Guys So Much 💖
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Thankyou so much for your constant support! I hope y’all are doing good♥️ love you all 😘

    • Pariprita Mallavarapu
      Pariprita Mallavarapu

      Hi Aashna, i love your videos and you!! I just wanted to say that Pico de Galle is actually pronounced as “Gaye” the double L in spanish makes the same sound as Y. This is not at all hate i just wanted to correct you!!❤️❤️

    • Haisna Chaudhary
      Haisna Chaudhary

      @Ruchi Agarwal yes

    • Haisna Chaudhary
      Haisna Chaudhary


    • Shariff Shariff
      Shariff Shariff


    • Chista Narula
      Chista Narula

      Some questions 1) why do u call ur sister dingy 2)does your cousins live with u at ur home (cousin-shloka and Esha)

  • Aashritha

    Shloka is so appreciative ❤️

  • Avisha


  • Ishita Beohar
    Ishita Beohar

    pehle mujhe lagta tha ki khushi is the older sister ....


    what is the dogs name!

    • Harjot kaur
      Harjot kaur




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    Nikita Sinha

    Helloo, i subscribed to your channel :)

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    Balkumari Khatri

    I have already subscribed... Since lockdown i m watching all your videos even in repeat...and all damfam videos❤️❤️

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    Ramisa Usman


  • Bhumi Choudhari
    Bhumi Choudhari

    3:55 esha di seems like she is gonna slap but it was a wave lol still it's soo funny 😜luv you lots!!!!!

    • SUHANI Agarwal
      SUHANI Agarwal

      It's 3:54

  • sejal kalra
    sejal kalra

    The cheese cake looked so tasty Aashna 😍😍I am craving for cheesecake after watching this video..Pls make a video on how to make oreo cheesecake at home ..❤❤

  • Amit Goliwar
    Amit Goliwar

    Aashna is the prettiest among her sisters BTW love them all i love you Aashna di

  • Glenisha Vlogs
    Glenisha Vlogs

    Didi I like every of ur video...I love it like it's awesome❤️❤️❤️❤️... And also definitely I have subscribe ....best youtuber ever😁wooh❤️❤️❤️❤️!!

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    Maitree Talaviya

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    I wish my sister's also did something like this for me too🙄🙄🙄

  • Vaidehi Salvi
    Vaidehi Salvi

    if any one is interested in making stuffed garlic bread can check this out inlabel.info/chat/nmuerLTFxXSji6I/v.html

  • Aishwarya Dighe
    Aishwarya Dighe

    Such a cutie 💓

  • Aishwarya Dighe
    Aishwarya Dighe

    Love you so much💗💓💛💖❤

  • Syedasfan syed
    Syedasfan syed

    Plzz do Volgs with ur sisters and ur mom

  • Khushboo

    SHARE RECEPIES PLEASE!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤❤❤

  • Deepa Sadhwani
    Deepa Sadhwani

    You do so much for ur fam and ur friends....you are so kind...am a big fan love you so much ❤❤😊😊😀😙

  • Harsh Agarwal
    Harsh Agarwal

    hey dii love uuuuuu

  • Kartika Bagwani
    Kartika Bagwani

    Pls give the recipe for Tex next bowl 😍

  • shiuli mital
    shiuli mital

    Khushi looks so elegant!

  • Tanya Singh
    Tanya Singh

    And you rock aashna ,you support your family so much and lots of love to leo ( I have the same dog named leo)

  • Tanya Singh
    Tanya Singh

    Khushi looks like nushrat jahan of lok sabha ,who all agree please like!!

  • sadaf siddiqui
    sadaf siddiqui

    How is esha and shloka related to ashna and khushi ?? ( just curious😉)

  • nimra rashid
    nimra rashid

    Loved the outro

  • nimra rashid
    nimra rashid


  • Hetikaa Attawala
    Hetikaa Attawala

    more cooking videos

  • Salve Suchita
    Salve Suchita

    U r sooo cute😍

  • Bhuvi Saroha
    Bhuvi Saroha

    pls make a video on how to make cheese cake easily at home becoues my mom birth is in 5 days in cooker

  • Don't need This world
    Don't need This world

    Khushi is so so beautiful 😍 I can't take my eyes off her...please share her skin care routine.

