A Valentine's Surprise For Her 💝| Aashna Hegde
Had been planning something cute & here it is! Also, got many DMs on my last video that you guys wanted to see my birthday gifts... so that's at the end of this video! Let me know if you enjoyed this vlog! I love you guys 💓
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Happy Valentine’s Day guys♥️♥️ also don’t worry, there will be another video on Sunday! My birthday vlog and this vlog are the 2 videos for this week🕺🏻♥️

    • Red Ranger
      Red Ranger

      Your sister khushi🤟👍

    • Ujjwal Soni
      Ujjwal Soni

      Do this for unnati ido sare ashi ashi krte rehte

    • Nikita Bhuriya
      Nikita Bhuriya

      Purani video dekh kr bhoot acha lg rha hai ❤️😌

    • Diksha Arya
      Diksha Arya


    • Bhoomi Adwani
      Bhoomi Adwani

      Do something special for unnati She is your first friend from damnfam also a very special friend❤️ Also you guys ignore her everytime

  • Muskan Ladhar
    Muskan Ladhar

    unnati bichaari ☹️☹️

  • Shifa 26010
    Shifa 26010

    Please do a horror video Please like who wants a horror on aashna di's channel

  • three stars
    three stars

    Where ashi live when she came to bombay

    • Nikhat Shaikh
      Nikhat Shaikh

      Aashna house

  • Fathimtha Zaha
    Fathimtha Zaha

    Wow🌈💙💙love all

  • Muskan Sharma
    Muskan Sharma

    I only love mrunu

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Unns nahi??

  • Vidisha Anand
    Vidisha Anand

    come on guys, they all our bestfriends and everyone was invited. ashi and aashna talked about a date, only reason why it was meant for her ESPECIALLY.

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Lol au is no more she jusz freaking love ashi!

  • Bhoomi Sandil
    Bhoomi Sandil


  • Jaagriti Singh
    Jaagriti Singh

    now ashnaa's intro has an update and its "hey guys welcome back to my channelllll .... i am sorry I have bad throat"

  • R.l Tawari
    R.l Tawari


  • Farheen Shaikh
    Farheen Shaikh

    M i the only one who luvs watching her ❤️spending hrs watching ur videos ❤️u r beautiful ❤️

  • pallu show pallavi
    pallu show pallavi

    . Sasha

  • mohit soni
    mohit soni

    Your videos are amazing

  • Jasleen Kaur
    Jasleen Kaur


    • Roshni Punjabi
      Roshni Punjabi


  • fazila zameer
    fazila zameer


  • Diya Mulchandani
    Diya Mulchandani


  • dipali kokate
    dipali kokate

    Nd yesss once again seeing these one...♥️♥️♥️

  • Rajaram K
    Rajaram K


  • Samidha Saini
    Samidha Saini


  • Fathimtha Zaha
    Fathimtha Zaha

    Love ❤️ big fan of you

  • Roli Sehrawat
    Roli Sehrawat

    I m sorry to say but you were way too much dramatic while showing your gifts.

    • happy girl
      happy girl


  • Gurneet Singh
    Gurneet Singh

    @5:18 did ashi said jass manak??btw jass manak fans hit like..

  • Jannat Mouri
    Jannat Mouri




    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Ha pyaare toh hai but some do partiallity Also I love them but dont like this about them

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta

    y unnatii was sad???

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Because she doesn't matter for her anymore

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Aayushi Gupta

    best giftt

  • Dilpriya Sood
    Dilpriya Sood

    Ya go girllll dont get AFFECTED by negativity here Love

  • The Neet Hub
    The Neet Hub


  • Style angel
    Style angel

    The way she send ashi at home😂😂👍👍

  • Yukta Ferwani
    Yukta Ferwani

    Ashi is blessed with incredible friends ❤️

  • Zaiyra Hussain
    Zaiyra Hussain

    @Aashna Hegde wasn't mrunu your friend,,why always u all ignore her?????😑this is so bad 😒

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Unns ko bhi🙃

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Yess true

  • Naved Khan
    Naved Khan


  • Samar Minallah Bhat
    Samar Minallah Bhat


  • DREAM_BOY_RAHUL Bhowmick
    DREAM_BOY_RAHUL Bhowmick

    Your the only one who makes everyone happy that's why your the best and ashi di and your the best friend's 😇😇❤❤❣️❣️💕💕💕

  • Chaitali Behrani
    Chaitali Behrani

    Re-watching you video❤️❤️😌

  • Amandeep Kour624
    Amandeep Kour624

    Murnu is so cute

  • Saisha Badal
    Saisha Badal

    For people who think others are always excluded For them ashi was going the next day so it was for her!!!!!♥️♥️

  • shahid jamal
    shahid jamal

    i feel bad for unns...😔

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Ashi replaced her!

