My Outfit Diary | Phuket 2019 | Aashna Hegde
So this is just a glimpse of my outfits from this beautiful trip! I’m linking all of them below, although there are some items that I had purchased a really long time back and so, they aren’t in stock anymore. But I’ve tried to find similar items to what I was wearing. I’ll mention in brackets, the things I didn’t find.
Hope you enjoy! 💖

*Look One*
Yellow Lace Detailed Bodysuit-
Blue Denim Shorts-
Orange Braid Sandals-

*Look Two*
Okay now I bought this dress over a year ago, and I can’t find it on the website. So I found some alternates for you
Floral/ Bow detail dress-
Black Criss-Cross Flats (now these are khushi’s and that bozo has no idea which year she’s even bought them in. So I found something similar)-

*Look Three*
Palm Print T-shirt-
Blue Denim Shorts-
Yellow Bow Slides-

*Look Four*
Again, this shirt is really old but I found something similar on the website (bought it from the store though)
White striped shirt-
Turquoise Sports Bra (not the exact one, something similar)-
Black Denim Shorts-

*Look Five*
Animal print playsuit-
Black Criss-Cross Flats (now these are khushi’s and that bozo has no idea which year she’s even bought them in. So I found something similar)-

*Look Six*
White Mesh Top (not the exact same but something similar)-
Black Denim Shorts-
Floral Bikini Top-
Local market in Thailand
Thank you for watching!!
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  • Lailta Ramteke
    Lailta Ramteke

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    Urmila Dora

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    Prerana praveen

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    3974 Aayushi Chhaparwal 10 C

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    Aisha Fatima

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    Rupali Sawant

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    Dhriti Chawla

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    DTT Patan

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    Afra Fareed

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    The Great gamers

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    Aditi Sharma

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    Kasturi Desai

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    Vi Shasvo

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    Priya Das

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    Muskan Geet

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    ashraf R

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    Asawari Gangurde

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