  • Varsha Veronica
    Varsha Veronica

    ✌️ subscribed 🥺cause now am obsessed with damfam ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Shikha singh

    Rewatching this one again😌🌻👯💓💓 love you

  • Shrusti Sanghvi
    Shrusti Sanghvi

    Plsz house tour

  • Sapna Nehra
    Sapna Nehra

    Please do a home tour 😁

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    Mohd Fahad

    I have subscribe name Falak fatima

  • 100 Gram zindagi
    100 Gram zindagi

    Can you share the recipe of cheese cake❤️ please diii

  • Ishita Banerjee
    Ishita Banerjee

    Your and Tanzeel's song 😍😍 omg it's really heart touching ❤️❤️

  • Bhargavi Patel
    Bhargavi Patel

    She has a everything but still she is down to earth😇. She have a very beautiful soul ❤️

    • Bhargavi Patel
      Bhargavi Patel

      Very happy to her reaction thnx ashna for liked back.its prove your nature.💚😇

  • Bhargavi Patel
    Bhargavi Patel

    Everyday I checked that how many subscribers are added.......

  • Bhargavi Patel
    Bhargavi Patel

    I think no one in the world like ashna. She is a most kind hearted person ever.......

  • Bhargavi Patel
    Bhargavi Patel

    I'm the huge fan of ashna💚

  • Bhargavi Patel
    Bhargavi Patel

    Aashna is the best.........

  • Rigzen Yangdol
    Rigzen Yangdol

    Please share your Oreo cheeicake recipe.😍😍


    I have subcribeddddd plzzz shout out

  • Tejaswini Nayak
    Tejaswini Nayak

    Hey Aashna! I just wanted to tell something, it's just a small idea, if it works it would be great. No doubt you are an amazing cook, I enjoy your cooking videos a lot. And honestly, I have watched them many times. So, When you prepare the cheesecake, keeping the cheesecake tin on a tray filled with water while baking will be really good. It will make the cheesecake much softer and moist. To be honest, I never knew about this to be done with the cheesecake but I came across it recently, I thought it would help you. And I thought of telling you in this video. Anyways, keep going, stay blessed and may you get all happiness and blessings. 💙

  • Urja Parmar
    Urja Parmar

    The last 3 minutes were the best 3 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayesha Kalsoom
    Ayesha Kalsoom

    I watched this video again and like last time it made me crave cheesecake

  • vinit pandey
    vinit pandey

    I love you aasna hedge

  • Sanskruti Shah
    Sanskruti Shah

    how is esha related to aashna?..which sister?

  • Private Me
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  • Private Me
    Private Me

    One of the best channels on yt ♥️🌎

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    Aaliya Sheikh

    Please share the Oreo cheesecake recipe

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    Smitha Nair

    Love you aashna di

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    Aditi G

    why is the comments section filled with no one literally no one???!!! lolll

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    Ami Shah

    Very nice video

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    Do pause change with your family

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    Plz tell me the camera model you use for your videos...its amazing 🤩🤩🤩

  • 01 6c Bajpai Tanvi sachin
    01 6c Bajpai Tanvi sachin

    Please share vegetarian food


    I like her all videos

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    Tanisha S

    Hey I finally subscribed your channel🙋‍♀️

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    Veda Gharat

    I like how she says" welcome back to my channel"

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    Ishika Singh

    You are very brave nd multi talented 💯🔥 love from chhattisgarh

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    Janhavi Maheshkar

    Keep inspiring aashna hegde love you.. 💖💖😘

  • Mubayana Matin Bubly
    Mubayana Matin Bubly

    You’re the best sister ever, that’s why I want to call you didi. I don’t have any sister or siblings of my own, but I don’t know how you’ll feel if I call you didi

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    Himani Salotra

    I really have subscribed your channel and blessings to you ND your family fan love from Jammu ❤❤

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    Damnfamn Love

    Your so cute and amaaazinn video😂🖤

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    Neena Bansal

    Are lingy and isha your real sisters???

  • Gurleen Kaur
    Gurleen Kaur

    I want u to do a video on how to make cheese cake . Coz my mouth is started watering after seeing the reactions of ur sisters 🤤❤

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    Nidhi Shukla

    Plz make video with your sisters 😍 I luv watching u all 🥰

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    shreya vekkot

    Please tell the name of the Mexican dish you cooked

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    43 Apurva Bhoir

    IT look so delisious food😍😍

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