  • Anush Gadiya
    Anush Gadiya

    Arshfam is besttt😍

  • Tanaya Paradkar
    Tanaya Paradkar

    I feel mrunu,addy,ani n unns get excluded everytime

    • happy girl
      happy girl


  • Sristi Somani
    Sristi Somani


  • Zarash Nk
    Zarash Nk


  • Ayesha Kalsoom
    Ayesha Kalsoom

    Do something like this for unnatiii in your upcoming videos

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      She won't 😭

  • Manu Chamoli
    Manu Chamoli

    That pack your bags 😂😂😂

  • Neha Desai
    Neha Desai

    You made Unnati's b'day vlog, you made Ashi's b'day vlog bt why not Mrunu's? Also Unnati was your BESTF na?

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Brooo priorities change Ashi came between their friendship and aashna now don't care for unns Feel so bad for unns and mrunu

    • BIbo alishba
      BIbo alishba

      Yes 😔

  • Diwas Mishra
    Diwas Mishra

    Ap bohout sweet ho

  • sanvi.flexiblity

    U don't do all this for unnati 😕🧐🙄

  • Sharvari Ambokar
    Sharvari Ambokar

    watching this in August and I really feel like yarr when the whole Damnfam will be together aur aise sab milke masti krenge🥺😭❤️

  • Ishmam isha
    Ishmam isha

    Plz never replace unnati with anyone..you & unnati are best❤

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      She did lol Au breaked Ashi aa gayi unke bich🙃

  • Srushti Dongre
    Srushti Dongre

    All was doing good acting...........Expect ASHNA😂😂😂😂 #overacting queen😂🤣🤮

  • Jessica Gautam
    Jessica Gautam

    I wished sanku to sit beside Aashna and that so happened ❤️💯 #aasanforever

  • Dishita Gupta
    Dishita Gupta

    unnati yaar i feel bad for her

  • Shubhangi Limaye
    Shubhangi Limaye

    Awwwwwww imma in love wid u guys literally watching u guys's old vids in lockdown love u 💕💕😘😘💖💖😂

  • dhanvi Agarwal
    dhanvi Agarwal

    You are best

  • Sanket Pathade
    Sanket Pathade

    Please aap koi unnati ke sath bhi aisi video banao 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍😍💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥🔥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💢💯💯💯💥💥💥💥💥

  • rahoofthangal


  • Snigdha mishra
    Snigdha mishra

    You are so caring

  • Jasnidh Kaur Chawla
    Jasnidh Kaur Chawla

    You guysss are love!!♡

  • Nehal Joshi
    Nehal Joshi

    I wanted to see more gifts!!!!!!!


    Love you guys💓💓❤❤

  • Sowmiya Hedge
    Sowmiya Hedge

    Watching ur videos in this quarantine keeps me entertained keep doing videos all the best

  • Harshi Bhogar
    Harshi Bhogar

    Watching your old videos in quarantine makes me feel sooo good...😀🤗🤗😊💞💖

  • Sonali Masih
    Sonali Masih

    The best part in this video was the last one when Khushi Di is running in the background..too much funny and too much cute ,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Disha sharma
    Disha sharma


  • Sundus Shahid
    Sundus Shahid

    It is so sad to watch You and Unnati are getting distant from each other because of Ashi... you should take Unnati out for Dinner bcoz she is the Sweetest and Cutest and alsoo she deserves it !!!! Ashi i hate you for this!!

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Me too hate them for this🥺🥺 Unns is the besz

  • Divya

    You both are goals...The asli frndship goals❤️❤️❤️

  • Anish Chukka
    Anish Chukka

    I love you aashna

  • gitika porwal
    gitika porwal

    Subscribed honey ❤️❤️

  • Comedy Classes
    Comedy Classes

    Beutiful surprise on valentines day

  • soliha qadri
    soliha qadri

    shee is thee bestt❤❤

  • soliha qadri
    soliha qadri

    if u guys don't likeee the video so plzz don't unlike the video na

  • Munmum Ghosh
    Munmum Ghosh

    This isn't fair at all Aashna!🤧 I'M OBSESSED WITH SHOES(SNEAKERS) so both of sneakers were amazing but the last one took my heart away❤RIGHT NOW feeling SUPERRRR JEALOUS but it's okay! I'll buy the same soonnnn! Yayyy!😌 but lastly you're a sweetheart and love you tonsss😇and specially love you more for making my idol(Ak) special 😍

