Quarantine & Chill | Aashna Hegde
Was really indecisive about uploading this video, but then I thought that I alos want to post vlogs like these.. that are more casual and just day-to-day things! Let me know if you enjoyed it 💓
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    What's your favourite part from this video?? Also, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO MUCHHH! THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING 🥺💓

    • shiv prakadh
      shiv prakadh

      Skincare honey....

    • Arshia Shah
      Arshia Shah

      Love u too

    • Chista Narula
      Chista Narula

      From where did you got The Star blanket and the grid one thing that contains ferry lights

    • Kabir

      it not sanitaizing it is COLIN

    • Sara Kirnapure
      Sara Kirnapure

      Love you too AASHNA di❥❥♡♡

  • Savitha Giri
    Savitha Giri

    Ur vedios are entertaining me throughout the lockdown ❤️


    urrrr aaaareeeeeee sooooooooo REAALLLLLL !!!! LOVEEE YOUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha Anand

    you go girllllllll ❤️

  • Hetvi Mehta
    Hetvi Mehta

    Your skincare routine?

  • Munazza Mallick
    Munazza Mallick

    3:41 scared my inner soul plus headphones users tooo btw you look pretty without makeup honey we love youuuuu #aashgang #aashna

  • Kajal Goyal
    Kajal Goyal

    We love your these random vlogs ❤️

  • Private Me
    Private Me

    Whatever you do is interesting and fun !! Lovee youuu didi ❤️🌎

  • Naina Gorasia
    Naina Gorasia

    Aashna I love u ❤❤ ur videos are fam👍👍

  • Anjali Vijayvergiya
    Anjali Vijayvergiya

    Yes we love your organization videos

  • Kajal Goyal
    Kajal Goyal

    I love this video ❤️

  • Ripneet kaur
    Ripneet kaur

    You jacket collection is really nice ❤❤

  • urja agrawal
    urja agrawal

    I'm just in that phase where I'm hooked obsessed with your videos right now and it the time u have release a song in ur own voice with tanzeel and I'm so hooked I'm re watching old videos like crazy person. Uhhh I love you and your videos ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • ZUVI 1
    ZUVI 1

    U luk sooo soo gud without makeup my god ma sha Allah...u don't need any makeup infact ...u luk better without it

  • Tanuj Jain
    Tanuj Jain

    Aashna has 2 ac

  • Aashna Gupta
    Aashna Gupta

    Best part 9:52 Aashna diii bestesttttt❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tahia Toa
    Tahia Toa

    yee vdeo dekhneke bad mene mera room thik kara. now my mom is very hppy!

  • Preeta Nevaskar
    Preeta Nevaskar

    Please do house tour plzzzz

  • Arshia jain
    Arshia jain

    U r so cute!!🤍

  • Diksha Marlecha
    Diksha Marlecha

    Just love love love your videos 💓💓

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta


    • Aayushi Gupta
      Aayushi Gupta

      lets goooo

  • Riya's Dance World
    Riya's Dance World

    Plz make home tour and room tour

  • Aarshi Rawal
    Aarshi Rawal

    6 am tak aap kya karte ho didi ???🤔🤔

  • urmila kumari
    urmila kumari

    She spoke english without any mistake 👍

  • Aarna Arora
    Aarna Arora


    • Aarna Arora
      Aarna Arora


    • Aarna Arora
      Aarna Arora


  • Rekha Khyani
    Rekha Khyani

    We like you to flim chill videos please

  • Hamna Usra
    Hamna Usra

    Me the only person who watching Damnfam videos again and again pls make more videos

  • Haritha

    we want a skincare routine video aashna ❤️😂

  • Damnfamn Love
    Damnfamn Love

    We jus love the real you don't over overthink😊

  • Damnfamn Love
    Damnfamn Love

    Weeee looovvveee u aasssshhhaaaa and your very hardworking 🙈💕🌎

  • Riona Hirani
    Riona Hirani

    BINGE WATCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devyanshi odak
    Devyanshi odak

