Who Know My MOM Best?? | Aashna Hegde
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    Aashna Hegde


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      Love you so so so much❤

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      I hate you

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    I think I am addicted to ur videos😻

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    Queen Star

    Hiiii aashna. Lots of love to you from maldives 🇲🇻. You should visit here as ur mom loves to come for vacayyy 😊. Love damnfam ♥️🥰

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    dude u r a person who has 0% attitude no really it looks in ur vdos

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  • Aditi Bhadani
    Aditi Bhadani

    I really use to think seeing u 4 that u 4 are own sisters but I got shocked and surprised when I got to know that you just have 1own sister Khushi.. But really it doesn't seem like you 4 are not own sisters.... ❤❤

  • Vineeta Singh
    Vineeta Singh

    Please speak in hindi

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    devashi agarwal

    Are Esha and shloka their real sisters?

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    Your mom and you two sisters so beautiful ❤️😍

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    Dhyani Kaila

    In specks Khushi was last

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    The dusky girl

    I love your family videos aashna 😘

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    Even i knew last answer 😂

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    Hi guys welcome back to my channelllllllllllll 😍❤️

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    Just love your family❤❤❤❤

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    Bilkis Islam Nipu

    Yaaar I really freaking don’t like khushi she don’t gave any one chance esha will get the chance but khushi has already said it what kind of girl she is disgusting

    • Mudrika Baghla
      Mudrika Baghla

      Awww no one gives a f sweety!:)

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    274_vachhani khushi

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    Joemin joseph

    Are shettys ur cousins?

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    Love your family 🥰

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    Hii di I am biggest fan of u there is no one day gone that I haven't watched your video u are my favv love u

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    Priyanka Mishra

    Aashna is wearing her movie time jacket! btw im telling this after watching ur todays video with sanket!

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    Tsering Palmo

    I guess the dancing ans too..

  • Harsh kumar
    Harsh kumar

    Aashna at 11:27 😂

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    Anushka Ojha

    When Aashna said "mai game chhod ke chali jaaungi" i fell from bed laughing 😂😂

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    Armann Azmi

    Bhai ye inki mummy hai bro she looking younger them all

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    Monu P

    Apki sagi behens ismese konsi hai

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    Darpana Singh

    I love pakhe ji 👍👍👍👍👍👍🏼👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Micky Ahuja
    Micky Ahuja

    Are u 5 sisters or friends??pls tell me I am new subscriber .......I know that kushi is your real sister and pakhi is your mom but the other 2 what abt them???

    • Girdhari Lal
      Girdhari Lal

      other two are cousins

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    Its been 3 months of uploading this video u have already crossed 500k ...!!

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    neelesh gupta

    I think khushi and ashna is closer than esha and sholka

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    Nilam Mavarkar175

    they 3 are ur real sisters

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    Mehraj Shah

    Done.... But my name is MUSKAN SHAH..

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    I think next month you will cross 1 million

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    Avinash Bhai Mehta

    Hii di I am your biggest fan . I watch all your videos and see all videos of damnfam member 💖💖 Love you Di so much ❤❤😍😍

  • Anna 1123
    Anna 1123

    That "dancing " answers point goes to me 😂😂i answered it before u guys 😆🤭

  • Radhika Maru
    Radhika Maru

    Aashna you were being beetchy while saying beachy. 😂 Just kidding i just wanted the world to know my horrible joke 😂🤣

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  • Prity Deka
    Prity Deka

    Jinhone phele bar dekhe hoge video woh soch raha phele scene Mei in5 mei se mom kon hai bcz she is so young and beautiful

  • Sushma Wankhede
    Sushma Wankhede

    Please di show a pic of caspher❤❤

  • Diksha Singh
    Diksha Singh

    Esha and shloka are whose daughter???????

  • Riddhi Wadpally
    Riddhi Wadpally

    Please call dingy aur easha ke mom ko bhi I think aap saare milke bohot fun karoge

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    Tarun Sharma

    Excellent video. Ur hard work and God bless you

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    Di Aahana here 16 th of is my birthday tooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Suman Newar

    Can someone tell me... Who are the other two girls ...i know khusi n ashna are sisters

    • Bhumika Roy
      Bhumika Roy

      @Suman Newar idk

    • Suman Newar
      Suman Newar

      @Bhumika Roy accha... Why

    • Bhumika Roy
      Bhumika Roy

      @Suman Newar yeh except for their maasi

    • Suman Newar
      Suman Newar

      @Bhumika Roy Accha..... They all stay together that means

    • Bhumika Roy
      Bhumika Roy

      those two girls are khushi and aashna's cousins...they are pakhi's sister's daughter which means aashna and khushi's maasi's daughters

  • CA Mukesh Vyas
    CA Mukesh Vyas

    When the holiday destination question came I answered Maldives and after few seconds my answer was correct

  • Elsa

    happy 500k subscribers

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    Soma Sendeb

    Where is your father??????