  • bun dela
    bun dela


  • Jessica Pereira
    Jessica Pereira


  • Priya Lalwani
    Priya Lalwani

    3:18 😂 aktk 😍

  • Preethi Patel
    Preethi Patel

    If anyone talks abt friendship I always remember #damnfam coz u guys r definition of friendship..! Love u guys soo much and lots of love to u aashna..!! ❤❤

  • Hafizullah Khatib
    Hafizullah Khatib

    You are such a caring frd🥰😘 and your friendship with everybody+the bond you share is the thing I love the most and I love you so much and may you and your frds stay together and at last I wanna say that your videos are the Besssstttttt. Love you❤

  • tanushree katale
    tanushree katale

    Hi Aashna❤🥰❤

  • Zaha Shafraz
    Zaha Shafraz

    Hi I love u sister love all your videos I am big fan of u ❤❤❤❤❤from Maldives

  • Acenah gurung
    Acenah gurung

    mee still watching and watching in quarantine 🥺 and I've my final exams but taking a break again 🥺💚💚 lots of loveee😇🌈🌈 and happy 401k🌹

  • inderpreet sandhu
    inderpreet sandhu

    Aashna di also do this type of video for unnatii...coz she's also veelry important for uh as she's ur fisrt frnd from damnfam ❤️😊plz do this after lockdown...I really hope she'll feel so blessed n happy to have uh 🥺❤️😊

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      Bro ashi replaced her

  • Aishwarya Saxena
    Aishwarya Saxena

    11:26 besttt😂 died laughing!!!

  • mrunirudh fam
    mrunirudh fam

    this video proves that mrunu is a foodie girl😂😂😂💕💕

  • tahir hussain
    tahir hussain


  • Heena Patadiya
    Heena Patadiya

    Done subscribing🥰🥰Cutiepie❤

  • Chahat Ahuja Ahuja
    Chahat Ahuja Ahuja

    I love your your vlogs Because itz really good❤❤

  • Diya Bansal
    Diya Bansal

    How you all become friends plz tell

  • Tamanna Chowdhury
    Tamanna Chowdhury

    Love you Aashna

  • Tamanna Chowdhury
    Tamanna Chowdhury


  • Kiran Chawla
    Kiran Chawla

    What's the name of the restuarant?

  • Elia Naqvi
    Elia Naqvi

    Nope di plz show ever gift u received please!!🤩🤩🤩🥰

  • Elia Naqvi
    Elia Naqvi


  • Anuja Shrivastava
    Anuja Shrivastava

    What about unnati?😐😐

  • Leaders In me
    Leaders In me

    Is that only me who feels that mrunu gets excluded everytime 🙄

    • Suvarna Deshmukh
      Suvarna Deshmukh

      But she was here in the party

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      @Nishu 123 oh really aap insta par nahi ho kya Dekho ja kar dal chuki hai voh nagma ki post and also comment bhi kar chukhi hai damnfam mein nahi kiya usne

    • Nishu 123
      Nishu 123

      @happy girl And mrunu posted all damnfam members stories first. And she even posted a pic thanking them even before everyone wished her. How many of them did the same by posting a pic and thanking damnfam after their birthday?

    • Nishu 123
      Nishu 123

      @happy girl Mrunu ne sabka stories already share kiya hain! Post wo sirf Unlogo kiya hain jo first wish kiya. Jissa, Muskan,Arsh etc. Look at the no. Of wishes she got. How's it even possible to repost all of them. It'll take time nah. She didn't even reposted Nagma and Kanika (Ani's sis post). She's reposting stories first may be she'll repost the posts later. Btw I didn't became rude I just wanted to end the discussion since there's no point of discussing it. That's it😄 And I never blamed damnfam, I was just saying about people who say that she doesn't care about damnfam which is completely wrong.

    • happy girl
      happy girl

      @Nishu 123 mrunu ne kisi ki birthday wish bhi repost nahi kari jaha ku Anam ki ki hai aur then u blame damnfam

  • Jennifer Baraili
    Jennifer Baraili

    Aasan sitting together☺️ When i see aasan together it automatically makes me happy ☺️🥺❤️❤️

  • Sagarika Mukund
    Sagarika Mukund

    Best moment 5:46

  • Anubhuti Shreshth
    Anubhuti Shreshth

    10:47 and 11:26 khussi 😂😂😂

  • Tauheed Khan
    Tauheed Khan

    Murun ko bhi party do na plz

  • _thatindian_girl


  • Vandana Singh
    Vandana Singh

    You did not sh ashi's gift

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