    Please make a skincare video

  • bright printers
    bright printers

    i have subscribed u r channal

  • Roshan karale
    Roshan karale

    Aashna you are super vloger don't think about people what did said on video or bla bla chaos do yaar and forget yaar dislike for your video and forget about gande comment only think positive or stay happy ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️i loved your video Aashna 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺💯

  • Beena Johnson
    Beena Johnson

    Anyone watching this video again in Quarantine

  • Himani Kumari
    Himani Kumari

    U look awesome without makeup and I can relate this vlog

  • Saakshi Warekar
    Saakshi Warekar


  • radical ranter
    radical ranter

    Are you sister of Pooja hegde🙃

  • Hiral Raghuvanshi
    Hiral Raghuvanshi

    Hii aashna di I am a fan of yours and I love every video of yours and I just love watching them 😍 they are just amazeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii ,aweeeeesome I love you 😘 I am Hiral Raghuvanshi Plz reply me once Please once

  • vanshita khandelwal
    vanshita khandelwal

    How the hell did I miss this video!😨

  • vanshita khandelwal
    vanshita khandelwal

    2 acs?

  • yuvika tummala
    yuvika tummala

    can you do a house tour or a room tour please

  • kazi Anannya
    kazi Anannya

    Why u are soooo beautiful aashna 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • v shah
    v shah


  • yamini gambhir
    yamini gambhir

    Please do a skin careeee

  • Kanchan Chopra
    Kanchan Chopra

    Congratulations only 1 subscriber left and it's gona be 500 subscribers family

  • Amina Shakoor
    Amina Shakoor

    Loved it❣ Do a closet tour or shoe collection haul....it would be amazing

  • Abaas S
    Abaas S

    home tour plzzz

  • Divya

    Do a video of transforming into MONEY HEIST Characters🤩🤩🤩👏

  • rekha kothari
    rekha kothari

    You look so beautiful even without your makeup❤️😍

  • Zaiba Rehman
    Zaiba Rehman

    I am obsessed with your vedios.....The way you talk....made my day👌😍😘

  • jerry james
    jerry james

    Please do video with leo😍 When he popsup btw ur video he looks so cute and innocent😍

  • Anshika panwar
    Anshika panwar

    Please make your Skin care routine ❤

  • Sheeza Khan
    Sheeza Khan

    House tour vlog please

  • Pramod Adsul
    Pramod Adsul

    Please do your vanity tour

  • Grishma Bakhedi
    Grishma Bakhedi

    Please give a house tour

  • Grishma Bakhedi
    Grishma Bakhedi

    Without makeup also u look fab and gorgeous

  • Pratibha Goenka
    Pratibha Goenka

    Hello, you could have used this white top for the recreation of Unnati's picture 😍

  • bun dela
    bun dela


  • Hargun Makkar
    Hargun Makkar

    Oh my god you really are Monica you can stay in mess (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) ♥️

  • aryan abdulpurkar
    aryan abdulpurkar

    Aashna please make a shoe collection video I just love ur shoes please I beg u🥺

  • Insiya Likkhi
    Insiya Likkhi

    Do a home tour😉

  • Manisha Masne
    Manisha Masne

    You watching money heist was the best part .at one time two task are done.great .you know what I just come to you and I are of same age .I really got inspired by you and started to make youtube video's and tik tok .please once see my videos my channel name is Manisha masne.thank and lots of love

  • di shu
    di shu

    Everyone Netflix and chill Mee damfam and chill


    Who love damnfam?♥️Like me!..

  • Jaskirat Singh
    Jaskirat Singh

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I never ever bored ashna when I watching u

  • Jaskirat Singh
    Jaskirat Singh

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I never ever bored ashna when I watching u

  • Neetu Singh
    Neetu Singh

    Watching leo in the end of the video is a lot more than the outro He's the cutest thing after you in your house🐶#leofam

  • Boo La
    Boo La

    You’re so pretty sis☹️❤️❤️❤️

  • Boo La
    Boo La

    Dude you are such a mood! I love watching your videos!!!!! Sis love your vibe🥺❤️

  • Nida Rehman
    Nida Rehman

    Uh are doing a great job.. do not think soo much and be yourself.. uh are amazing like the way you are!! Lots of love♥️♥️