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    Ipsita Banerjee

    Aashan didu uh are very close to 500k lakh I'm biggest fan of urs 😋 love you di ❤️❤️ please reply me? Lots of love from Odisha 💫

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    Fiza Rukhsar

    Dii Isha &Shloka is your own sister or not

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    Akshada Aringle

    Khushi is such a beautiful person😍😍😍😍

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    Jesi Rawat

    No your high pitch welcome back to my channel is ammmmaaaaaazoliing

  • Sofia Mahek
    Sofia Mahek

    Ashna di how are u and esha di related she is shetty and you are hedge please tell me

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    Aparna Ningoo

    I laughed hard when I heard That clip ‘exercise’🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Aashna di khushi di aapki real sister hh and shloka di, esha di kya hh aapki???? Please reply ☺☺

  • nitika Seth
    nitika Seth

    Eesha looks more like your mom than paakhi, honestly!

  • Punya Saini
    Punya Saini

    Your mom is so cute

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    Sanjukta Padhi

    Aunty u r doing Lil bit unfair

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    Arushi Himwan

    I have subscribed


    I have subscribed

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    Prashan Jain

    where's he father


    What did Khushi answer when she asked who did I miss the most

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    U have.....

  • Sis and Bro
    Sis and Bro

    Hi , ashna is your siblings real or cousin??

  • Kanishka Soni
    Kanishka Soni

    Are u 4 own sis?? Btw I have to say u r the best...❤❤ and specifically wid dam family!!! I go and watch everyone's channels and watch wid high volume❤❤❤❤❤ can't watch widout that loud sound....😘😘😘 luv u💜💜

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    hii , i have subscribed to your channel and your video are the best and i love to see your video as well as DAMNFAM videos i love to see everyones videos ..

  • Sadia Jahan
    Sadia Jahan

    Aashna ki kitne sister ha plz koi moja batao

    • komal yadav
      komal yadav

      They all are sister's but khushi is her real sister pakhi has 2 daughters they are aashna hegde and khushi hegde and esha shetty and shloka shetty are their cousins they are their maasi's Children's


    My name is also Esha😁


    Ull keep fighting so much 😂😂my years are going

  • Life with Reekay
    Life with Reekay

    I wanna knw esha or shlooka kon hai kya apki sisters hai?

    • komal yadav
      komal yadav

      Yes cousin sister's hai maasi's Childrens

  • Mranali Poojary
    Mranali Poojary

    Mam I have done subscribing your channel you are video makes mere everyday happy thank you so much mam ❤️🥰


    3:26 that is called tin ka taala this what. Know😅

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    Nikita Samant

    Ur family is so loving, good, joyful and sach m u all are so cute.

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    Jigna Haria

    I really liked it . The daughter mom relation . Love yu all❤️❤️

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    Vandana Jain

    Please can we see more videos with your sisters❤️ also damfam❤️🤟🏼!! Staysafe💕


    Eesha and dingy both r u own sisters ??



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    At 4:39 check esha was the one raised hand first😂 and khushi was last but still khushi got the chance.

    • Mahee Sahudz
      Mahee Sahudz

      Yaa really

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      Arya Wagh


    • Sharmila Oswal
      Sharmila Oswal

      True that

  • Tanya Bansal
    Tanya Bansal

    She likes you to call her pakhi not mom.why so


    Literally... Your mother is similar to me.. Wowwww.💓💓 Afraid of darkness 🦠,hate tattoos and lucky number 🔢 5🥰 It's pretty cool..... How can one be so similar.....??? And yaaa moreover afraid of masks.... Which I saw in your last video 🙈......😎 cool... And if you know very well about her you also know about me.true???.. You 😅..... Please don't 😁 laugh..... BTW just want to sayy thatt .....Happiness is the highest level of success. '..'so be happy girlll. And yaaa I also loved it when you said yayyy one point... And then looserr 🌺💮.....Also loved your 👑 crown............. Take care of you babe and keep growing... You will be soon in million and Yaa one of the best INlabelr..... Meet soon.... Byee 😍😍😍

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