The Fam Got Artsy 🎨| Aashna Hegde
Another chilled out vlog, we had a family painting session and it was actually fun! I really suggest doing a family activity in this quarantine time! Hope you all are safe & enjoyed this video. Love you guys 💓
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  • Aashna Hegde
    Aashna Hegde

    Have you learnt anything new in this quarantine? What do you want to focus your time on? Tell me in the comments heart

    • Diksha Arya
      Diksha Arya

      I'm gonna focus on my studies and lose a lil wait

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      Arshia Chhetri

      How mom is really good at painting.😊 Love from Bhutan please

    • Smitha Nair
      Smitha Nair

      Love you aashna

    • Reshma Thotam
      Reshma Thotam

      I have to focus on drawings and sketching

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      Viji Lakshmi

      Love you love your videos❤

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    38_Foram Panchal

    this videos are more fun! do famiy videos more

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    Shaheda Khan

    Every sunday: chicken biryani

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    Alisha Narang

    Haha the TVD reference 😂

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    yukti thakar

    this, boring , whattttt noooooooo i'm watching it for the 5th or 6th time in this lockdown

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    suman salecha

    I think aashna dii u don't need to add makeup on ua face ...u look more beautiful without it .. love u lots..💓💓❤️💝

  • varshini Reddy
    varshini Reddy

    Ashna and kushi sis keep a room makeover of u two and keep partner with you and they not help u also they watch u apponent. u and u r apponent should have same thing to decorate and I wish u will do it I am a fan of u from AP if u do this video tag me in video plsee😭🙂

  • Aditi Agarwal
    Aditi Agarwal

    U even look more beautiful without makeup...just a simple yet shower look❣️♥️😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    lal goplani

    Aashna Di starting intro Me with aashna - welcome back to my channellllll My family - Lagta hai new video aagayi Zara TV pe Chala doh humko BHI dekhna hai Me - ya sure ❤️😂

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    aeroesa forwarders

    woowww so pretty without makeup also flawless skin we want more such videod and without makeup you more pretty

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  • Reeti Bhandari
    Reeti Bhandari

    Plz do a house tour

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    Kashisa Padhy

    Di plzz dance video upload karo na plzzzzz

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    Nirali Modi

    Amare dar ravivar e dhokli bane

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    varsha rao

    Hey! Please make a home tour video.

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    Bhagyashree Gogoi

    I like the slokas one

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    Kriti Shetty

    Every Sunday we have idli sambaar or chutney or chicken 🍗🍗 😂😂😂😂

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    Vaishnavi Auti

    Paakhi's painting ❤️❤️

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    Smitha Nair

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    Pragati Pathak

    Looks like aashna is wearing a bodysuit in the thumbnail😂

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    Aayushi Gupta

    want part 2 plssssssss soo goodddd👍🏻🐶❤️❤️ hit like who wants it👍🏻 ✌️👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Samayra Mehra
    Samayra Mehra

    Your family is artist 👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨👩‍🎨


    All the drawings are really really pretty

  • Pushpa Dubey
    Pushpa Dubey

    House tour

  • Aashna Gupta
    Aashna Gupta

    You are a talented artist❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Debjani Nath
    Debjani Nath

    Who is esha?? Who the related


    when is part 2 coming please make part 2

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    Masood Prince

    Hello your english is very good

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    art_ from_heart

    You have

  • Girish Panhale
    Girish Panhale

    congrats for 500k and also in love with your new song 'Befikar', every exicted to see your next video on youtube love u yaar because of u my lockdown is going so cool and wonderfull ,may your all dreams come true soon love you alotttttttttt


    Plz make short videos See Rimorav and just start challenge just like rimorav 😅🙏🏻


    Plz make short videos See Rimorav and just start challenge just like rimorav 😅🙏🏻

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    Diya DEEPAK

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    Tarun Sharma

    Excellent video


    Focus on singing means for befikar r8

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    Samika Shakya

    5:03 sooo cute 😍😍😍

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    anshika agrawal

    I like Esha painting

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    Insiya Aziz

    helooo apke father hai k nai please reply k

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      Mudrika Baghla

      Why the hell are you so intetested?

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    Smarica Raut

    Pakhi did so good... 😮

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    Tisha Herma

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    Anushree Prasad

    every sunday papa special noodles and at night papa special chicken

    • Anushree Prasad
      Anushree Prasad

      oh my god .....thank u so much aashna di...i didn"t knew u give hearts to old videos also

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    Damnfamn Love

    Youuuuur ammmmmaazinnnn annnddd youuu r a reall social media influencerrr

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    Simarjeet Kaur

    Pehli baar dekhaa th ni pta chalaa par abhi vapss binge watch krte tine dekhaa ashna di ne apne painting ka black colour ni pura nhi kiyaa thaa aur khushi di ki painting se hide kr diyaa thaa😂😅

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    • Japleen Kaur
      Japleen Kaur

      @Poornima Suresh No dude, l swear.

  • Jahnavi Shrivastava
    Jahnavi Shrivastava

    Aashna- that's that annoying friend which never let you work Leo- why me?? Me- looking at my dog angel Angel- you copy❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love uuuu

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    Every Sunday DAL BAATI (RAJASTHANI )

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    I m 12 years old and I make cake and homemade pizza

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    Even I love painting my room is filled with paintings loved khushi painting but for me aashna is the winner for me love yaaaa

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    1DS19IS117_varshitha Ramesh

    That's a watercoloring paints which is not suitable for you guys drawings i suggest you guys to use acrylic paint

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    Aishwarya Shrivastav

    You did aa very good job you gave us a realistice content ndd i enjoyed a lot! Ndd uhh all did a very good painting 🖼

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    reva bandekar

    Do u speak marathi at home🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • reva bandekar
    reva bandekar

    Do u speak marathi at home🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    We are playing jenga challenge

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  • Gynecologist Medical Lectures
    Gynecologist Medical Lectures

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  • Gynecologist Medical Lectures
    Gynecologist Medical Lectures

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  • Janvi Saxena
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