  • Jai Sapra
    Jai Sapra

    I love ur videos it is the best

  • samriddhi sharma
    samriddhi sharma


  • Pooja Kashyap
    Pooja Kashyap

    Didi what is your birthday date🤗

  • Mitali Patel
    Mitali Patel

    Ong!!money heist is the best showwww

  • Isha Saini
    Isha Saini

    Youhh look pretty cool without make up❤🌈

  • Duaa Damra
    Duaa Damra

    Really gud Aashna 👍👍👍😊

  • Avani Siddhpura
    Avani Siddhpura

    Please make a makeup clutter videoo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sahana Purushan
    Sahana Purushan

    Skin care.. hair care..plz

  • Mohd Maaz
    Mohd Maaz

    Aashna you should upload 4,5 video everyday love to watching you best INlabelrs ever💕❤️

  • Prakhar Singh Gaming
    Prakhar Singh Gaming

    Do a house tour please 🌈🌈

  • Bareera Noor
    Bareera Noor

    Can you plzzz plzz plzzz do a room tour!!

  • Jiya

    Any video u make is entertaining so dont worry about that ❤❤❤❤

  • Kriti khandelwal
    Kriti khandelwal

    😍😍😍😍love u

  • Abdul Rahim
    Abdul Rahim

    Wowieee, I’m so glad you posted this video. Please don’t overthink while making video. We will like share. :) also subscribed your chanel. Shoutout de do yar

  • Ranju Singh
    Ranju Singh

    U r soo cute n loving.. luv u yr u r wow😘😘

  • Safina Khan
    Safina Khan

    Di plz make a room tour🥳♥️

  • Kamran Khan.
    Kamran Khan.

    Real and nice video loved it

  • Prabha Pandey
    Prabha Pandey

    We love your video 😘😘😘

  • Muskan GEHANI
    Muskan GEHANI

    Plz don't think and stress yourself that we like your video or not will love your every video bcoz I just luv watching u n Ur darama 😂😂 until there is nothing wrong or inappropriate in video everyone is going to enjoy Ur pretty pretty waoieee face 🌈♥️🌠🌸😘 n lastly stay home stay safe bieeeeee 😘😍 now I have to watch full video soo biee😂 n literally by seeing u stressed I don't fell gud even u don't do that u f very possessive person and by seeing Ur videos my day became best can't stop myself from writing 😊😊 but I luv u n special luv from Gujarat say Ur family also to stay safe

  • nandhinee naganathan
    nandhinee naganathan

    I got to know about your channel yesterday and I've been watching all your videos on a roll.Lots of love♥️

  • Kashish Latare
    Kashish Latare

    I love your 👇 bags clothes everything about you .lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Janvi / Gandharav Bhalla
    Janvi / Gandharav Bhalla

    Di please menssion my name in your next video

  • Kajol Dalvi
    Kajol Dalvi

    You look so beautiful with out makeup

  • Khushi Sapra
    Khushi Sapra

    I have subscribed 😍

  • Nisha Tahiliani
    Nisha Tahiliani

    Aashna di plzz make a video regarding that how much u scored in tenth and twelfth and what subject u chose and why u chose it and currently what job u are doing????? Plzzzz di make a video....... And also ur home tour and room tour..... Whosoever reading this comment should be safe and at home..... .

  • Merlin Mathew
    Merlin Mathew

    Love every bit of the video❤ it was wht it is✨ love u for tht🌹

  • ruby aurie
    ruby aurie

    Thanks di for making quarantine enjoyable!!🌺..i subscribed your channel..ramsha

  • positive person
    positive person

    hahahahaha yar me ye dekh rai hn or mjhee bas dil chah ra ha m b apne sare kaam krln 💔😂

  • Nazar Fatima
    Nazar Fatima

    Dont think before uploading any vlog of yours 😄 because u alwys keep it real nd dats da bst part of u nd ur vlogs as well i love all ur videos they are amazing i just enjy ur vlogs so much😍😛 lots of love Naz ❤❤

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